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Top Recommended Cafe: Maco cafe and Bakery, Johor Bahru, Skudai, Sutera Utama

Maco Café: Your home away from home

Have you been too busy to prepare a good, home-cooked meal lately? Perhaps you’ve been travelling extensively and have had little time to grab more than a sandwich on your way to your next meeting. Or perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit glum, and are looking for some pick-me-up food to warm your stomach and your heart?

You need not look too hard because Maco Café offers you the chance to do all these – and more – with its wide selection of food and drink that takes you right back to the comfort of your own home.

One of the must-try items is Maco’s signature chicken chops, made from choice slices of chicken thigh that is first baked, then pan-seared, and served with mouth-watering mushroom and peppercorn sauce.

Got a sweet tooth? The Mille crepe cakes are one of the café’s best-selling desserts, and the light, fluffy cream within these layered concoctions are crisp and delicious without overwhelming the palate.

These are just a few of Maco’s tasty treats that will surely remind you of your mom’s comfort cooking. The variety of menu items from satisfying soups to pipping hot pasta to energizing sandwiches will surely give you a taste of home – whatever that may be for you.

What is the secret to all the yummy goodness in the food served at Maco Café? Chef Maco himself makes sure that each dish is created to perfection, using his decade-long experience serving up food and pastries in the best hotels in Singapore, and marrying that with his desire to serve the best food – even the ordinary, ‘everyday’ kind that you can find at home. His goal is to ensure that your every bite will delight.

So the next time you are looking for a taste of home, drop by Maco Café. Maco Café offers a full cafe menu from appetisers, mains, desserts to hot and cold beverages.

Address: 65, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 7-556 8490

Hours: Monday to Friday 12:30-11:00 (10:30 Last Order) | Saturday 11:00-12:30 (12:00 Last Order) | Sunday 11:00-11:00 (10:30 Last Order)

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Sprout, Johor Bahru

Many of us have heard and tried out the trendy, hipster cafes in JB. But has it ever occurred to you that you can have a quality fine dining experience?

Brought together by Chef Mui and Chef Joseph – having experiences in Singapore, London and a short stint with a Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo, they have combined their culinary skills in this minimalist Scandinavian setting, providing diners a superb European fine dining experience.

Sprout is located in the corner of Kim Teng Park along Tebrau Highway. It can be tricky to find though. Look out for the pedestrian bridge and you can spot a mini “Sprout” signboard.

The menu is creatively divided into various categories: Snacks, Soil, Sea, Land and Desserts. I would recommend trying out the 3-course menu with your choice of main course and Snacks on the house. It is value for money with prices ranging from RM103 – RM185, allowing you to savour and enjoy the whole full dining experience.

Passion fruit, lime, mint. 

Refreshing.  Great contrast between sour and sweet.

Cucumber, mint, basil.

This one is a standout.  It is truly light and refreshing.

Beetroot, raspberry vinaigrette, fennel. 

Amazing flavours and highly imaginative.  Truly world class and a testament to the chef’s skills.

Slipper lobster, parsnip, granola, shellfish sabayon.

Great blend of savoury of sabayon and the sweetness and crunch of granola.

Lamb loin, black garlic, leek, buttermilk dressing.

Another world-class dish.  The flavours all blend together hamoniously.

Pork jowl, pineapple, shallots, crispy pork fats.

Satisfying.  The protein is well-balanced by the sweetness of pineapple and shallots.

This restaurant is truly world-class.  I couldn’t believe I can find such quality and value in JB.  This restaurant is definitely on par, if not better, than the restaurants of Singapore.


The Stag Bistronomy, Johor Bahru









Friends and Fig, Johor Bahru


Craving for Something New? Get Your Fix at Friends & Fig!

Friends & Fig is not just another hipster cafe serving overpriced, grandiose-sounding desserts. With their range of cold-pressed fresh juices, international selection of delectable dishes and conducive dine-in ambience, it is definitely a place to check out, whether you are a casual cafe-goer or a gourmet food critic.

Located a stone throw’s away from CIQ, the cafe’s accessibility is just one of its many plus points. Its charming exterior is a testament to its quaint and cosy setting as you step inside. Rows of colourful cold-pressed juices line the counter and you are free to pick any bottle that strikes your fancy.

Worried about your sugar intake? Fear not, all of them have been given the seal of approval by a qualified independent natural juice therapist (CMA) hailing from the UK. Many rave about how the drinks leave them feeling refreshed and energised, due to the high concentration of naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants present. Their most popular drink, BerryLite, packs a powerful punch and is as good as consuming the recommended two servings of fruits every day.  For the athletes, the raw smoothie blends replenishes the body fluids and electrolytes you lose after exercise, providing much needed energy which lasts up to 24 hours.

If you’re feeling peckish, the diverse range of delectable delicacies will not let you down. Authentic Asian dishes such as Tom Yum soup and pasta dishes, ranging from the simple spaghetti Bolognese to the more complex ratatouille dish, are prepared by chefs who specialise in their hometown dishes. So even if you are just a tourist reading this, feel free to peruse the cafe as there will definitely be something that suits your palate.

Reluctant to take a bite due to the potentially high caloric intake? Organic ingredients are used and there is absolutely no MSG added, so you can enjoy your meal with a peace of mind. Pro-tip: Breakfast buffets are more affordable especially on weekdays, so if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, make an advanced booking for free on their Facebook Page.

What is refreshing about Friends & Fig is that they are constantly seeking to improve their current formula when it comes to their line of health juices. Very soon, a monthly subscription to JuiceBox will be available—a month’s worth of juice bottles specially personalised to suit every individual’s health needs. Since a majority of Malaysians don’t meet their daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables mainly due to busy working schedules, the fact that JuiceBox will be delivered right to your doorstep is extremely appealing. Even if you live overseas, JuiceBox does not require you to pay any shipping fees. Most importantly, Friends & Fig places emphasis on the customer’s opinions. With every customer feedback form submitted, you get 3% off your next purchase. Referring this cafe to friends will also grant you the same benefit.

Overall, Friends & Fig proves to be a delightful first experience for many and a much awaited return trip for regular patrons. Grab your Metrocard and hope onto the next train to this quaint cafe!


Friends & Fig不只是另一个提供售价过高,夸大其实的甜品潮人咖啡店,他们提供一系列冷榨鲜果汁,美味的国际料理选择和舒适的店内用餐气氛。无论你是休闲的咖啡店爱好者或是美食评论家,你肯定得亲自光顾一趟。





Friends & Fig让人感到清新的是,当说到他们家的健康果汁时,他们那持续寻求现有配方改进的精神。很快的,他们将推出“果汁盒(JuiceBox)”的按月订购服务,这是根据客人的健康需求而量身打造一个月份量的果汁订购计划。因为大部分马来西亚人基于工作忙碌而无法达到每日蔬果建议摄取量,因此“果汁盒”这项能直达家门口的服务是非常有吸引力的。而且就算你住在国外,也无需为“果汁盒”付任何运费。更重要的是,Friends & Fig重视客人的意见,每次递交客户意见表格后,你将于下次消费享有3%的折扣。同时,将这家咖啡店介绍给朋友也能让你享有相同的优惠。

总的来说,Friends & Fig保证让许多首次光顾者用餐愉快,也是老主顾梦寐已久的地方。马上抓起你的地铁卡,跳上下一班通往这家古雅咖啡店的列车吧!

Bahasa Malay

Mengidamkan Sesuatu yang Baru? Dapatkan Kepuasan Anda di Friends & Fig!

Friends & Fig bukanlah seperti kebanyakan kafe hipster yang menyediakan pencuci mulut yang terlalu mahal dan kedengaran megah. Dengan pelbagai jenis jus segar mereka yang ditekan sejuk, hidangan yang lazat dengan pemilihan antarabangsa dan suasana makan yang kondusif, ia adalah tempat yang wajib untuk dicuba, sama ada anda seorang ‘kaki’ kafe ataupun pengkritik makanan gourmet.

Terletak tidak jauh dari CIQ, kemudahan akses kepada kafe ini adalah satu daripada kelebihannya. Keadaan luaran kafe yang menawan adalah sebagai bukti kepada suasananya yang menarik dan nyaman sebaik sahaja anda melangkah ke dalam. Barisan jus-jus sejuk ditekan yang berwarna-warni menggarisi kaunter dan anda boleh memilih mana-mana botol yang menarik perhatian anda.

Bimbang akan pengambilan gula anda? Usah khuatir, kesemuanya telah diberikan meterai kelulusan oleh pakar terapi bebas jus asli yang berkelayakan (CMA) yang berasal dari UK. Ramai yang memberi sambutan hangat tentang bagaimana minuman-minuman tersebut membuatkan mereka berasa segar dan bertenaga, disebabkan oleh kandungan vitamin dan antioksidan semulajadi yang tinggi pekatnya. Minuman paling popular mereka, BerryLite, memberikan penangan yang hebat dan ia adalah sebaik memakan dua hidangan buah-buahan setiap hari seperti yang disyorkan. Untuk para atlet, campuran bahan mentah di dalam smoothie akan mengisi semula cecair badan dan elektrolit yang berkurangan selepas bersenam, memberikan tenaga yang amat diperlukan yang akan tahan dalam masa sehingga 24 jam.

Jika anda berasa lapar, ada pelbagai jenis juadah lazat yang tidak akan menghampakan anda. Hidangan asli Negara-negara Asia seperti sup Tom Yum dan hidangan pasta, dari spageti Bolognese yang mudah kepada hidangan ratatouille yang lebih rumit, disediakan oleh chef-chef yang pakar di dalam masakan tempat asal mereka. Jadi, walaupun anda hanya seorang pelawat yang sedang membaca artikel ini, anda boleh berasa bebas untuk meneliti kafe ini kerana pasti akan ada sesuatu yang sesuai dengan selera anda.

Enggan mengambil santapan anda disebabkan oleh potensi mengambil kalori yang tinggi? Bahan-bahan organik digunakan dan tiada MSG ditambah sama sekali, jadi anda boleh menikmati hidangan anda dengan fikiran yang tenang. Tip-pro: Bufet sarapan pagi adalah lebih murah terutama pada hari bekerja, jadi jika anda tidak mahu mengoyakkan poket, buatlah tempahan awal secara percuma di laman Facebook mereka.

Apa yang menarik dan baharu tentang Friends & Fig adalah mereka sentiasa ingin memperbaiki formula terkini jika ia adalah tentang rangkaian jus-jus kesihatan mereka. Tidak lama lagi, akan ada langganan bulanan untuk JuiceBox –  botol-botol jus cukup untuk sebulan yang khas diperibadikan untuk memenuhi keperluan kesihatan setiap individu. Oleh kerana majoriti rakyat Malaysia tidak memenuhi pengambilan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran harian mereka seperti yang disyorkan terutama sekali kerana jadual pekerjaan yang sibuk, hakikat bahawa JuiceBox akan dihantar terus ke rumah anda adalah amat menarik. Walaupun anda tinggal di luar negara, JuiceBox tidak memerlukan anda untuk membayar yuran penghantaran. Yang paling penting, Friends & Fig memberi penekanan kepada pendapat pelanggan. Dengan setiap borang maklum balas pelanggan yang dikemukakan, anda akan mendapat 3% kurang daripada pembelian seterusnya. Merujuk kafe ini kepada rakan-rakan juga akan memberikan anda manfaat yang sama.

Secara keseluruhan, Friends & Fig membuktikan bahawa ia adalah pengalaman pertama yang menyenangkan bagi ramai dan adalah lawatan ulangan yang dinanti-nantikan oleh pelanggan-pelanggan tetap. Dapatkan Metrocard anda dan naiklah kereta api yang berikutnya ke kafe yang menarik ini!