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Saturday, 14 January, 2012 10:25

20120114 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

This street stretches from Geylang Serai (the Muslim enclave in Singapore) to Katong (one of the  yuppie/ good food enclaves in Singapore).  Predictably, there are more muslim shops towards the Geylang Serai end of the street and more yuppie shops towards Katong eg Awfuly Chocolate and Everything with Fries.

Along the street, there are many Vietnamese restaurants.  Come night, there are Vietnamese ladies in tight, short dresses sitting outside bars and smiling at you.

There are also budget hotels, a hostel, muay thai gym.

At the mid-point of Joo Chiat Road, at the junction of Joo  Chiat Road and Koon Seng Road, there is a row of colourful, Peranankan houses.

If you walk past Katong, you come to Marine Parade and further on, to the beach (also known as East Coast Park or ECP).  The beach is unremarkable and dirty, like all beaches in Singapore.  I guess the what’s good about this beach is that you can rent a bicycle and cycle all the way to the airport (or further still, to Changi Beach).  The distance on the bicycle track to Changi Beach is approx 12km.  Alternatively, you can cycle in the other direction and end up at Marina Barrage.

To stroll from Geyland Serai to the beach may take 25-30 mins.


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