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Top Mid-range Hotel Singapore: Hotel G


The name Hotel G might sound familiar to some, and that’s because they have hotels in many different locations, including San Francisco, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, with more slated to open in 2017. Hotel G Singapore is conveniently located at Middle Road with 308 rooms categorized into Good, Great and Greater.  I was lucky enough to stay a night in one of the Great rooms and it was a fantastic experience.

Step inside the reception area of Hotel G and be wowed by the prompt service and smooth check-in!  For the weary traveller, there are plenty of seats around, including a huge wraparound sofa to lounge around while waiting for your turn to check in. At the same time, for the shopper eager to show their support for the Hotel G brand, they could also take a look at the Hotel G branded merchandise at the side, ranging from t-shirts and caps all the way to bathrobes.

Likewise, you need not worry about complicated check-in procedures. Just produce your name card and check-in would be done, quickly and efficiently! Now that’s good service.

The room was smaller than I’d expected, but travellers need not worry. I was impressed by how the designers utilized the space and layout, allowing luggage to be stowed in a nook under the bed to avoid clutter.

Each room has dreamcatchers hung above the bed, with different designs for the three room types. It was nice to watch the patterns dance across the ceiling as the feathers fluttered around. I was told that you could have a good night’s sleep with pleasant dreams. I slept very well that night!

I did some exploring. The workplace had a big corkboard attached to the wall with information pinned onto it. I particularly liked that there was an FAQ-esque info sheet that informed guests of the checkout time, breakfast timing and other useful things to note.

For foreign travellers, there’s a handy smartphone that allows you to make calls and comes with guides and maps so that navigation around the city is easier. There’s also free unlimited WiFi within the hotel, which I tested by uploading a whole bunch of Instagram stories — the network is actually pretty fast and reliable. Awesome for all your Twitter and Facebook updates too!

The bathroom contains a small amenities kit with body soap, shampoo and conditioner provided by Australian brand METIS.  Great for ‘freshening up after a long day. My only tiny gripe was that toothbrushes weren’t provided, something that the hotel might want to include in the future.

Apart from that, there was a safe to keep your valuables, a hairdryer, kettle and television. I was pleased with the inclusion of an ice bucket . Definitely a nice touch since there are ice machines available on each floor to make sure you have ice-cool drinks throughout your stay.

For the sporty type, don’t fret! Though there’s no pool for a quick dip, there’s a small gym located at the third floor and it is pretty Instagrammable too. Work out with treadmills, cycling machines, and a weight machine along with dumbbells. There’s a punching bag, as well as a speed bag in the corner of the gym. What a well-equipped gym!

If you are feeling peckish and adventurous, Hotel G is a short hop away from food and entertainment as it is conveniently located between Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut.

However, if you are feeling a little lazy, there are two restaurants right under the hotel: Ginett and 25 Degrees Burger.

Early birds can feast on a delicious buffet breakfast provided by Ginett. I went with an empty stomach the next morning and was immensely satisfied. There were 4 stations: hot food station, live egg station, pastry station, as well as drinks, cold cuts and cheeses.

I was most impressed with the egg station. You could have your omelette freshly made by a chef! My omelette was stuffed with mushrooms and ham. It was delicious, fluffy and savory. Yum!

Dessert and pastry fans, rejoice. The pastry section had a good selection with croissants, pain au chocolate and other baked goods on display. If you’re a cereal fan, fret not, for there is a wide range of cereals and milk available too to tickle your taste buds.

Hotel G has everything the modern traveller needs: conveniently located in the city, comfortable rooms, delicious buffet breakfast and most of all, comfortable rooms. I would surely come back again!


호텔 G는 샌프란시스코, 방콕, 홍콩,선전을 포함해 많은 지역에 분포해 있고, 더 많은 호텔이 2017년에 개관할 예정이다. 그렇기 때문에 호텔 G는 많은 사람들에게 친숙하게 다가갈 수 있다. 호텔 G 싱가포르는 Middle Road에  편리하게 위치해 있으며308개의 방을 보유 하였고,  방 종류는 Good, Great, Greater로 분류 된다. 나는 운이 좋게도 하룻밤을 Great 방에서 지낼 수 있었고 그것은 결코 잊을 수 없는 경험이었다.

호텔 G의 리셉션에 들어가자마자 즉각석인 서비스와 빠른 체크인으로 감탄했다. 지친 여행객들을 위해, 라운지에서 체크인을 기다리는 동안 쉴 수 있는 푹신하고 넒은 소파와 많은 의자들이 비치되어 있었다. 옆쪽에는 티셔츠와 모자 부터 목욕용 가운까지 다양한 호텔 G 브랜드의 상품들이 비치되어 있어 쇼핑을 좋아하는 여행객들은 호텔 G 브랜드의 상품을 엿볼 수 있었다.

또한, 복잡한 체크인 절차에 대한 걱정을 할 필요가 없다. 명함만 제시하면 체크인은 빠르고, 효율적으로 완료된다. 아주 만족스러운 서비스를 경험 할 수 있었다.

아름다운 벽지는 장식을 더욱 빛나게 하였고, 다른 호텔처럼 격식있는 분위기가 아니라 좀 더 생동감 있는 분위기 였다.  복도의 전등을 약간 어둡게 하고, 각 방의 문위의 전등을 밝혀 방문을 강조한것은 기발한 아이디어인것 같다.

방은 내가 기대했던 것보다 작았지만, 여행객에게는 문제가 되지 않을 것 같다.어수선함을 피하기 위해 침대 밑에 가방을 보관할 수 있도록 한것을 보며, 이 호텔 디자이너들의 공간과 레이아웃 활용에 감탄하였다.

각 방의 침대 위에는 3개의 방 종류 별로 다른 디자인의 드림캐쳐가 걸려 있었다. 드림캐쳐의 날개가 벽 위에서 흔들리며 춤을 추듯 패턴을 만드는 것은 너무나 보기 좋았다. 덕분에 좋은 꿈을 꾸며 숙면을 취할 수 있다고 들었는데, 그래서 그런지 그날 밤 나는 아주 편안하게 잘 수 있었다.

호텔 방의 책상위에는 다양한 정보가 꽂혀 있는 큰 크로크 판이 벽에 붙어 있었다.  특히 체크 아웃 시간과 아침 시간 그리고 다른 유용한 정보들을 손님들에게 알려주는 FAQ(자주 묻는 질문) 가 있어 편리했다.

전화, 지도, 그리고 가이드를 이용할 수 있는 유용한 스마트 폰이 있어 외국 여행객들은 쉽게 도시주변의 위치를 찾을 수 있다. 호텔 안에는 무료 와이파이가 있어 테스트 할겸 많은 스토리를 인스타에 올렸는데 인터넷이 굉장히 빠르고 신뢰할 수 있었다. 트위터와 페이스북 업데이트도 굉장히 빨랐다.

샤워실에는 호주 브랜드인 METIS 의 바디 워시, 샴푸, 컨디셔너가 들어있는 작은 키트가 있었다. 긴 하루 뒤에 상쾌함을 느낄 수 있어 좋았다. 나의 작은 불만은 칫솔이 제공되지 않은 것이다. 호텔이 나중에라도 칫솔을 제공 할 수 있다면 더욱 좋을 것 같다.

그것 외에, 귀중품을 보관할 수 있는 금고, 헤어 드라이기, 주전자, 그리고 TV가 있었다. 얼음 통도 있어서 기뻤다. 물론, 아이스 자판기가 각 층에 비치되어 있어 호텔에서 숙박하는 동안 시원한 음료를 즐길 수 있어 아주 좋았다.

스포츠를 좋아하는 사람들도 걱정할 필요가 없다. 수영장은 없지만 삼층에 작은 체육관은 꽤 인스타그래머블(SNS에 공유하고 싶은 정보) 하다. 러닝 머신, 싸이클,아령과 같은 웨이트 기구가 있고, 샌드백과, 스피드백이 체육관 코너에 있다. 이정도면 아주 괜찮은 체육관인 것 같다.

약간 출출하고, 모험이 하고 싶은 경우, 호텔 G는 부기스와 도비곳 사이에 편리하게 위치해 있어 음식점과 오락거리들을 가까이서 즐길 수 있다.

그러나 그것도 번거롭다면, Ginett과 25 Degrees Burger 라는 두개의 식당이 호텔 아래층 오른쪽에 위치해 있다.

아침에 일찍일어나면 Ginnet에서 제공하는 맛있는 아침 뷔페를 맘껏 먹을 수 있다. 다음날 아침에 공복으로 식당에게 가서 아주 배불리 만족스럽게 먹었다. 식당에는 4개의 음식 코너가 있는데 메인요리, 즉석 계란 요리, 디저트와 음료, 샌드위치, 그리고 치즈등이 비치되어 있다.

나는 계란 코너에 아주 만족스러웠다. 요리사의 즉석 오믈렛을 즐길 수 있다. 나는 버섯과, 햄을 오물렛에 넣었는데 아주 맛있고 부드러웠다.

디저트와 페이스트리의 팬이라면 기뻐할 것이다. 페이스트리 코너는 크루아상, 뺑 오 쇼콜라, 그리고 다른 베이크 음식들이 진열되어 있다. 씨리얼 팬이라면 걱정할 필요 없다. 미각을 자극하는 아주 다앙한 시리얼과 우유가 제공된다.

호텔 G는 도시에 위치하여 편리하고, 맛있는 아침 뷔페를 즐길 수 있고, 무엇보다도 편안한 룸은 현대의 여행객들이 필요로 하는 모든 것을 갖추었다고 볼 수 있다. 반드시 꼭 다시 묵고 싶은 호텔이다!









针对于外国旅客,这里有一个简便的智能手机可供你拨打电话,并配有旅游指南和地图,帮助旅客更轻易地在城市里导航。酒店内还有免费的无限网络,经我以上传一大串的Instagram即时视频来测试 – 证明网络真的非常快速和可靠。对于你所有的Twitter和Facebook更新,它也非常的棒!




如果您饿了并想进行一番探索,G酒店距离餐饮和娱乐场所都非常靠近,因为其刚好坐落于武吉士(Bugis)和多美歌(Dhoby Ghaut)之间。

然而,如果你懒惰,酒店楼下就有两家餐厅:Ginett和25 摄氏度汉堡。




G酒店拥有现代旅客所需的一切:优越的地理位置,美味的自助早餐以及最重要的 — 舒适的房间。我一定会再回来!









針對於外國旅客,這裡有一個簡便的智能手機可供你撥打電話,並配有旅遊指南和地圖,幫助旅客更輕易地在城市裡導航。酒店內還有免費的無限網絡,經我以上傳一大串的Instagram的即時視頻來測試 – 證明網絡真的非常快速和可靠對於你所有的微博和Facebook的更新,它也非常的棒!









摹酒店擁有現代旅客所需的一切:優越的地理位置,美味的自助早餐以及最重要的 – 舒適的房間我一定會再回來!

Mandarin Orchard, Singapore

Famed for their long heritage of prestige in services and hospitality, Mandarin Orchard Singapore is definitely the preferred hotel for international travellers. Housed in the city’s most prominent shopping district – Orchard Road and a stone’s throw away from the Orchard and Somerset Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations, you are just a few steps away from some of the best shopping experiences in Singapore!

It is also good to know that Mandarin Orchard Singapore is within close walking proximities to some of the country’s top medical facilities including the Paragon Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Looking for easy methods to explore the city? Fret not. Both Orchard and Somerset MRT stations are only two to three stops away from Dhoby Ghaut and City Hall – the main key interchange stations. You can now travel with ease and convenience.

If you are feeling tired and longing for a good rest after a long day out, Mandarin Orchard Singapore certainly won’t disappoint. Each of the 1, 077 guestrooms and suites are perfect blends of comfort and functionality, allowing guests to unwind and relax in a splendid environment. End the night by enjoying the gorgeous panoramic view of the city skyline from the higher floors.

WiFi is complimentary at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Replying to emails and video-calling your loved ones is now easy and convenient. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy a wide array of services. Fuss free check in/out, restaurant reservations, movies-on-demand, real-time flight status and many other services – all at the touch of a button. No more rushing and not having enough time to run your miscellaneous errands. How amazing is that?

Seeking contemporary business amenities for informal business meetings? Check out the executive club lounge facility – the Meritus Club Lounge at Top of the M. Sitting on levels 38 and 39, club guests can explore and discover the posh and pleasurable experiences of business travel.

Also, with over 25, 000 sq ft of versatile meeting and function spaces, holding a meeting in Mandarin Orchard Singapore is never a problem. Allow your guests to enjoy their meeting in the conducive and cosy state-of-the-art meeting facilities within the hotel.

If you are a workout enthusiast, getting a good workout in is easy with an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and two tennis courts – all easily accessible as a hotel guest. A business centre and medical clinic is available as well, to meet your business and personal healthcare needs.

Desiring some retail therapy? They’ve got you! A mall is just a few steps away, right in the hotel premises! Experience a luxurious shopping experience in Mandarin Gallery – an intimate shopping mall comprising 4 storeys of high-end international fashion brands including Bimba Y Lola and Paul Smith.

Are you feeling a little peckish after your shopping spree? A line-up of boutique eateries are available with different cuisines from all over the world, waiting to satisfy your cravings!

If that’s still not enough, take a step right outside Mandarin Orchard Singapore and you will be looking at some of the most prestige and iconic shopping malls in the city – Paragon, Takashimaya and ION Orchard, to name a few.

Look no further if you are planning a trip to our sunny island. Mandarin Orchard Singapore is located in an easily accessible prime location with all the facilities and amenities that you need for both personal and business travels. With their excellence in services and hospitality, you are bound to get a world-class travel experience.


Shisen Hanten, Singapore

With the recent focus on Michelin-starred restaurants and eateries in Singapore, you would not want to miss out on Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro in Mandarin Orchard Singapore. This is one Szechwan restaurant that has recently been awarded two stars in the prestigious Michelin Guide Singapore 2016, the greatest indication of serving quality food a notch above the rest. Whipping up delicious Szechwan fare guaranteed to whet your appetite, Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro has quickly made its mark across our island as the highest Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant.

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro has deep-rooted origins in Japan, being the first Szechwan restaurant that Japan had ever seen back in 1958. It was helmed by Chen Kenmin, who later passed on the baton to his eldest son, Chen Kenichi, to succeed his food business venture.  Today, the success that Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro has enjoyed could very well be down to the foresight of the elder Chen, who took the liberty to branch out the outlet across the whole of Japan and inject new ideas to their menu offerings, gaining a faithful following over the years.

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro is currently under the watchful eye of Chen Kentaro as per the name, also the grandson of the founder Chen Kenmin. He advocates for the use of only the freshest ingredients in preparing his Szechwan cuisine and does not settle for anything less. It is no wonder that the dishes they whip up do not compromise on quality, seeking only to enhance the unique tastes of Shisen Hanten.

The restaurant’s bestselling dish is the ever popular Mapo Doufu, a general must-try in typical Szechwan fare. There, the dish is prepared using a special recipe and method which involves the use of doubanjiang (chilli broad bean paste) that has been fermented for over three years. This unique food production technique results in the softening of tofu that just about melts in your mouth when you eat it. The explosion of flavours when eating it also highlights the quality of food produced in Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro. Other popular dishes include Chen’s Original Spicy Noodle Soup ; Stewed Fish Fillet in Super Spicy Szechwan Pepper Sauce ; and Sautéed Szechwan Chilli Pepper and Chicken .

Although the typical style of Szechwan cooking involves a certain level of spiciness in their foods, this can be customised according to preferences. Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro provides a choice of spiciness levels for their customers to suit all taste buds. Other items available on their menu include an array of bona fide Cantonese dishes aimed to delight your palate.





Sofitel So, Singapore Oct 2014


Housed in colonial building, the 134-room Sofitel So Singapore offers French elegance, chic and luxury.

As soon as one walks though the revolving entrance, one is struck by the dazzling glass light installation hanging over pots of intense purple orchids. One is also struck by the amount of natural light flooding the lobby. Modelesque staff walk around the lobby in Karl Lagereld-designed Chanel uniforms.

After you ride up to the upper floors in the elevators with transparent doors and quilted walls, you will find that the hotel itself is divided into two wings. The So-Hip wing consists of the smaller So Urban rooms. The Heritage wing consists of the larger So Heritage rooms. All So Urban rooms have the ‘The Lion’s Seal’ emblem designed by Karl Lagerfeld on the front door.

As one enters a So Urban room, one is welcomed by the elegant French design walls.

A pop art of Napoleon Bonaparte designed by Isabelle Miaja hangs in each room.

Light boxes inspired by French cupolas hang illuminated three meters above each signature Sofitel MyBed.

Separated from the bedroom by a glass wall is a large, marbled bathroom with separate bathtub and shower stall. Instead of hooks, they have funky wall installations on which you can hang your towels and clothes. Sofitel So has its own signature scent, Urban Forest, formulated and available exclusively to this hotel. Formulated in Grasse, France and evoking the scents of spices, local flowers and topical woods, the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel all contain this signature scent. The hotel has also thoughtfully provided a small vial of Urban Forest eau de parfum. I don’t know how but somehow when I got home, I found the eau de parfum in my suitcase.

In each room is a private bar. There is an Illy coffee machine. The vote, has thoughtfully provided three espresso capsules. Their thoughtfulness extends to provide a selection of complimentary snacks and beverages—- there are health bars, M&Ms, salty snacks, spicy snacks, soft drinks and beer. There are also bottles of wine in the bar but these are chargeable.

Sofitel So understands the need to stay connected, so the hotel has generously provided complimentary wifi. On top of that, they have provided unlimited complimentary landline calls (only to landline numbers). You can make your calls through the Apple phone they have provided. To access control of the curtains, alarm clock and lighting moods, you can do so on the iPad provided beside your bed. This is probably the most technologically advanced hotel I have been in.

Other benefits of this luxurious room:

  • Daily international and local newspapers upon request.
  • So stylish in-room magazines
  • So Singapore Wine and Dine welcome amenities
  • Daily breakfast inclusive of French champagne.
  • Daily Wine and Dine S$30 credit valid at Xperience Restaurant and Bar.

  • Complimentary laundry, dry cleaning or pressing service for 2 garments per day.

Should you feel restless, you can try out the rock-climbing wall in the small gym.

Alternatively, you may want to take dip in the gold-tiled rooftop swimming pool and admire the surrounding city skyline.

For epicurean pleasures, you may want to savour excellent fusion cuisine at Xperience, helmed by celebrity chef Mrs. Anne-Cecile Degenne.

Located near Raffles Place, in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, the hotel is minutes away from the city’s landmarks.Embrace the cosmopolitan vibe of the island – taste the culinary wonders of Lau Pa Sat and Chinatown, shop at Orchard Road, be part of the nightlife at Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, and enjoy the attractions of Marina Bay.

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or family fun, timeless French elegance blended with modern Singapore chic at Singapore’s top luxury boutique hotel is always a good choice.


Ospitato in un edificio dallo stile coloniale, il Sofitel So Singapore, dotato di 134 camere, offre al pubblico un’eleganza, un fascino ed un lusso tipicamente francesi.

Entrando dalle porte girevoli si viene immediatamente colpiti dall’abbagliante installazione luminosa in vetro sospesa su vasi di orchidee di un colore viola intenso, per non parlare della quantità di luce naturale che inonda la hall. Il personale, dall’aria glamour, si aggira nell’atrio vestendo uniformi firmate Chanel, disegnate espressamente da Karl Lagerfeld.

Salendo verso i piani più alti attraverso ascensori con porte trasparenti e pareti trapuntate, si può notare come l’hotel si divida in due ale. L’ala denominata So-Hip è caratterizzata da stanze più piccole denominate So Urban, mentre l’ala Heritage è caratterizzata da stanze più ampie chiamate So Heritage. Tutte le stanze So Urban possiedono sulla porta d’ingresso l’emblema del leone marino disegnato da Karl Lagerfeld.

Entrando in una qualsiasi delle stanze So Urban ci si sente i benvenuti tra le pareti dall’elegante design in stile francese e si può apprezzare un quadro pop art ritraente Napoleone Bonaparte disegnato da Isabelle Miaja.

I cubi di luce ispirati a cupole francesi sono installati a tre metri d’altezza sopra ai letti firmati Sofitel MyBed.

Diviso dalla stanza da letto tramite una spessa parete di vetro si trova il bagno di marmo, con vasca da bagno separata e cabina doccia. Al posto di appendiabiti vi sono eccentriche installazioni da parete su cui appendere i propri asciugamani e vestiti. Il Sofitel So possiede la sua personale fragranza per ambienti “Urban Forest” (Foresta Urbana), formulata e disponibile esclusivamente in questo hotel. Formulata a Grasse, in Francia, e attraverso l’utilizzo di       , anche lo shampoo, il balsamo e il gel doccia contengono questa fragranza unica. L’hotel ha anche previdentemente fornito una piccola fiala contenente il profumo Urban Forest. Non so proprio come sia potuto succedere, ma in qualche modo, al mio arrivo a casa, mi sono ritrovato in valigia una fiala di profumo.

In ogni stanza c’è un bar privato fornito di una macchina per caffè Illy, dotata di tre capsule per l’espresso. La loro lungimiranza si estende anche alla dotazione di snack e bevande in omaggio, tra cui barrette dietetiche, M&Ms, snack salati, snack piccanti, bevande analcoliche e birra. Nel bar vi sono inoltre bottiglie di vino, ma in questo caso a pagamento.

Sofitel So comprende il bisogno di rimanere connessi e per questo motivo l’hotel offre un servizio wifi gratuito. Inoltre, permette di effettuare in modo gratuito chiamate illimitate verso numeri fissi, magari tramite il telefono Apple messo a disposizione in stanza. Per accedere al controllo dell’apertura tende, alla sveglia o al controllo dell’illuminazione si può utilizzare l’iPad posizionato di fianco al letto. Questo è probabilmente l’hotel tecnologicamente più avanzato che io abbia mai visitato.

Ulteriori benefici di questo lussuoso tipo di stanza includono:

Quotidiani internazionali e locali giornalmente disponibili su richiesta.

Riviste di moda in stanza.

Servizi di invito a cena come benvenuto da So Singapore.

Colazione giornaliera con champagne francese incluso.

Credito giornaliero di S$30 per la cena, valido nel ristorante Xperience e al bar.

Servizio gratuito di lavanderia e asciugatura o stiratura per 2 capi al giorno.

Nel caso in cui vi sentiste irrequieti, potete provare a scalare la parete d’arrampicata della piccola palestra. In alternativa, potreste volervi immergere nella piscina con il pavimento in piastrelle d’oro del tetto ed ammirare lo skyline dei dintorni della città. Per piaceri epicurei potreste invece voler assaporare l’eccellente cucina fusion presso l’Xperience, ristorante sotto la guida della celebre chef Anne-Cecile Degenne.

Situato nei pressi di Raffles Place, nel cuore del Distretto Commerciale centrale di Singapore, l’hotel si trova a pochi minuti di distanza dai luoghi storici della città. Abbracciate l’atmosfera cosmopolita dell’isola, assaggiate le meraviglie culinarie di Lau Pa Sat e Chinatown, fate shopping a Orchard Road, siate parte della vita notturna di Clarke Quay e Boat Quay e godetevi le attrazioni di Marina Bay.


Alojado en un edificio colonial, la habitación 134 del Sofitel So Singapore ofrece elegancia francesa, belleza y lujo.

Tan pronto como uno pasa a través de la puerta giratoria, se siente prendado por una deslumbrante instalación luminosa de cristal que flota sobre tiestos de orquídeas de intenso púrpura. También llama la atención la cantidad de luz natural que inunda el vestíbulo. El personal de Modelesque va por el vestíbulo en uniformes de Chanel diseñados por Karl Lagereld.

Después de subir a las plantas superiores en los ascensores de puertas transparentes y paredes acolchadas, descubrirá que el hotel en sí mismo está dividido en dos secciones. El ala So-Hip está compuesta por las habitaciones más pequeñas So Urban. El ala Heritage se compone por las habitaciones de mayor tamaño So Heritage. Todas las habitaciones So Urban tienen en la puerta de entrada el emblema de “The Lion’s Seal” diseñado por Karl Lagerfeld.

Cuando se entra a una habitación So Urban, le acogen unas paredes de elegante diseño francés. En cada habitación cuelga una pintura pop de Napoleon Bonaparte diseñada por Isabelle Miaja.

Cajas de luz inspiradas por cúpulas francesas cuelgan a tres metros sobre cada cama de firma Sofitel MyBed.

Separado del dormitorio por una gran pared de vidrio hay un cuarto de baño de mármol con bañera y ducha. En lugar de ganchos tienen unas instalaciones de moda en la pared donde colgar sus toallas y ropa. Sofitel So tiene su propia esencia registrada, Urban Forest, desarrollada en exclusiva para este hotel. Preparada en Grasse, Francia y usando, el champú, acondicionador y gel de ducha contienen esta esencia registrada. El hotel también proporciona atentamente un pequeño frasco de perfume Urban Forest. No sé cómo pero de alguna manera al llegar casa me encontré con este perfume en mi maleta.

En cada habitación hay un minibar. Hay una cafetera Illy. Proporcionan atentamente tres cápsulas de café expresso. Su consideración se extiende a ofrecer una selección de aperitivos y bebidas de cortesía —- hay barritas nutritivas, M&Ms, aperitivos salados, tentempiés picantes, refrescos y cerveza. Hay también botellas de vino en el bar pero estas son de pago.

Sofitel So comprende la necesidad de mantenerse conectado, por lo que el hotel porporciona generosamente Wifi gratuito. Además de eso, proporcionan llamadas a fijo gratuitas e ilimitadas (sólo números fijos). Puede hacer sus llamadas a través del teléfono de Apple que ellos suministran. Para acceder al control de las cortinas, de la alarma y la iluminación, puede hacerlo mediante el iPad que hay dispuesto al lado de su cama. Probablemente sea el hotel tecnológicamente más avanzado en el que he estado.

Otros beneficios de esta lujosa habitación:

Prensa local e internacional a petición.

Revistas de moda en la habitación.

Servicios de bienvenida de vino y cena.

Desayuno diario con champán francés.

Crédito de 30$ válido para cena y vino en la Xperience del restaurante y bar.

Lavandería de cortesía, limpieza en seco y planchado de 2 prendas al día.

Si se siente nervioso, puede probar la pared de escalada del pequeño gimnasio. Alternativamente es posible que quiera probar a darse un chapuzón en la piscina de baldosas doradas y admirar el horizonte de la ciudad que le rodea. Para placeres epicúreos, puede que quiera probar una excelente cocina de fusión en Xperience, dirigida por la famosa cocinera Mrs. Anne-Cecile Degenne.

Localizado cerca de la plaza Raffles, en el corazón del distrito central de negocios de Singapore, el hotel está a unos minutos de los lugares emblemáticos de la ciudad. Abrace el ambiente cosmopolita de la isla – deguste las maravillas culinarias de Lau Pa Sat y Chinatown, compre en Orchard Road, forme parte de la vida nocturna en Clarke Quay y Boat Quay, y disfrute de las atracciones de Marina Bay.

Si está de viaje por negocios, placer o diversión en familia, la elegancia atemporal francesa combinada con la belleza de la Singapore moderna en el principal hotel boutique de lujo de Singapore es siempre una buena elección.

Morton’s, Singapore 22 Sept 2014

Best Restaurant Service—– Professional, Excellent Product Knowledge

Yes, Morton’s has recently undergone a light refurbishment. The tone of decor is lighter. Think more blue now instead of dark brown wood. The place now looks fresher, but retains a heavy business atmosphere. With its American business-like atmosphere and professional service, this is an excellent place to ink your next deal.


Tuna Tacos

Fresh tuna prepared with sesame oil, white sesame, black sesame, served with avoacdo strips, seaweed, salsa and cucumber strips. This appetiser also comes with a small dip of Thai sauce.

This is one of their new appetisers, and is only around 6 months old. Hmmm… a fusion of Mexican and Asian. Interesting, light and zesty. It goes great with a Sauvignon Blanc.


Baked Five Onion Soup

This has got to be the richest onion soup I have tried. Soup always needs to be served very hot, and they served it piping hot! Hot and rich, together with the cheese, it is great on a rainy night.


6 oz Filet Mignon with Grilled Shrimp and 2 Bacon Wrapped Scallops

The seafood is firm and fresh. This has got to be the most tender filet mignon I have tasted.


Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake

Oh! The legendary hot chocolate lava cake. The warm cake was served alongside Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream. Oh, the contrast between warm and cold was heavenly! When I broke the soft, moist cake, thick chocolate lava rushed out. Rich and thick, the cake does not immediately crumble upon touching it with a fork. It held up well. While I am not a huge chocolate fan, well-executed as the cake is, it is already a big hit with the diners at Morton’s.

What I like about Morton’s is its reliability—- the food is always excellent and of the highest quality.

What you are paying for, besides the reliability and excellence of cuisine, is the quality of service. The service is what differentiates Morton’s from other restaurants. Here, everyone knows what he or she is doing. It is also great that they really work as a team. If someone accidentally drops a glass (hey, it happens to the best of us), the others help to pick up the glass. Also, they really know their product—–the various cuts of meat, and the various desserts. I really appreciate that the wait staff shows you the various cuts of meat and the various hot desserts. Having them in front of you gives you an idea of the size of the portion and helps in your decision making.

Morton’s, with its reliability, consistent product and its quality service, can be said to be the very best of American capitalism. I have never seen a restaurant with service as good as this.