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20 May 2012 Massage, Krabi, Thailand


Brutally frank:

Massage places are all over Ao Nang and prices seem uniform (probably due to intense competition).  A 60 min Thai massage at a spa would cost 350B.  Occasionally, you may find a 60 min Thai massage at 300B.  Other types of massages (60 min oil massage, 60 min coconut oil massage, 60 min foot massage etc) are also available but prices may differ from 350B.  

I tried the 60 min Thai massage at Chaba Massage (Ao Nang Soi 8, same street as Red Ginger Chic Resort) which only charges 200B, presumably because it’s off the main tourist centre/ craziness at Ao Nang beach and also probably because it’s located on Level 1.  Hence, it does not have a visible shop front.

There is a sign out front, on the street, indicating Chaba Massage and you enter by going to the back, passing a tour desk and up the stairs.  It’s all lit and it’s not creepy.

This is not a spa per se (featuring Thai/ exotic/ Asian decoration), just a Spartan, no frills place offering different types of massages eg Thai, oil, foot etc as well as scrubs. 

This place seems reasonably clean. The sheets and the pyjamas you change into smell laundered, which is always a good sign.

You step into an airconditioned room and there are approx 5 mattresses on the floor (no individual rooms, no massage tables with a hole for your face – this isn’t a spa per se, remember?).  They pull the curtain around your mattress and you change into the pyjamasy-thing they provide provide for you.  When done, they pull open the curtain and the massage begins.

I was the only customer then.  I wonder if there had been other patrons, would they have drawn the curtains on your mattress or you get massaged in the open, next to a stranger.  They play soft music though.

I usually request for a male therapist as I like my massages strong. They only have female therapists but she was able to give me a strong massage.  During the massage, other staff walked in and out of the room to use the bathroom but then again, this isn’t a spa and it shouldn’t matter considering the price.

The massage is good and can be painful (like all Thai massages, depending on where your energy is blocked). When you are on your back (stomach up), they place a little (laundered) towel over your eyes to block out the light, which I thought was a nice touch.

In all, this place is good value for money – clean place, good massage, only a few steps away from my hotel. I recommend it.


2012년 5월 20일 마사지

아오낭 전체에 마사지 샵들은 널려있고, 가격은 균일한 듯 하다. (아마 치열한 경쟁 때문인 듯) 스파에서 60분 짜리 태국 마사지는 350 바트 하는데, 종종, 300바트에 60분 짜리 태국 마사지를 찾을 수 있을지도 모른다. 다른 마사지들(60분짜리 오일 마사지, 60분 짜리 코코넛 오일 마사지, 60분 짜리 발 마사지 등)도 있는데, 가격이 350바트는 아닐 수도 있다.

나는 차바 마사지(레드 진저 칙 리조트와 같은 거리에 있는 아낭소이 8번가)에서 60분 짜리 마사지를 해 봤는데,  200바트 밖에 안 들었다. 추측하건데, 아오낭 해변의 정신 없는 관광중심지에서 떨어져 있고,  아마도 2층이어서 길에서 바로 보이는 샵이 아니기 때문인 것 같다. 길가에 차바 마사지라고 표시된 표지판이 있어서, 뒤쪽으로 관광 안내 데스크를 지나, 2층으로 올라가서 들어 간다. 불도 밝아서, 으스스하거나 하지는 않다.

여기 그 자체로 스파는 아니고, (태국적인 요소가 있고, 이국적이고, 아시아적인 장식이 있긴 하지만) 그냥 간소하고 불필요한 요소 없이 다양한 마사지들- 태국 마사지, 오일 마사지, 발 마사지 등과 스크럽을 제공하는 곳이다.

이 곳은 꽤 깨끗해 보인다. 시트와 갈아입는 파자마는 깨끗하게 세탁된 냄새가 나는데, 이런 건 항상 좋은 신호다.

에어컨이 있는 방으로 들어서는데, 5개의 매트리스가 바닥에 놓여있다. (각자의 방이 있는 것이 아니고, 얼굴을 넣는 마사지 테이블이 있는 것도 아니다. 이 자체가 스파는 아니라고 했는데, 기억하는가?) 커튼을 주위로 쳐 주면, 거기서 주는  파자마 같이 생긴 옷으로  갈아 입는다. 그러고 나면, 커튼을 열고 마사지가 시작된다. 그 때 손님은 나 혼자였다. 다른 고객들도 있었더라면, 내 커튼을 잘못 열거나 모르는 사람 옆에서 다 보는 데 마사지를 받았을지 궁금하기도 하다. 음악은 잔잔하게 틀어 줬지만서도…

나는 주로 남자 테라피스트를 요청하는데 내가 강도가 센 마사지를 좋아하기 때문이다. 여자 테라피스트 밖에 없었지만, 강도 있는 마사지를 해 줄 수 있는 분이었다. 마사지 하는 동안 다른 스탭들이 화장실을 쓴다고 들락날락 했는데, 또 다시 말하지만, 스파도 아니고 가격을 고려하면 별 문제가 아니다.

마사지는 좋은데 (다른 태국 마사지들처럼 어디에 기가 막혀 있는냐에 따라서) 아플 수도 있다.  (배를 위로 하고 있을 때) 누워 있을 경우, (깨끗한)  조그마한 타월을 눈 위에 올려 빛을 가려 주는데, 개인적으로 기분 좋은 배려라고 생각했다.

총 평은, 돈도 괜찮은 가격이고, 깨끗한 곳, 마사지도 좋고, 우리 호텔에서 몇 발자국 밖에 안 떨어진 이 곳을 나는 추천한다.

20 May 2012 West Railay


This is quite a pretty beach.  There are chic resorts here.



20 Mai 2012  Ouest de Railay

C’est une jolie plage. Il y a des stations chics ici.


20 May 2012 Boat to Railay, Krabi, Thailand


You can catch Long tail boats from Ao Nang beach to Railay.  There are 2 offices (one each at the ends of the beach) operated by 2 different companies.  I only visited West Railay (supposedly the prettier of the two) but there should be boats to East Railay and other places as well.  One way ticket to West Railay costs 100B.  Return ticket costs 200B.

Brutally frank:

Please don’t expect a wooden/ concrete jetty where you can gingerly step off onto the boat.  The boats are anchored on the beach and you have to wade out (the water can get hip-high) and climb into the boat.  Hold your electronics above head and pray for the best.

When travelling, expect continuous jets of water to spray onto you.  Through there are plastic curtains on the sides of the boat which you can lower to shield yourself from the water, no one does that as it blocks the views of the limestone crags. 

Bring a towel/ poncho/ whatever to shield your electronics.


20 Mai 2012  Bateau jusqu’à Railay

Vous pouvez prendre un bateau à longue queue de la plage d’Ao Nang jusqu’à Railay.  Il y a deux guichets (Aux deux extrémités de la plage) contrôlés par deux entreprises différentes. J’ai seulement visité l’Ouest de Railay (La partie de la péninsule censée être la plus jolie des deux) mais il y a surement des bateaux à direction de l’Est de Railay et d’autres endroits. Un aller-simple en direction de Railay Ouest coûte 100B. Le ticket retour coûte 200B.

Ne vous attendez pas à une jetée en bois ou en béton ou vous pouvez descendre du bateau tout en douceur. Les bateaux sont ancrés à la plage et vous devez patauger (l’eau peut monter jusqu’à la taille) avant de monter dans le bateau.  Maintenez vos appareils électroniques au-dessus de votre tête et priez.

Pendant le trajet, attendez-vous à vous faire éclabousser. Bien qu’il y ait des rideaux en plastique sur les côtés du bateau, que vous pouvez abaisser afin de vous protéger des éclaboussures, personne ne s’en sert car cela bloque la vue des roches calcaires.

Pensez à prendre une serviette/poncho/ou quoique ce soit à même de protéger vos objets électroniques.

20 May 2012 Emerald Pool, Blue Pool and Hot spring Krabi, Thailand


I joined a half-day tour (see Program O below).  It costs 800B.

I called them on their mobile at 10pm the night before and it was all settled within minutes.  Accommodating and straight-forward.

They picked me up from my hotel (how convenient) the next morning at 8.30am and we went on to other hotels to pick up other people who joined.

Brutally frank:

It takes approx 1 hr to drive to Emerald Pool (remember to use the lavatory before boarding your ride).

The entrance fees (if you were to visit the Emerald and Blue Pools on your own) are 200B for a foreign adult and 100B for a foreign child.  In my case the entrance fees for all attractions (including hotspring) are already included in the tour price.

From the entrance of the nature park, you walk 800m (10-15 mins) along a wide, flat jungle path to reach the Emerald Pool.  No lockers, no changing rooms. Come with your swim gear already underneath.  Alternatively, you can be dexterous with your towel like me! Keep an eye on your belongings.

From the Emerald Pool, walk another 600m to come to the Blue Pool.  Initially, from the Emerald Pool, you walk on a raised, wooden path like this:

Then, the wooden path stops and you walk on a narrow dirt path like this, which is muddy and slippery in spots.

No swimming at the Blue Pool.  Nevertheless, the colours at the Blue Pool are amazing and make up for the yucky (for hardcore urbanites like me) dirt track.

The tour allows you approx 50 mins to swim/ explore the area on your own.

Hot spring

From the Emerald Pool, it’s a 15 mins drive to the hot spring.

From the entrance, walk 5-10 mins to reach a footbath.  Walk another 50m to come to the hot spring.

The hot spring is simply a couple of pools in nature with flowing hot spring water.  It is quite small and can get crowded, hence not a lot of personal space and you have to make room as people squeeze past you to get in and out of the pools.

 No lockers, no changing rooms. You change out and step gingerly on the rocks to get into the pools.  It’s a bit of a dilemma: you want your belongings near you so you can keep an eye on them.  But too near to the pools and someone may accidentally kick them and your money and electronics tumble into the pools.

The hot spring water flows into a river which is cool and where you can take a dip to cool off.  That is not recommended though as it is positively disgusting.  I mean, the water is the colour of mud and as there are dead leaves etc floating around.

The hot spring is not as scalding as the onsens in Japan. It feels warm and just right.  For an onsen addict, it was so comfortable and I just completely relaxed.

After I got out of the hot spring, I saw this sign:

Oops! Isn’t fluoride bad for your body? And lead??? I know the amount is miniscule but…..

The tour allows you approx 40 mins to enjoy yourself and then it’s the end of tour and they send you back to your hotel.



Fuentes Termales

Desde la Piscina Esmeralda, a 15 minutos conduciendo están las aguas termales.

Desde la entrada, camina 5-10 minutos y  encontrarás el pediluvio. Camina  otros 50m para llegar a la aguas termales.

Las aguas termales son simplemente un par de piscinas naturales de las cuales fluye agua caliente. Están en un espacio reducido y se llena de gente con facilidad, así que no al no haber mucho sitio estarás un poco apretado y debes dejar pasar a la gente que entra y sale de las piscinas.

No hay casilleros, ni cambiadores. Tienes que cambiarte allí mismo y caminar con cuidado sobre las rocas para poder llegar hasta las piscinas.  Es un poco un dilema: quieres tener tus cosas cerca para vigilarlas. Pero tendrían que estar muy cerca de las piscinas y alguien podría accidentalmente tirarlas y tu dinero y aparatos electrónicos caer en las piscinas.

Las aguas de las fuentes termales desembocan en un río de agua fría donde puedes refrescarte. No es recomendable creo por que es realmente desagradable. Quiero decir, el agua es de color tierra y hay hojas muertas etc flotando en el.

Las aguas termales no están tan hirviendo como las de onsens en Japón. Están calientes y eso es todo. Para un adicto a onsen, es muy

agradable y completamente relajante.

Después de salir de las aguas termales, vi una señal:

Oops! ¿No es el fluoruro malo para el cuerpo? ¿Y el plomo??? Sé que es una cantidad minúscula pero…..

La excursión te ofrece  aprox. 40 min. para que disfrutes paseando y

luego se acaba y te llevan de regreso a tu hotel.


2012년 5월 20일 에메랄드풀, 블루풀 그리고 온천 프로그램

800바트로 반나절 투어에 참가했습니다. (아래 프로그램’O’를 참고하세요)

투어 전날밤 10시에 팀에 연락을 취해 숙박등의 관련사항을 몇분만에 처리했습니다.

다음날 아침 편리하게도 가이드팀에서 호텔로 8시30에 배웅을 나와주셨고 투어에 같이 참가할 관광객분들을 태우러 다른호텔로 이동한지 한시간만에 에메랄드풀에 도착했습니다. (차에 오르기전 화장실을 다녀오시는것 잊지마세요!).

에메랄드풀과 블루풀에 자유여행을 원하시는 해외관광객 성인분의 입장료는 200바트, 어린이는 100바트에요. 저의 경우 온천을 포함한 모든 관광지를 돌아볼 수 있는 입장료가 이미 투어가격에 포함됬었습니다.

자연공원 입구에서 광활하고 울창한 정글을 가로질러 800m(10분-15분)정도 걸으시면 에메랄드풀 에 도착하실 수 있습니다. 라커나 탈의실은 제공되지 않아요, 호텔에서 떠나시기 전 미리 평상복안에 수영복을 입어주세요. 만약 미리 준비를 하지 않으셨다면 저처럼 수건을 이용하셔야 해요! 그리고 항상 각자의 소지품은 분실우려가 있으니 주의하셔야해요!

에메랄드풀에서 600m를 더 걸어가면 블루풀에 도착합니다.  처음 출발하실때 아래 사진의 나무길을 따라 걸으셔야해요, 나무길이 없어질때즈음 아래사진의 흙길을 따라 걸으셔야합니다. 진흙과 미끄러운 구역이 있으니 조심하세요.

본투어 프로그램에는 총 50분의 자유여행 및 수영하실 수 있는 시간이 주어집니다.


에메랄드 수영장에서 부터 온천까지 차로 15분 거리입니다.

입구에서부터, 족욕까지 걸어서 5분에서 10분거리입니다. 50미터를 더 걸으면 온천에 도착합니다.

온천은 자연 안에 있는 더운 물이 쏫아져 나오는 여러 개의 간단한 풀들 입니다. 이것은 약간 작고 아주 북적일 수 있어서 개인적인 공간이 별로 없고 풀에 들어가고 나올 때에는 다른사람을 위하여 자리를 비켜주어야 합니다.

물품 보관함과 탈의실은 없습니다. 옷을 갈아입고 조심히 돌을 밟고 풀로 들어 오실 수 있습니다. 이것이 약간의 딜레마입니다 : 당신은 소지품을 당신과 가까운 곳에 두고 지켜보고 싶을 것입니다. 그러나 풀과 너무 가깝게 두면 다른 사람이 뜻하지 않게 당신의 소지품, 돈 그리고 전자제품을 차서 풀로 떨어뜨릴 수 있습니다.

온천 물은 멋잇고 당신이 열을 식히러 잠깐 수영할 수 있는 강으로 흘러들어 갑니다. 강에서 수영하는 것은 추천하고 싶지 않습니다 왜냐하면 이것은 아주 역겹습니다. 무슨말인가 하면, 물은 흙색이고 죽은 나뭇잎들과 다른 것들이 물 위를 떠다닙니다.

온천은 일본의 온천탕보다 뜨겁지 않습니다. 이것은 따뜻하고 딱 적당합니다. 일본 온천에 많이 가시는 분들에게는, 이 온천은 아주 편안하고 저는 완벽한 휴식을 취했습니다.

온천에서 나왔을때에, 나는 이 표지판을 보았습니다:

어! 불소가 몸에 나쁜것 아니였나요? 그리고 납도요??? 극소의 양이라는 것은 알지만…..

투어는 당신을 40분 정도 즐길 수 있게 해주고 이것이 투어의 끝이고 당신을 호텔로 돌려 보내드립니다.












19-20 May 2012 Red Ginger Chic Hotel


               This is a pretty hotel located on a quiet but self-sufficient street (Moo 3 Aonang Soi 8). This street has everything which makes staying at Red Ginger really convenient.  Besides Red Ginger, there are also other chic-looking hotels along the same street.  Mercure is also on the same street but is too far in, so it’s not recommended.  In terms of creature comforts, there are restaurants serving Thai and Western cuisine, tour desks, a bar, mini-marts, spas, and Thai massage places.  Right opposite Red Ginger is an ATM which accepts PLUS and Cirrus ATM cards.  What else can you ask for?

Red Ginger is situated between 2 beaches.  Walk out from Moo 3 to the main road (Nopparat Thara Road), if you turn left, you come to Ao Nang beach and where the shops/ madness are.   Turn right, you come to the quieter Nopparat Thara Beach.  To walk from Moo 3 to Ao Nang beach takes 5 mins if you walk fast like me; 10 mins if you stroll.  To walk from Moo 3 to Nopparat Thara Beach takes 3 mins.  Either way you turn, you immediately see more resorts, restaurants, “Tourist Information” signs which are not official tourist bureaus but rather commercial places where you can book tours.

The rooms feature an open bathroom layout. Toiletries: include shampoo, bath gel, Q-tips, sewing kit, soap, comb.  Hairdryer is available in room.  No bath tub; only shower. Safety box, kettle, coffee, tea.

A nice touch is that they provide 2 umbrellas, mats as well as robes for your trips to the beach.  How thoughtful.  They also provide beach towels by the pool which you can take to the beach.  Obviously, you have to bring them back.

Remember to bring your travel adapter as the power sockets only accept Thai plugs.

The TV has many channels – Thai, Korean, Taiwanese, German, Dutch, HBO etc.

The breakfast includes fruit, fruit salad and yoghurt, salad, bread basket, cereal, fruit juices.  It also includes (free) hot dishes such as Western breakfast (eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, potatoes, tomato), fried rice, fried noodles which they prepare upon your order.  You are not limited to one hot dish per morning – you can order all in one sitting.

Free Wifi in the lobby.  There are also 2 computers with internet available.  You might be able to receive the free wifi from your room depending on where your room is.

Very friendly and helpful staff.

There is a gym.

Brutally frank:

Very pretty hotel. The location is perfect – self-sufficient, quiet street yet extremely close to all the madness and tourist activity.  The breakfast is extremely generous. 

I knew I made the right choice when I made the booking online.  The certainty was echoed when the bus shuttle from the airport dropped me off and the other passengers started repeating “Red Ginger, Red Ginger”, which means the hotel was impressive enough to pique other people’s interest. 

When checking in, they immediately bring you a cold welcome drink and a cold towel.  Feels great after the sun.  Also, they left 3 pieces of coconut candy in my room on Day 1.  Not sure if that was meant to welcome me or because they left a note in my room saying they were going to carry on pest control maintenance in 2 days and the candy was an apology for the inconvenience.

There was a roach and one other unidentified insect in my room on Day 2 though.

I used my room’s phone to call locally and book my Emerald Pool tour (30B per minute).  In retrospect, perhaps it would have been cheaper to call using my mobile phone on auto-roam.



Tämä on kaunis hotelli, joka sijaitsee hiljaisella, mutta omavaraisella kadulla (Moo 3 Aonang Soi 8). Tällä kadulla on kaikki, mikä tekee Red Gingerillä majoittumisesta todella kätevää. Red Gingerin lisäksi samalla kadulla sijaitsee myös muita tyylikkäitä hotelleja. Mercure sijaitsee myös samalla kadulla, mutta se on liian pitkällä, joten sitä ei suositella. Mitä elämän mukavuuksiin tulee, sieltä löytyy ravintoloita, jotka tarjoavat thaimaalaista ja länsimaista ruokaa, retkivarauspisteitä, baari, lähikauppoja, kylpylöitä ja thaimaalaisia hierontapaikkoja. Red Gingeriä vastapäätä sijaitsee pankkiautomaatti, joka hyväksyy PLUS ja Cirrus automaattikorttit. Mitä muuta voit toivoa?

Red Ginger sijaitsee kahden rannan välissä. Kävele ulos Moo 3:sta päätielle (Nopparant Thara Road), jos käännyt vasemmalle, saavut Ao Nang rannalle ja sinne missä kaupat ja hulina ovat. Käänny oikealle ja saavut hiljaisemmalle Nopparant Thara rannalle. Kävelymatka Moo 3:lta Ao Nang rannalle kestää 5 minuuttia. Kävyly Nang rannalle kestää 5 min, jos kävelet nopeasti, niin kuin minä, 10 min, jos kuljeskelet. Kävely Moo 3:sta Nopparat rannalle kestää 3 min. Mihin tahansa suuntaan käännytkin näet heti lisää kohteita, ravintoloita, ”Turisti informaatio” opasteita, jotka eivät ole virallisia turistitoimistoja, ennemmin melko kaupallisia paikkoja, joista voit varata matkoja.

Huoneissa on avoin kylpyhuone pohjaratkaisu. Hygieniatuotteet sisältävät shampoon, suihkugeelin, vanupuikkoja, ompelutarvikesetin, saippuan ja kamman. Huoneessa on hiustenkuivaaja. Ei kylpyammeita; ainoastaan suihku. Tallelokero, vedenkeitin, kahvi, tee.

Kiva lisä oli heidän tarjoamat 2 sateenvarjoa, matot sekä kylpytakit matkoille rannalle. Miten huomaavaista. He tarjoavat myös uima-altaalla rantapyyhkeet, jotka voit ottaa rannalle. Tietenkin, sinun täytyy tuoda ne takaisin.

Muista ottaa mukaan sinun matka-adapteri, koska pistorasioihin käy ainoastaan Thaimaalaiset pistokkeet.

TV:stä löytyy monta eri kanavaa – thaimaalainen, korealainen, taiwanilainen, saksalainen, hollantilainen, HBO jne.

Aamiainen sisältää hedelmiä, hedelmäsalaattia ja jogurttia, salaattia, leipäkorin, muroja, hedelmämehuja. Se sisältää myös (ilmaisia) lämpimiä ruokia, kuten länsimainen aamiainen (munia, kinkkua, pekonia, makkaraa, perunaa, tomaattia), paistettua riisiä, paistettuja nuudeleita, jotka valmistetaan tilauksestasi. Et ole rajoitettu samaan vain yhtä kuumaa ruokalajia per aamu – voit tilata kaikki yhdeltä istumalta.

Aulassa on ilmainen Wifi.  Sieltä löytyy myös kaksi tietokonetta, joissa on Internet- yhteys. Voit saada ilmaisen Wifi:n myös huoneeseesi, riippuen huoneen sijainnista.

Erittäin ystävällinen ja avulias henkilökunta.

Siellä on kuntosali.

Erittäin kaunis hotelli. Sijainti on täydellinen – itseriittoinen, hiljainen tie, kuitenkin erittäin lähellä kaikkia hulinaa ja turistiaktiviteetteja. Aamiainen oli erittäin antelias.

Tiesin tekeväni oikean ratkaisin kun tein online-varauksen.  Varmuuteni vahvistui kun bussikuljetus lentokentältä toi minut perille ja toiset matkustajat alkoivat toistaa “Red Ginger, Red Ginger”, joka tarkoittaa että hotelli oli niin vaikuttava, että se herätti muiden ihmisten huomion.

Kun kirjaudut sisään, he tuovat sinulle saman tien kylmän tervetuliaisjuoman ja kylmän pyyhkeen.  Tuntuu hyvältä auringon jälkeen.  He jättivät myös 3 kappaletta kookoskaramelleja huoneeseeni 1. päivänä.  En ole varma olivatko ne tarkoitettu toivottamaan minut tervetulleeksi vai koska he jättivät viestin huoneeseeni kertoakseen, että he suorittavat tuholaistorjuntahuoltoa 2 päivän ajan ja karamellit oli tarkoitettu anteeksi pyynnöksi haitasta.

Huoneessani oli kuitenkin torakka ja toinen tunnistamaton hyönteinen 2. päivänä.

Käytin huoneeni puhelinta paikalliseen puheluun varatakseni Emerald Pool kiertomatkan (30B per minuutti).  Jälkeenpäin ajateltuna, olisi ehkä ollut halvempaa soittaa matkapuhelimellani auto-raom:lla.