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20120618 Air Asia Kuala Lumpur LCCT – Singapore

20120617 Air Asia Singapore – Kuala Lumpur LCCT

8 June 2012 Nando’s City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Went to Nando’s again.  Had my usual ¼ chicken with 2 sides.

Sad to report portions have shrunk.

They now don’t served water.  See previous post.  Their stuttering excuse was pretty lame too – the water supply is mixed with hot water.  CANNED!

4 June 2012 Flam’s at Orchard Central, Singapore

Ed’s note (15 Apr 2013): This restaurant has since closed down.  I’m not surprised.

This is a new restaurant right in the heart of Orchard Road of Singapore, offering Flammekueche, which is still a bit of a novelty here.

Ordered the express set meal (Singapore dollar $14.01 inclusive of taxes and service charge).  It consists of a Flammekueche, a small salad and a soft drink.

The meal itself is unremarkable.

The service markedly lacks thought.  My soft drink was served without a straw.  A quick look around the restaurant tells you soft drinks are served with straws here.

When the server brought me my Flammekueche (they are served on boards), as she was setting it down, I asked for a small plate to eat with.  In such an instance, a considerate server would place the board away from the diner, leaving room right in front of the diner for the small plate.  My server simply set it in right in front of me, leaving me to arrange my table and went off to fetch me a small plate.  There was space aplenty on my table, in case you are wondering.

After the bill was settled, I got up to leave.  Another server swooped to my table immediately (presumably to clear it).  “Thank you, sir.  Please come again.” And she continued to stand in front of me, in my way.  How am I supposed to get out from in between tables so you can come in to clear my table if you keep standing in my way?

It seems like the management’s strategy is to coast on the fact that Flammekueche is somewhat of a novelty in Singapore. Take the thoughtless service, combine that with unremarkable food which does not really offer value for money and a boring décor, I will never visit this restaurant again.

I rather spend my money on restaurants where patronage is not taken for granted.

Contact details and photos are not offered as I strongly discourage this place.