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Friday, 02 September, 2016 15:56

Gui Hua Lou, Shangri-la Pudong, Shanghai


Voted one of the Top 50 Restaurants in China” by Food & Wine China magazine and one of “Shanghai’s Best Restaurants” by Shanghai Tatler magazine for two consecutive years, Gui Hua Lou Chinese restaurant at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai serves gourmet Huaiyang, Shanghainese and Sichuanese cuisines.

It is well-known for its delectable Shanghai styled steamed juicy buns, its flavourful and beautifully presented sautéed chicken with red peppers and spices.

Gui Hua Lou is helmed by Chef Sam Gao, the hotel’s Executive Chinese Chef, who has nearly 30 years of Huaiyangnese culinary experience.

Chef Gao is fond of blending culinary influences with his own recipes and he takes great pleasure in creating dishes with the new ingredients he discovers.  His expertise lies in Huaiyangnese and Cantonese style cuisines.

Interesting dishes created by him include The sautéed egg white with hairy crab meat and roe. This dish is truly a test of a chef’s skill, as the roe has to remain supple even after frying and the egg whites have to maintain a soufflé-like exterior wrapping the hairy crab meat in one omelet. Recently, Chef Gao was also voted one of the “Top 50 Chefs in China” by Food & Wine China magazine.

Besides the great food by the award winning chef, you will also get to enjoy panoramic views of the scenic Huangpu River and the historical Bund strip while dining in chic environment incorporating traditional Chinese elements with a contemporary twist. The dominant colour palette is taken from the traditional Chinese red, blended with contemporary black and white, offset with a touch of silvery grey and golden yellow. In the general dining area, the main feature is an eye-catching row of red acrylic dragon scales that hang from the ceiling and double up as lamps.

Great food and nice ambience are the best combinations for a perfect dinner with guests you want to impress.


‘桂花楼’是中国周刊《美食与美酒》 票选为中国排名前50名的餐厅以及连续两年入围上海周刊《尚流TATLER》‘上海最佳餐厅’之一的中餐厅。




炒鸡蛋白与大闸蟹肉和鱼子酱是他所创造的有趣料理之一。这道菜真的需要考验一位厨师的技能,因为鱼子酱经过油炸后得留有水嫩的口感,蛋白得保持着苏芙蕾样的外观,包着大闸蟹肉。近期,高主厨也被中国周刊《美食与美酒》 票选为中国排名前50名的厨师。




‘桂花樓’是中國周刊《美食與美酒》 票選為中國排名前50名的餐廳以及連續兩年入圍上海周刊《尚流TATLER》‘上海最佳餐廳’之一的中餐廳。




炒雞蛋白與大閘蟹肉和魚子醬是他所創造的有趣料理之一。這道菜真的需要考驗一位廚師的技能,因為魚子醬經過油炸後得留有水嫩的口感,蛋白得保持著蘇芙蕾樣的外觀,包著大閘蟹肉。近期,高主廚也被中國周刊《美食與美酒》 票選為中國排名前50名的廚師。



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