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Aberdeen Street Social, Hong Kong


Within the sleek confines of PMQ, Aberdeen Street Social is the brainchild of the revered Chef Jason Atherton and prolific entrepreneur Yenn Wong. The already formidable duo promises to tantalize more than just your taste buds, they’ve also teamed up with award-winning designers Neri & Hu to back their latest conception. Aberdeen Street Social features both indoor and outdoor seating, to please both modern interior décor and nature lovers alike.

Before heading down to where Sunday Brunch was typically held, the manager graciously offered to show me the private rooms upstairs, which can seat a party of 12 and includes a balcony overlooking the gardens. The accommodation features a dedicated senior service staff at the table’s call and is splendid for socials which require a level of exclusivity.

Heading down to the main event, the Bar & Bistro, where the restaurant holds the majority of its guests, houses the main bar as well as, yes, you guessed it, the bistro. An apt locale for you and your three best friends to lounge the weekend away, lamenting over your everyday woes with the aid of vodka martinis. With the plethora of samplers presented to me, I intrinsically gravitated towards the Lobster Benedict. Lightly buttered and baked to precision, the lobster tail’s elegant flavour is sure to delight seafood aficionados although I found that the hollandaise sauce which blanketed the eggs to be slightly overbearing in terms of viscosity.

Along the premises lies Sweet Social, an affiliated dessert bar serving numerous kinds of cakes and homemade gelato.  I could not help but to take away a serving of hazelnut gianduja chocolate gelato, sprinkled with freshly crushed pistachios for a brilliant conclusion to a very satisfied palate.

With the dream team of award winning artists, heralded chefs, and entrepreneurs, Aberdeen Street Social is set to bend to the very course of Hong Kong casual dining, bringing even more promise to an already bustling food adoring nation.

As dusk begins to settle, the antiquated kerosene lanterns which hang from wooden beams illuminate the vicinity. Head outside to enjoy the garden terrace where greenery creeps up the walls and potted fauna of various species litter the area, creating the perfect nook to enjoy one of Chef Atherton’s signature cocktails.

Try the Orange Creamsicle Cocktail, a concoction of vanilla vodka and orange soda. It’s whimsically topped with homemade whipped cream and a nutty cookie stick which was my favourite, a recrudescence to my childhood of yesteryears past.

As warm afternoon sun descends, giving way to the infinite night sky and gentle breeze, the bar readily changes to meet the demands of its patrons. With the jovial bartender contributing to the cordial atmosphere, time is but without value as I lose myself to the effortless workings of blue jazz.


在PMQ 的局限里,Aberdeen Street Social 是被人敬佩的厨师Jason Atheron以及之名的企业家Yenn Wong 所启发。这对强大二人组与知名得奖设计师 Neri 和 Hu的结合将成立一个新的设计构想,来兴起客户们的味蕾.Aberdeen Street Social突现与室内及户外席,来符合摩登室内靓装和自然风格爱好者的品味。


正往楼下参加the Bar and Bistro主活动的地点,就在他们招待贵宾和容纳吧台以及,对没错,你猜对了,和餐厅的空间。这个地方很适合和好友享受周末和一起享用伏特加马提尼,利用酒精来抛空烦恼,和诉苦。在所有递给我的食物样品当中,我不知不觉朝向了Lobster Benedict这道菜.龙虾与牛油一起烤得恰大好处,虽然淋在鸡蛋上的蛋黄酱有点太过粘稠,但是龙虾尾的精美味道一定会淘喜欢吃海鲜的顾客们欢心。

在旁边就是一家联盟的甜品Sweet Social,提供于各式各样的蛋糕及自制的gelato.我情不自禁的带走了一份hazelnut gianduja chocolate gelato,上面还洒上了新鲜的开心果碎,顶下了令人味蕾满意的结论。

与得奖名人,知名厨师以及企业家所建立的梦想团队.Aberdeen Street Social一定会超越香港的休闲餐饮,他们将会给予这个从满许多食物爱好者的国家更多希望。

太阳即将下山,吊在木梁上的煤油灯照亮着附近。走到 garden terrace去欣赏那里的花花草草,那风景营造了一个完美的角落来享用一杯Chef Atheron的招牌鸡尾酒。

请试一试Orange Creamsicle Cocktail,他是一杯混合着香草伏特加和橘子汽水的鸡尾酒。上面还布置上他们家的自制奶油和我从小最喜欢的坚果巧克力棒,令人勾起小时候的回忆。


8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA, Shanghai


Sitting on the coast of China, Shanghai is a metropolitan city with a beautiful fusion of the traditional and contemporary. The mixture of ethnic and modern cuisine, old and new, makes this city more charming than ever.

Along with the allures of Shanghai, the lavish Rockbund area stands, just a stone’s throw from the HuangPu River. In this gorgeous place, a delicious elegance is recognized from 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA, founded by Michelin Three Starred Chef Umberto Bombana.

This is the perfect Italian fine dining venue for the exclusive guests.

The restaurant holds true to its finest Italian cuisine. With the selection of the best ingredients from around the world, the prestigious Chefs introduces authentic tastes of Italy – delicious homemade pasta, delicate seafood, and high quality imported meats –complement with a stunning view of the city’s best. This brings about the most unforgettable experience to its diners.

The remarkable recommendation of vintage wines and their perfect pairing based on guests’ choices, by its well-known sommelier, brings diners to a whole new level. Boasting top Michelin-starred chefs, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA delivers an outstanding Italian palate to Shanghai’s upscale culinary scene.


位置与中国的海岸, 上海是个结合着传统及现代色彩的大都市。 这个城市的烹饪结合着民族和现代风味,无论是旧的还是新的,都能使这城市更加有吸引力。

随着上海所包含的魅力,繁华的上海外滩就位于黄浦江附近。在这个华丽的地方, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA 的优雅美味能被认出, 这就是由米其林三星厨师翁贝托伯斑纳师傅成立的餐厅。


这家餐厅对自己的优等意大利烹调带有保证。随着全球各地挑选出最佳的材料,享有声望的名厨们介绍意大利的地道佳肴 — 美味的自制意大利面,精美的海鲜和进口的上等肉类 - 配上这城市最迷人的景色。这会给进餐者们带来最难忘的体验。

餐厅杰出的佳酿推荐与按照着顾客选择的完美配搭,由著名的斟酒师,带给进餐者们一个全新的体验。炫耀着厅级米其林星级厨师们, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA能带给上 海的高档烹饪场景一种杰出的意大利风味。


位置與中國的海岸, 上海是個結合著傳統及現代色彩的大都市。這個城市的烹飪結合著民族和現代風味,無論是舊的還是新的,都能使這城市更加有吸引力。

隨著上海所包含的魅力,繁華的上海外灘就位於黃浦江附近。在這個華麗的地方, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA 的優雅美味能被認出, 這就是由米其林三星廚師翁貝托伯斑納師傅成立的餐廳。


這家餐廳對自己的優等意大利烹調帶有保證。隨著全球各地挑選出最佳的材料,享有聲望的名廚們介紹意大利的地道佳餚 — 美味的自製意大利面,精美的海鮮和進口的上等肉類 - 配上這城市最迷人的景色。這會給進餐者們帶來最難忘的體驗。

一個全新的體驗。炫耀著廳級米其林星級廚師們, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA能帶給上 海的高檔烹飪場景一種傑出的意大利風味。

Hyatt Regency, Hangzhou


Hangzhou: where tranquil nature and bustling cityscapes meet. Hangzhou is a must-see destination for a tourist when in China. For those who wish to be pampered during their stay in the city, look no further than the deluxe Hyatt Regency Hangzhou.


Hyatt Regency’s location is extremely convenient, being within walking distance of many attractions in Hangzhou, be it shopping in the city centre or cultural temples. Staying at the Hyatt Regency would mean transport costs are greatly minimized, and travel itineraries can accommodate more options within a day, and be more flexible as well.


The hotel was designed by internationally acclaimed architects, John Portman & Associates of Atlanta and Jean-Philippe Heitz of Heitz Parsons Sadek. From the stylishly simple and elegant façade to the classy grandeur of the hotel lobby, guests will feel transported into a world of comfort and luxury.

The Hyatt Regency houses 390 rooms and suites. All rooms in the hotel boast stunning views of the famous Hangzhou West Lake, where guests can luxuriate in the expansive view through the large bay windows. Other up-to-date amenities include an LCD screen television and the latest technology featuring 2-line telephones, and both wireless and wired broadband Internet connection. The room itself features contemporary décor which is tastefully understated. The bathroom is furnished with white marble, and a highlight of one’s stay definitely would be being able to use the 2 shower options available, with a mirror in the shower cubicle, and a deep soaking tub for a longer refreshing experience.

For those looking for an even higher upgrade, the different types of suites available are as follows:

  • 1 Presidential Suite
  • 8 Regency Suites
  • 2 Regency Executive Suites
  • 1 Garden Suite

To add on, the 240 square metre Presidential Suite on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency provides guests with the opulence of a 590 square metre roof-top garden and an outdoor Jacuzzi.


The Hyatt Regency hosts an exclusive Regency Club. Members of this Club get to enjoy perks such as personalized and customized service with committed Concierge staff, the availability of food and beverage options such as a complimentary breakfast, all day refreshments and evening cocktails, and even access to a private rooftop garden with a spanking unblocked view of West Lake. For guests wishing to conduct business matters, the Hyatt Regency Club also offers a boardroom and business centre for the convenience of business meetings.

Food and Beverage

When it comes to travel, in any part of the world, food and beverage is an integral part of the experience, and the Hyatt Regency definitely has it covered for guests coming to Hangzhou. With a wide variety of options, one is spoilt for choice. For instance, 28 Hu Bin Road, the hotel’s signature Chinese restaurant, serves authentic Chinese cuisine from Hangzhou and cities beyond it, with an updated twist. The café offers an all-day buffet with a show kitchen where guests can watch their food being prepared right in front of their eyes, and even interact with the chefs. The hotel also houses a bar Bellevue which serves drinks, snacks and desserts. Coupled with in-house live music, this is an experience not to be missed. With luxurious designs, impeccable attention to detail and delicious food, the Hyatt Regency offers one of the best dining experiences in Hangzhou.

Other facilities

For guests looking to relax and unwind, the hotel offers a gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool with a skylight roof for guests to enjoy. To complete the pampering experience, guests can also opt for spa services to rejuvenate through a wide variety of treatments and massages.

With amazing décor, a wide variety of facilities, well-equipped rooms and a team of professional and dedicated staff, the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou is a prime choice for accommodation for all travellers to Hangzhou.




杭州凯悦酒店地点十分方便,与许多杭州旅游景点区域只近在咫尺,使游客方便到城市中心和文化寺庙购物。住在杭州凯悦酒店等于减低交通费用、不仅可以轻易安排一日的旅行程表、更 是可以随遇则安。


杭州凯悦酒店是由国际备受赞誉的设计师们所设计的。酒店是由美国乔治亚州亚特兰大的著名建筑设计事务所John Portman & Associates Inc. 负责建筑设计,室内设计则聘请了来自美国佛罗里达设计公司Heitz Parsons Sadek的著名设计师Jean-Philippe Heitz 负责。从时尚简约和优雅的外观到酒店大堂的古朴典雅气息让旅客犹如踏上恬逸舒适和富丽堂皇的世界之旅。

杭州凯悦酒店拥有豪华390 间客房和套房。任何的一间酒店客房都可以俯瞰杭州西湖的秀丽风光,旅客可以通过大凸窗尽情饱览西湖的壮丽景色。其余时髦的文娱康乐场所装备还包括了液晶电视和最新科技配备的双线电话与无线和有线宽带互联网连接。客房本身拥有现代化高雅节制的装潢。房间的浴室是以白大理石为装饰,凸显了一个人住的一大亮点同时也可以选择两种沐浴方式,淋浴间摆设了一个镜子和一个深浴缸以便让旅客体验长久的清爽。


  • 1 间总统套房
  • 8 间嘉宾轩套房
  • 2 间行政套房
  • 1 间花园套房



凯悦酒店提供了独特的嘉宾轩。嘉宾轩会员可以纵情享受杭州凯悦酒店礼宾团为个人带来的特殊待遇和专门伺候 、非但可以选择琳琅满目的餐饮如免费的欧陆式早餐、下午茶和傍晚鸡尾酒会之外,甚至还可以通往私用的天台花园,好对风光旖旎的西湖一览无余。对于若想要开展业务事项的客人,酒店嘉宾轩提供了会议室和商务中心以方便商务会议。


当谈到旅行,无论到世界哪一个角落,餐饮构成了旅客完整的旅行体验的精华。杭州凯悦酒店当然也不忘带旅客游历杭州美食天堂。杭州拥有林林总总的美食,若只有一种美食岂不太乏味了呢?湖滨28——杭州凯悦酒店署名的府邸式的中餐厅,烹调了传统杭州风味及四周城市真宗中餐特色的菜肴,更是不时提供了“因季而食” 之中式美食文化精髓的佳肴。优雅古典的咖啡厅除了陈设食客全日的自助餐餐式还设有开放式厨房,好让食客不但可以亲眼目睹厨师高超的烹饪技术以外,还可以与厨师面对面交流。杭州凯悦酒店里也设置了充满现代设计的晚霞酒吧,专为客户提供精美的饮料、小食和甜点。此外,酒吧里还附加了爵士乐队现场演奏景点曲目,是食客不可或缺的体验之一。拥有豪华精巧的设计,细致周到和山珍海味的美食,杭州凯悦酒店供给了食客经典用餐经验之最。







杭州凱悅酒店地點十分方便,與許多杭州旅遊景點區域只近在咫尺,使遊客方便到城市中心和文化寺廟購物。住在杭州凱悅酒店等於減低交通費用、不僅可以輕易安排一日的旅行程表、更 是可以隨遇則安。


杭州凱悅酒店是由國際備受讚譽的設計師們所設計的。酒店是由美國喬治亞州亞特蘭大的著名建築設計事務所John Portman & Associates Inc. 負責建築設計,室內設計則聘請了來自美國佛羅里達設計公司Heitz Parsons Sadek的著名設計師Jean-Philippe Heitz 負責。從時尚簡約和優雅的外觀到酒店大堂的古樸典雅氣息讓旅客猶如踏上恬逸舒適和富麗堂皇的世界之旅。

杭州凱悅酒店擁有豪華390 間客房和套房。任何的一間酒店客房都可以俯瞰杭州西湖的秀麗風光,旅客可以通過大凸窗盡情飽覽西湖的壯麗景色。其餘時髦的文娛康樂場所裝備還包括了液晶電視和最新科技配備的雙線電話與無線和有線寬帶互聯網連接。客房本身擁有現代化高雅節制的裝潢。房間的浴室是以白大理石為裝飾,凸顯了一個人住的一大亮點同時也可以選擇兩種沐浴方式,淋浴間擺設了一個鏡子和一個深浴缸以便讓旅客體驗長久的清爽。

• 1 間總統套房
• 8 間嘉賓軒套房
• 2 間行政套房
• 1 間花園套房



當談到旅行,無論到世界哪一個角落,餐飲構成了旅客完整的旅行體驗的精華。杭州凱悅酒店當然也不忘帶旅客遊歷杭州美食天堂。杭州擁有林林總總的美食,若只有一種美食豈不太乏味了呢?湖濱28——杭州凱悅酒店署名的府邸式的中餐廳,烹調了傳統杭州風味及四周城市真宗中餐特色的菜餚,更是不時提供了“因季而食” 之中式美食文化精髓的佳餚。優雅古典的咖啡廳除了陳設食客全日的自助餐餐式還設有開放式廚房,好讓食客不但可以親眼目睹廚師高超的烹飪技術以外,還可以與廚師面對面交流。杭州凱悅酒店裡也設置了充滿現代設計的晚霞酒吧,專為客戶提供精美的飲料、小食和甜點。此外,酒吧里還附加了爵士樂隊現場演奏景點曲目,是食客不可或缺的體驗之一。擁有豪華精巧的設計,細緻周到和山珍海味的美食,杭州凱悅酒店供給了食客經典用餐經驗之最。



mezza9, Grand Hyatt, Macau Nov 2015

Based on the concept of mezza9 in Grand Hyatt Singapore, this mezza9 is an all-round stimulation of the diner’s senses.

Created by the cutting-edge Japanese interior design firm SuperPotato, the eclectic, highly textured 292-seater space is defined by giant, roughly-hewn stone blocks forming counters and lining walls, as well as an eye-catching array of lattice-patterned metal screens.

Other than in the main restaurant, guests can also choose to dine on the outdoor terrace; in one of four semi-private, Japanese wood-lined booths; or in one of three 10- to 12-seater private rooms. One of the private rooms is housed within a ‘wine cellar’, complete with vaulted brick-lined ceiling, wooden barrels and a lounge area for pre- and post-dinner drinks.  This particular private room feels very expensive.

Walking through mezza9 Macau, the diner experiences elaborate counter displays and theatrical show kitchens, which offer all-round stimulation of the diner’s senses. Vibrant colour and texture is provided by floor-to-ceiling displays of fruit and vegetables; oversized bowls of ginger knuckles, garlic bulbs, pumpkins and chestnuts; and giant jars of fresh ingredients such as papaya halves, kumquat and pomelo.

Tables are interspersed between tanks of live lobsters and seafood, glistening ice-filled crustacean stations, sugar cane machines. and shelves of culinary merchandise and utilitarian cooking equipment.

Mezza9 Macau offers different wining and dining experiences under one roof: Macanese; Grill; The Sushi and sashimi bar; The Wok; The Steam Basket; The Deli; The Pâtisserie; The Wine Cellar and Bar.  From one succinct menu, guests can order deep fried soon hock, soy sauce or charcoal grilled mixed meat or arroz de pato de cabidela (Macanese duck rice).

Seafood on Ice—- lobster, black mussels, whelks, Japanese scallops, alaskan snow crab legs

Seafood lovers would do well to order the seafood platter.  Imagine a mountain of seafood including lobster, sweet, delicious Alaskan snow crab legs, mussels, prawns and whelks.  The seafood platter is substantial and most people order it to share it.

Crab cakes, mango and coriander salsa, remoulade sauce

The crab cakes are one of their signature dishes.  The crab cakes are indeed full of crab meat.  I had tried crab cakes in other restaurants where the inside is full of flour filling.

Deep fried soon hock, soy sauce

The fried Soon Hock was amazing.  The execution of this dish is quite difficult.  The fish needs to be fried slowly so that the exterior is crispy while the inside remains moist.  The fish tasted fresh and free from any odours and unpleasant flavours.

Mezza9 is also a good place to try out Macanese dishes.

Portuguese green soup, chorizo

The potato soup is very creamy and combines the use of locally sourced vegetables for crunchiness.

African chicken

The African Chicken has a mild spicy, curry flavour as well as hints of coconut fragrance.

Macanese duck rice

The Duck Rice is savoury and filling.

Mezza9 excels in Portuguese desserts.  They are famous for their Portuguese egg tarts.  It comes to the table warm.  The crust is flaky and the custard is rich with vanilla and egg flavour.  It is a winner.

The Serradura is delicious.  Serradura or Sawdust Pudding is a Portuguese dessert made up of sweetened, vanilla whipped cream and serradura. Apparently, ‘serradura’ translates to ‘sawdust’ in Portuguese. And the ‘sawdust’ in this dessert is actually crushed Tea Biscuits!

With such a large variety of quality cuisine, Mezza9 Macau definitely counts as an exciting destination.


mezza9 Macau Opening Hours: 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Enquiries or reservations: +853 8868 1920


Location: Level 3, Grand Hyatt Macau

Gui Hua Lou, Shangri-la Pudong, Shanghai


Voted one of the Top 50 Restaurants in China” by Food & Wine China magazine and one of “Shanghai’s Best Restaurants” by Shanghai Tatler magazine for two consecutive years, Gui Hua Lou Chinese restaurant at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai serves gourmet Huaiyang, Shanghainese and Sichuanese cuisines.

It is well-known for its delectable Shanghai styled steamed juicy buns, its flavourful and beautifully presented sautéed chicken with red peppers and spices.

Gui Hua Lou is helmed by Chef Sam Gao, the hotel’s Executive Chinese Chef, who has nearly 30 years of Huaiyangnese culinary experience.

Chef Gao is fond of blending culinary influences with his own recipes and he takes great pleasure in creating dishes with the new ingredients he discovers.  His expertise lies in Huaiyangnese and Cantonese style cuisines.

Interesting dishes created by him include The sautéed egg white with hairy crab meat and roe. This dish is truly a test of a chef’s skill, as the roe has to remain supple even after frying and the egg whites have to maintain a soufflé-like exterior wrapping the hairy crab meat in one omelet. Recently, Chef Gao was also voted one of the “Top 50 Chefs in China” by Food & Wine China magazine.

Besides the great food by the award winning chef, you will also get to enjoy panoramic views of the scenic Huangpu River and the historical Bund strip while dining in chic environment incorporating traditional Chinese elements with a contemporary twist. The dominant colour palette is taken from the traditional Chinese red, blended with contemporary black and white, offset with a touch of silvery grey and golden yellow. In the general dining area, the main feature is an eye-catching row of red acrylic dragon scales that hang from the ceiling and double up as lamps.

Great food and nice ambience are the best combinations for a perfect dinner with guests you want to impress.


‘桂花楼’是中国周刊《美食与美酒》 票选为中国排名前50名的餐厅以及连续两年入围上海周刊《尚流TATLER》‘上海最佳餐厅’之一的中餐厅。




炒鸡蛋白与大闸蟹肉和鱼子酱是他所创造的有趣料理之一。这道菜真的需要考验一位厨师的技能,因为鱼子酱经过油炸后得留有水嫩的口感,蛋白得保持着苏芙蕾样的外观,包着大闸蟹肉。近期,高主厨也被中国周刊《美食与美酒》 票选为中国排名前50名的厨师。




‘桂花樓’是中國周刊《美食與美酒》 票選為中國排名前50名的餐廳以及連續兩年入圍上海周刊《尚流TATLER》‘上海最佳餐廳’之一的中餐廳。




炒雞蛋白與大閘蟹肉和魚子醬是他所創造的有趣料理之一。這道菜真的需要考驗一位廚師的技能,因為魚子醬經過油炸後得留有水嫩的口感,蛋白得保持著蘇芙蕾樣的外觀,包著大閘蟹肉。近期,高主廚也被中國周刊《美食與美酒》 票選為中國排名前50名的廚師。