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Archive for January, 2012

Selfish Gene Café, Singapore

40 craig road
singapore 089678
p: +65 6423 1324
f: +65 6423 1274
hours: 10am to 6pm. closed on tue


At the time of writing, this café is only around one month old.


It is clean and bright and on a Sunday afternoon, not too crowded.


The atmosphere is friendly and the décor suitably young and laid-back, but not cutesy.


It is a great place to spend an afternoon with a cuppa and reading magazines (which are provided).


This newcomer totally trumps The Plain just a few doors away, which was dark, messy, disorganised and a little pushy.

FLOR Pâtisserie, Duxton Hill, Singapore


FLOR Pâtisserie

#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089588

Tel: 6223 8628


After lunch at the Café L’Operetta, you can take a short walk over to FLOR Pâtisserie, a Japanese-styled patisserie serving authentic Japanese inspired French pastry.  You can choose to dine in (indoors in air-conditioned environment or al fresco, right by the road) or to take out.

The cakes do not come cheap, at approx S$6 per slice.

It seems quite popular though, with quite a lot of Singaporeans passing through the shop, dining in or taking out.


FLOR Pâtisserie (フロル・パティスリー)

#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089588 (#01-01、ダクストン・ヒル、シンガポール 089588)

電話番号: 6223 8628


Café L’Operetta(カフェ・ロペレッタ)でランチを済ませた後、少し歩けばFLOR Pâtisserie(フロル・パティスリー)に着きます。そこは和風スタイルのパティスリーで、和風テイストの本物のフランス菓子を提供しています。お店で食べることもお持ち帰りすることもできます。お店で食べるなら、エアコンの効いた店内か、道沿いの屋外で食べられます。



Café L’Operetta, Duxton Hill, Singapore


Head Chef: Takashi Okuno


Berjaya Hotel 83 Duxton Road

Tel +65 6224 4298 (call for lunch and dinner timings)

Closed on Mondays


I went on a Sunday for lunch. It was very, very quiet—–a huge plus point for me.

I ordered Bavette Steak (aka Flank Steak) which comes with fries and grilled asparagus.  Entrees are also served with bread and olive oil.

With a Japanese head chef in charge (and the Japanese culture’s demand for high quality in very aspects), the steak did not disappoint.  It was just impeccable.  It had just the right amount fat and tenderness. Though the waiter had neglected to ask me how I would like my steak done, Head Chef Takashi Okuno did a most excellent job and grilled it just right.  I also appreciated that the fries were neatly stacked in a criss-cross manner rather than the straight-forward messy pile of fries.  The presentation, in all, was neat, simple and effective.

What could have been better was the service – the bread and olive oil took a very long time to come. The bread quality could be better.  The cutlery could be replaced immediately after the tables were cleared – it just looks better and more professional.

Nevertheless, the quality of the cut and its expert handling more than made up for lagging service.  At only S$26++, I consider this excellent value for money.  I will definitely return.  And the place is very, very quiet.



Café L’Operetta(カフェ・ロペレッタ)

料理長: 奥野隆史


Berjaya Hotel 83 Duxton Road (ベルジャヤ・ホテル  83ダクストン・ロード)

電話番号+65 6224 4298 (ランチとディナーの営業時間はお電話でお問い合わせください)








20120114 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

This street stretches from Geylang Serai (the Muslim enclave in Singapore) to Katong (one of the  yuppie/ good food enclaves in Singapore).  Predictably, there are more muslim shops towards the Geylang Serai end of the street and more yuppie shops towards Katong eg Awfuly Chocolate and Everything with Fries.

Along the street, there are many Vietnamese restaurants.  Come night, there are Vietnamese ladies in tight, short dresses sitting outside bars and smiling at you.

There are also budget hotels, a hostel, muay thai gym.

At the mid-point of Joo Chiat Road, at the junction of Joo  Chiat Road and Koon Seng Road, there is a row of colourful, Peranankan houses.

If you walk past Katong, you come to Marine Parade and further on, to the beach (also known as East Coast Park or ECP).  The beach is unremarkable and dirty, like all beaches in Singapore.  I guess the what’s good about this beach is that you can rent a bicycle and cycle all the way to the airport (or further still, to Changi Beach).  The distance on the bicycle track to Changi Beach is approx 12km.  Alternatively, you can cycle in the other direction and end up at Marina Barrage.

To stroll from Geyland Serai to the beach may take 25-30 mins.