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Chez Papa, Johor Bahru


A Spoonful Of French Taste In Malaysia

Charming. Tasteful. Purely satisfying. Chez Papa French Bistro & Wine is the place to visit for traditional French cuisines in Johor Bahru. The wholesome dishes served are bound to take you on a culinary journey to France.

Chez Papa was established in 1999. It was the first French restaurant in Johor Bahru at that time. The main objective of the restaurant was to serve delectable food in a peaceful ambience with inexpensive prices. For the past decade, the establishment has successfully upheld and maintained their standards for both their food and service. The restaurant is owned by Chef Dominique Muller who has a reputable culinary experience from his time working at Le Souffle, Le Beaujolais and Maxim’s de Paris. Accompanied by his wife and business partner, Shereen Mevendran Muller, the couple runs Chez Papa with two local chefs as part of their kitchen crew.

Chez Papa runs on passion as they deliver savoury dishes, nothing clever or fancy. The reasonably priced menu consist of appetisers, salads and soups as well as a selection of pasta, meat, poultry and seafood dishes. There is also a range of desserts and cheese. The bistro starts serving dinner from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. with the exception of Sunday when it is closed.

The signature starter of the restaurant is the french onion soup or Soupe à L’oignon. It is a slow-cook caramelised onion dish usually served with crouton. However, it also could also be paired with french bread. Chez Papa’s signature main dish, Pan-Fried Foie Gras, is served in a relatively big portion. The port of wine reduction adds to the sweetness of the dish. The result is a rich, buttery and delicate taste.

Located at 38 & 40 Jalan Jaya, Taman Maju Jaya, the restaurant is hard to miss with bright red doors welcoming customers. It is also just ten minute away from the Malaysia checkpoint. Chez Papa is very reminiscences of old french bistros, giving it an old school appeal. Featuring a unique blend of classic and modern elements, the quaint restaurant has aprons hanging from the ceiling and walls, traditional tables and chair with cushion seats available for guest relaxation.

Chez Papa is a restaurant worth visiting while in Johor Bahru. Enjoy food rich in taste without burning a hole in your wallet. The good food served and tranquil environment makes it an enchanting experience altogether.


满载法国滋味 就在马来西亚

迷人, 美味, 令人满意, Chez Papa法国餐厅是您到新山旅游的理想地方。这里提供的健康菜肴必将让您仿佛前往法国美食之旅。

Chez Papa成立于1999年,是当时新山第一间的法国餐厅。该餐厅的宗旨是在宁静的环境中提供美味和廉价的佳肴。在过去十多年中,该餐厅成功保持着他们对食品和服务的坚持。餐厅主厨兼老板Dominique Muller,曾在Le Souffle,Le Beaujolais和Maxim’s de Paris工作。在他的妻子和商业伙伴Shereen Mevendran Muller的合作下,这对夫妇和两位当地厨师一起工作,他们都是餐厅的伙伴。

基于Chez Papa的热诚,他们提供美味的菜肴,没有玩弄什么花巧。价格合理的菜单包括开胃菜,沙拉和汤,以及精选的意大利面,肉类,家禽类和海鲜菜肴, 还有一系列甜点和奶酪。餐厅营业时间从下午6点到晚上10点半, 周日除外。

该餐厅的招牌前菜是法式洋葱汤或传统法式洋葱汤。这是一碗炖汤, 以焦化芝士, 再配以面包碎粒。因此,它也可以配以法国面包享用。 Chez Papa的招牌主菜-煎鹅肝,份量较大。减少酒的份量增加了菜色的甜度, 结果富于丰富,香口和美味的味道。

餐厅位于38&40 Jalan Jaya, Taman Maju Jaya,鲜艳的红色大门仿佛在欢迎顾客, 所以很难没有注意到此餐厅。这里距马来西亚检查站只需十分钟路程。 Chez Papa对旧法国餐厅有着非常独特的回忆,它给予餐厅一个复古的吸引力。独特的经典和现代元素融合在一起,餐厅的天花板墙和壁悬着围裙,传统的桌子和带坐垫的椅子让客人放松身心。

Chez Papa是一间非常值得光顾的新山法国餐厅。享受丰富美食之余, 又价物廉美。优质的食物和舒适的环境是一个非常值得的体验!

Bahasa Malay

Rasa Perancis Di Malaysia

Menawan. Menarik. Memang memuaskan. Chez Papa French Bistro & Wine adalah tempat untuk dikunjungi jika anda ingin menikmati masakan Perancis tradisional di Johor Bahru. Hidangan berkhasiat yang disajikan pasti membawa anda dalam kembara kuliner ke Perancis.

Chez Papa ditubuhkan pada tahun 1999. Ia adalah restoran Perancis yang pertama di Johor Bahru pada masa itu. Tujuan utama restoran tersebut adalah untuk menghidangkan makanan yang lazat dalam suasana yang aman dengan harga yang tidak terlalu mahal. Selama sedekad yang lalu, restoran ini telah berjaya menegakkan dan mengekalkan piawai untuk kedua-dua makanan dan perkhidmatan mereka. Restoran tersebut dimiliki Chef Dominique Muller, seorang yang mempunyai pengalaman masakan yang berprestij hasil pengalaman beliau bekerja di Le Souffle, Le Beaujolais dan Maxim’s de Paris. Diiringi isteri dan rakan kongsi perniagaannya, Shereen Mevendran Muller, pasangan tersebut menjalankan Chez Papa bersama dua tukang masak tempatan sebagai sebahagian daripada krew dapur mereka.

Didorongi minat yang kuat, Chez Papa menyiapkan hidangan enak, tapi mudah dan biasa. Menu mereka yang berpatutan terdiri daripada pembuka selera, salad dan sup serta berbagai pilihan pasta, daging, ayam dan makanan laut. Terdapat juga pelbagai jenis pencuci mulut dan keju. Bistro tersebut mula menghidangkan makan malam daripada 6.00 petang hingga 10.30 malam kecuali pada hari Ahad apabila restoran tersebut ditutup.

Pembuka selera tandatangan restoran tersebut adalah sup bawang perancis, ataupun Soupe a L’oignon. Sup tersebut adalah jenis hidangan bawang yang berkaramel dan dimasak secara perlahan yang biasa dihidangkan dengan crouton. Walau bagaimanapun, sup tersebut boleh juga dihidangkan bersama roti Perancis. Hidangan utama tandatangan Chez Papa, Pan-Fried Foie Gras, dihidangkan dengan agak lumayan. Pengurangan wain yang berjenis ‘port wine’ menambahkan lagi rasa manis hidangan tersebut. Hasilnya ialah rasa hidangan yang kaya, lembut lagi halus.

Restoran tersebut yang terletak di 38 & 40 Jalan Jaya, Taman Maju Jaya, mempunyai pintu merah yang terang untuk menyambut pelanggan. Oleh kerana itu, restoran tersebut sukar untuk terlepas daripada pandangan. Tambahan pula, restoran tersebut terletak hanya 10 minit dari pusat pemeriksaan Malaysia. Chez Papa terbentuk seperti bistro perancis yang lama, dan ini memberinya tarikan ala zaman dahulu. Restoran tersebut menampilkan gabungan unik unsur-unsur klasik dan moden. Di dalam restoran yang menarik ini, terdapat apron yang tergantung daripada siling dan dinding, serta terdapat meja tradisional bersamaan kerusi yang berkusyen untuk pelanggan bersantai.

Kunjungan ke Chez Papa ketika di Johor Bahru memang berbaloi. Nikmatilah makanan yang kaya rasanya tanpa berbelanja banyak. Makanan lazat yang dihidangkan bersamaan suasana yang tenang menjadikan ia satu pengalaman yang mempesonakan sama sekali.


Sivatel, Bangkok

Booked your tickets for a weekend getaway but unsure of where to stay? Or there are too many hotels in Bangkok that you are spoilt for choices? In the district of Patumwan off the amazingly vibrant city, Sivatel Bangkok is the perfect place!

Families can have the ample space in the suites room with the children running around, couples can take a dip in the infinity pool that overlooks the lively streets at night and friends can bask themselves at the spa after a long day of shopping.

If you are too lazy to go out, you can always taste authentic Thai food at the first floor of the hotel! The best thing about the hotel is that they had been running on a green approach in terms of the environment and the hollistic approach towards their guests! That means, an environmental friendly hotel! Yay!

Located about 5 minutes walk away from Phloenchit BTS Skytrain Station, you can get to anywhere of the city with ease! Not only that but you can also reach Central World Plaza and Pratunam Market by foot while you view the famous artefacts in the nearby Suan Pakkard Palace Museum!

Sivatel Bangkok, who had just celebrated its 5th year anniversary, pledge to continue offering outstanding service to their customers together with their team of dedicated staffs. This one of a kind green approach lifestyle hotel is definitely worth to be next on your bucket list!