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Category: Thailand

Top Recommended Restaurant Bangkok: Gaggan

Having opened in 2010, it only took four short years for Gaggan Anand to bring his eponymous restaurant to global recognition. The restaurant made top 10 consecutively in the last 3 years on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and remains the only Indian restaurant to make it on the list.

So what will Gaggan be remembered for? Its gorgeous architecture, for one, is something to look back on. The two-storey colonial style building sports a good few floor-length window panes, giving curious pedestrians a glimpse into the restaurant’s interior. In the daytime, this serves the practical purpose of allowing plenty of natural light into the room, although the better view is arguably during nightfall – when warm lighting within the restaurant shines through the window panes, like a lantern giving the dim streets its glow.

Never one to disappoint, the exterior is not the only view Gaggan has to offer. The cooking process itself is possibly just as important as the completed dish, which is why gastronomes mostly prefer a dining experience at the chef’s table, the equivalent to a front row seat to a MasterChef live shoot. At Gaggan’s, however, there is the option to make your dining experience extra special. Just a level above the chef’s table, a recently opened dining space known as ‘The Lab’ can be found. Equipped with freeze dryers and the brain of a mastermind, this is where Anand experiments with his magic touch – bringing new life to ingredients with his ways in molecular gastronomy.

And his innovative dishes are just a little short of peculiar. That said, we give him credit for letting the average commoner ease into the hardly-normal affair, with his introductory dish being a pickled cherry soda, served in a test-tube thrust into a bucket of ice. A familiar enough flavour for one not to be too taken aback, yet with that extra little something that reminded us that this is nothing close to a visit to our everyday diner.

Next in line – a spiced yoghurt sphere – was also of similar nature.

Then came the surprises – combinations that never occurred to us – that we adored. No one could stop gushing about how the uncooked curry cookie was simply decadent, or how the spicy pork vindaloo had such robust and full-bodied flavour.

So what will Gaggan be remembered for? The answer is straightforward and has been there for all to see. Its mastermind, its mad scientist, its magician, and most of all, its chef. Anand. And no matter his future endeavours, we wish him the best of luck.

After all, it goes without saying, that wherever Anand is, there will be magic.

Top Recommended Fine-Dining Restaurant: Savelberg, Bangkok

Comfort, quality and luxury. Few food establishments can boast to have achieved excellence in these key areas when it comes to the art of fine dining.

Savelberg Bangkok is one such restaurant.

Hank Savelberg has run and supported four Michelin-starred restaurants in Netherlands over the past thirty years, and the Dutch chef has now brought premium cuisine, for the first time ever, to Thailand.

As you step into the French fine-dining concept on Wireless Road in Ploenchit, you find yourself greeted by the modern and vibrant décor, with a theme of orange and white setting an atmosphere of positivity and warmth. Settle in to the sounds of melodious tunes playing in the background, as well as the faint tinkering from the part-open kitchen within your view.

In Savelberg, all guests are provided the opportunity to witness gourmet chefs meticulously preparing their food in the most enticing and professional manner.


The key experience, then, is in the sampling of these luxury food. Ranging from succulent premium beef to the tender white meat of monkfish, prepare to savour well-designed meals that appeal to both your eyes and taste buds. Settle for the recommended set course meals or select your favourites from their full menu. Couple your meal with exquisite French wine, as you pick from a wide selection of Old and New World imports, or allow professional staff to provide recommendations.

Savelberg Bangkok provides not just quality food, but a comfortable and luxurious dining experience for all their customers.



Sivatel, Bangkok

Booked your tickets for a weekend getaway but unsure of where to stay? Or there are too many hotels in Bangkok that you are spoilt for choices? In the district of Patumwan off the amazingly vibrant city, Sivatel Bangkok is the perfect place!

Families can have the ample space in the suites room with the children running around, couples can take a dip in the infinity pool that overlooks the lively streets at night and friends can bask themselves at the spa after a long day of shopping.

If you are too lazy to go out, you can always taste authentic Thai food at the first floor of the hotel! The best thing about the hotel is that they had been running on a green approach in terms of the environment and the hollistic approach towards their guests! That means, an environmental friendly hotel! Yay!

Located about 5 minutes walk away from Phloenchit BTS Skytrain Station, you can get to anywhere of the city with ease! Not only that but you can also reach Central World Plaza and Pratunam Market by foot while you view the famous artefacts in the nearby Suan Pakkard Palace Museum!

Sivatel Bangkok, who had just celebrated its 5th year anniversary, pledge to continue offering outstanding service to their customers together with their team of dedicated staffs. This one of a kind green approach lifestyle hotel is definitely worth to be next on your bucket list!

The Capital, Bangkok

Decadent, mouth-watering food coupled with a cosy, classic décor tastefully remodelled after one of the most iconic American settings of all time.

That is what The Capital by Water Library is.

A rare find in the busy business district of Bangkok, it isn’t a place for just anyone to enter and revel in.

Located in the 3/F Empire Tower, nearby to the Chong Nonsi BTS station, this grill and bar restaurant raises the standards of local restaurants to new heights.

With décor uniquely inspired by the American banks of the early nineteenth century, its stunning, grand interior promises to take your breath away.

The grill and bar restaurant has revamped its menu to incorporate a greater variety of succulent dishes, with Italian-influenced flavours. Prices are marked affordably, without compromising on quality.

Using age-old traditional cooking methods with minimal seasoning to produce original tastes, the Capital displays its dedication towards serving only the best quality food.

The restaurant’s speciality grilled dishes include their spectacular meat grilled on a unique blend of Japanese Binchotan white charcoal and U.S. Hickory wood. This cooking method is executed to achieve the best temperature and finest flavour.

Regardless of any meat used, from the German Simmentaler Rib-Eye to the local organic pork chop, there is a clear emphasis on top-notch produce to satisfy customers.

For those adventurous foodies looking for other must-try dishes, go for the pasta dishes such as the fresh Maine lobster pasta and blue swimmer crab served with homemade tagliolini. They pack a formidable punch, leaving you clambering back for more.

Not forgetting the full bar service, the restaurant proffers an enviable list of wine, beer and signature cocktails carefully crafted to complement the vintage American setting.

Marcel, Bangkok

Craving for Gaellic classics with a few creative twists thrown in? Marcel is the place to go to if you want to have a taste of France. Let your palate enjoy delicacies like mussels and duck confit rilletes. All you have to do is book ahead to enjoy that and the atmosphere of the bistro’s first floor.

There’s also no need to shy away from the high tables near the bar, home to a bartender who can serve up a good Baudelaire (spiced rum, ginger, honey syrup and lemon). Or you could choose from a list of 18 or more delectable wines from France and Italy to accompany your meal.

The perfect item off the menu to start with would be a generous variety of “tapas”. Along with a bowl topped with deep fried potatoes sliced into thin, crispy strands, the well-seasoned beef tartar that comes with it gives your taste buds a spin. And unlike the usual calamari most restaurants serve, Marcel opts to stir-fry them with chorizo and pastis, giving them a light crunch.

Although they don’t have the taste of perfection, Marcel’s appetizers and mains still leaves your stomach satisfied. The goat cheese salad gets a thumbs up and would have gotten full marks if more

walnuts and better greens were added. The lamb short loin is also wonderfully tasty with tender meat, save for the stone-cold carrot puree on our last visit.

One dish that is guaranteed to bring Marcel up to five stars (in our humble opinion) however, is the juicy, plump mussels, served up in a pot with crispy, golden French Fries on the side that is tastefully drizzled with a light mariniere cream sauce packed with flavor.

Their food isn’t the only thing there is to be offered at Marcel’s. The French partner/manager stays a vigilant figure in the bistro and the waiters waste no time in coming to your call. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to Paris at the height of the early 2000s with the electro house soundtrack driving along the atmosphere as you wine and dine, along with the comforting presence of the central bar.

Unlike the grumpy old men that seemed to be the image of Gaellic restaurateurs in the past, Marcel is often bustling with a mix of local and foreigners, most of whom are Francophones. So if there’s a chance you want to speak French with a new friend, Marcel is the place for you to make your acquaintance.