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Monday, 08 February, 2016 15:27

Imperial Court, MGM Macau, Macau


Walking into MGM MACAU’s signature Chinese restaurant, Imperial Court, from the magnificent VIP entrance hall or the lively casino floor, guests are transported into a world where the art of Chinese cooking takes centre stage, surrounded by distinctive architecture, authentic Chinese interiors and the highest standards of service.

Famed consulting chef Chow Chung partnered with experienced chef Louie Wong have created an exquisite menu of Cantonese favourites as well as seasonal specialties from other parts of China that locals and foreigners alike have come to know and love. Hailed throughout the region, Chef Chow was recently crowned “Best Chef in Hong Kong” by a popular Japanese television show and continues to create authentic Chinese masterpieces, this time lending his talents to the menu at Imperial Court.

Choosing the components of a meal becomes an art for Chef Chow Chung and the Executive Sous Chef of Chinese Cuisine, Louie Wong, as every dish on the menu is refined and sophisticated while at its heart remaining true to the time-honoured traditions and heritage of Chinese cooking.

Appetiser Combination

Steamed crab roe dumpling

Baked barbecued US black pork bun

Barbecued duck liver and pork skewer

Sweet and done in the most authentic Chinese way

Sauteed prawn with chilli and shallot

I loved the punchy heat.

Simmered Australian baby spinach with wolfberry and fresh lily bulb

I loved this one.  It was light and fragrant.  The soft baby spinach contrasted with the sweetness of the wolfberry and the crunchiness of the lily bulb, and firmly supported by the meaty stock.

Dan Dan noodle with crab roe

Delicious smooth noodles complemented with a creamy soup

Sweetened almond cream with egg white

Silky in texture and lightly sweet, what’s not to like?

Sweetened black sesame rolls

Baked custard puff pastries with coconut juice

A journey for the senses, this dining experience is not just about food. Visually, the hallmark of the restaurant stands in the centre of the room, an imposing stone sculpture from Nanjing featuring Chinese dragons wrapped around a giant column. This work of art is complemented by installations along several of the walls, down which water flows softly over textured cream-coloured stone.

Diners feast on sumptuous dishes made from the freshest ingredients in the comfort of high-backed chairs in cream with bright pink, purple, green or blue Chinese silk draped down the back. The overall effect is an atmosphere that marries understated tones with the bold qualities of typical Chinese architecture and the universally recognised, mouth-watering tastes of traditional Chinese cooking.

Imperial Court is the perfect setting for a private affair, to entertain important guests or to enjoy a family gathering. High doors with opaque glass detailing separate the six private rooms on the periphery of the restaurant from the inviting main area. Some of the rooms have their own flat-screen televisions, as well as personal lounge areas for pre-dinner drinks or after-dinner tea and conversation.

The restaurant blends traditional, fresh ingredients with the trademarks of Chinese cooking philosophy. For work, for play, for everything in between, Imperial Court is a signature restaurant like no other, creating exquisite dishes by royal decree.


从豪华的VIP大堂或者热闹的赌场楼层走进澳门美高梅的招牌中餐厅Imperial Court,客人们被送进了一个以中餐为中心舞台,围绕着真宗中式室内设计风格的独特建筑,享受着最高等级的用餐服务。

著名顾问厨师Chow Chung携手经验丰富的厨师Louie Wong, 创造了一份以粤菜为主,同时提供国内外食客了解和喜爱的中国各地时令特色菜的精美菜单。周主厨最近被日本热门电视节目誉为“ 香港神厨”之称,而他也在继续创作具有传统中式风味的菜式。而这一次,周主厨将他的才能淋漓尽致的发挥在了Imperial Court的这份菜单上。


















坐在背后披着亮粉色,亮紫色,亮绿色和亮蓝色丝绸的奶白色高背座椅上,食客们品尝着选用最新鲜食材烹煮的华丽菜色。低调的主色调搭配宏伟的中式建筑,加上国际认可,让人口水直流的传统中式烹饪, 正是这间餐厅所要表达的整体效果。

Imperial Court 是举行私人活动,接待贵宾和家庭聚会的绝佳场所。高大的挡光玻璃从餐厅的大厅分隔出六个单间。 许多房间都配有平面电视和独立的休息区,供客人们餐前小酌或餐后茶点和谈话。

传统,新鲜的食材混搭着中式烹饪哲学,正是这家餐厅的招牌。无论是工作还是娱乐,Imperial Court 所创作的具有皇室风范的精美菜色,绝对是食客们独一无二的绝佳选择。

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