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Top Mid-range Hotel Singapore: Hotel G


The name Hotel G might sound familiar to some, and that’s because they have hotels in many different locations, including San Francisco, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, with more slated to open in 2017. Hotel G Singapore is conveniently located at Middle Road with 308 rooms categorized into Good, Great and Greater.  I was lucky enough to stay a night in one of the Great rooms and it was a fantastic experience.

Step inside the reception area of Hotel G and be wowed by the prompt service and smooth check-in!  For the weary traveller, there are plenty of seats around, including a huge wraparound sofa to lounge around while waiting for your turn to check in. At the same time, for the shopper eager to show their support for the Hotel G brand, they could also take a look at the Hotel G branded merchandise at the side, ranging from t-shirts and caps all the way to bathrobes.

Likewise, you need not worry about complicated check-in procedures. Just produce your name card and check-in would be done, quickly and efficiently! Now that’s good service.

The room was smaller than I’d expected, but travellers need not worry. I was impressed by how the designers utilized the space and layout, allowing luggage to be stowed in a nook under the bed to avoid clutter.

Each room has dreamcatchers hung above the bed, with different designs for the three room types. It was nice to watch the patterns dance across the ceiling as the feathers fluttered around. I was told that you could have a good night’s sleep with pleasant dreams. I slept very well that night!

I did some exploring. The workplace had a big corkboard attached to the wall with information pinned onto it. I particularly liked that there was an FAQ-esque info sheet that informed guests of the checkout time, breakfast timing and other useful things to note.

For foreign travellers, there’s a handy smartphone that allows you to make calls and comes with guides and maps so that navigation around the city is easier. There’s also free unlimited WiFi within the hotel, which I tested by uploading a whole bunch of Instagram stories — the network is actually pretty fast and reliable. Awesome for all your Twitter and Facebook updates too!

The bathroom contains a small amenities kit with body soap, shampoo and conditioner provided by Australian brand METIS.  Great for ‘freshening up after a long day. My only tiny gripe was that toothbrushes weren’t provided, something that the hotel might want to include in the future.

Apart from that, there was a safe to keep your valuables, a hairdryer, kettle and television. I was pleased with the inclusion of an ice bucket . Definitely a nice touch since there are ice machines available on each floor to make sure you have ice-cool drinks throughout your stay.

For the sporty type, don’t fret! Though there’s no pool for a quick dip, there’s a small gym located at the third floor and it is pretty Instagrammable too. Work out with treadmills, cycling machines, and a weight machine along with dumbbells. There’s a punching bag, as well as a speed bag in the corner of the gym. What a well-equipped gym!

If you are feeling peckish and adventurous, Hotel G is a short hop away from food and entertainment as it is conveniently located between Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut.

However, if you are feeling a little lazy, there are two restaurants right under the hotel: Ginett and 25 Degrees Burger.

Early birds can feast on a delicious buffet breakfast provided by Ginett. I went with an empty stomach the next morning and was immensely satisfied. There were 4 stations: hot food station, live egg station, pastry station, as well as drinks, cold cuts and cheeses.

I was most impressed with the egg station. You could have your omelette freshly made by a chef! My omelette was stuffed with mushrooms and ham. It was delicious, fluffy and savory. Yum!

Dessert and pastry fans, rejoice. The pastry section had a good selection with croissants, pain au chocolate and other baked goods on display. If you’re a cereal fan, fret not, for there is a wide range of cereals and milk available too to tickle your taste buds.

Hotel G has everything the modern traveller needs: conveniently located in the city, comfortable rooms, delicious buffet breakfast and most of all, comfortable rooms. I would surely come back again!


호텔 G는 샌프란시스코, 방콕, 홍콩,선전을 포함해 많은 지역에 분포해 있고, 더 많은 호텔이 2017년에 개관할 예정이다. 그렇기 때문에 호텔 G는 많은 사람들에게 친숙하게 다가갈 수 있다. 호텔 G 싱가포르는 Middle Road에  편리하게 위치해 있으며308개의 방을 보유 하였고,  방 종류는 Good, Great, Greater로 분류 된다. 나는 운이 좋게도 하룻밤을 Great 방에서 지낼 수 있었고 그것은 결코 잊을 수 없는 경험이었다.

호텔 G의 리셉션에 들어가자마자 즉각석인 서비스와 빠른 체크인으로 감탄했다. 지친 여행객들을 위해, 라운지에서 체크인을 기다리는 동안 쉴 수 있는 푹신하고 넒은 소파와 많은 의자들이 비치되어 있었다. 옆쪽에는 티셔츠와 모자 부터 목욕용 가운까지 다양한 호텔 G 브랜드의 상품들이 비치되어 있어 쇼핑을 좋아하는 여행객들은 호텔 G 브랜드의 상품을 엿볼 수 있었다.

또한, 복잡한 체크인 절차에 대한 걱정을 할 필요가 없다. 명함만 제시하면 체크인은 빠르고, 효율적으로 완료된다. 아주 만족스러운 서비스를 경험 할 수 있었다.

아름다운 벽지는 장식을 더욱 빛나게 하였고, 다른 호텔처럼 격식있는 분위기가 아니라 좀 더 생동감 있는 분위기 였다.  복도의 전등을 약간 어둡게 하고, 각 방의 문위의 전등을 밝혀 방문을 강조한것은 기발한 아이디어인것 같다.

방은 내가 기대했던 것보다 작았지만, 여행객에게는 문제가 되지 않을 것 같다.어수선함을 피하기 위해 침대 밑에 가방을 보관할 수 있도록 한것을 보며, 이 호텔 디자이너들의 공간과 레이아웃 활용에 감탄하였다.

각 방의 침대 위에는 3개의 방 종류 별로 다른 디자인의 드림캐쳐가 걸려 있었다. 드림캐쳐의 날개가 벽 위에서 흔들리며 춤을 추듯 패턴을 만드는 것은 너무나 보기 좋았다. 덕분에 좋은 꿈을 꾸며 숙면을 취할 수 있다고 들었는데, 그래서 그런지 그날 밤 나는 아주 편안하게 잘 수 있었다.

호텔 방의 책상위에는 다양한 정보가 꽂혀 있는 큰 크로크 판이 벽에 붙어 있었다.  특히 체크 아웃 시간과 아침 시간 그리고 다른 유용한 정보들을 손님들에게 알려주는 FAQ(자주 묻는 질문) 가 있어 편리했다.

전화, 지도, 그리고 가이드를 이용할 수 있는 유용한 스마트 폰이 있어 외국 여행객들은 쉽게 도시주변의 위치를 찾을 수 있다. 호텔 안에는 무료 와이파이가 있어 테스트 할겸 많은 스토리를 인스타에 올렸는데 인터넷이 굉장히 빠르고 신뢰할 수 있었다. 트위터와 페이스북 업데이트도 굉장히 빨랐다.

샤워실에는 호주 브랜드인 METIS 의 바디 워시, 샴푸, 컨디셔너가 들어있는 작은 키트가 있었다. 긴 하루 뒤에 상쾌함을 느낄 수 있어 좋았다. 나의 작은 불만은 칫솔이 제공되지 않은 것이다. 호텔이 나중에라도 칫솔을 제공 할 수 있다면 더욱 좋을 것 같다.

그것 외에, 귀중품을 보관할 수 있는 금고, 헤어 드라이기, 주전자, 그리고 TV가 있었다. 얼음 통도 있어서 기뻤다. 물론, 아이스 자판기가 각 층에 비치되어 있어 호텔에서 숙박하는 동안 시원한 음료를 즐길 수 있어 아주 좋았다.

스포츠를 좋아하는 사람들도 걱정할 필요가 없다. 수영장은 없지만 삼층에 작은 체육관은 꽤 인스타그래머블(SNS에 공유하고 싶은 정보) 하다. 러닝 머신, 싸이클,아령과 같은 웨이트 기구가 있고, 샌드백과, 스피드백이 체육관 코너에 있다. 이정도면 아주 괜찮은 체육관인 것 같다.

약간 출출하고, 모험이 하고 싶은 경우, 호텔 G는 부기스와 도비곳 사이에 편리하게 위치해 있어 음식점과 오락거리들을 가까이서 즐길 수 있다.

그러나 그것도 번거롭다면, Ginett과 25 Degrees Burger 라는 두개의 식당이 호텔 아래층 오른쪽에 위치해 있다.

아침에 일찍일어나면 Ginnet에서 제공하는 맛있는 아침 뷔페를 맘껏 먹을 수 있다. 다음날 아침에 공복으로 식당에게 가서 아주 배불리 만족스럽게 먹었다. 식당에는 4개의 음식 코너가 있는데 메인요리, 즉석 계란 요리, 디저트와 음료, 샌드위치, 그리고 치즈등이 비치되어 있다.

나는 계란 코너에 아주 만족스러웠다. 요리사의 즉석 오믈렛을 즐길 수 있다. 나는 버섯과, 햄을 오물렛에 넣었는데 아주 맛있고 부드러웠다.

디저트와 페이스트리의 팬이라면 기뻐할 것이다. 페이스트리 코너는 크루아상, 뺑 오 쇼콜라, 그리고 다른 베이크 음식들이 진열되어 있다. 씨리얼 팬이라면 걱정할 필요 없다. 미각을 자극하는 아주 다앙한 시리얼과 우유가 제공된다.

호텔 G는 도시에 위치하여 편리하고, 맛있는 아침 뷔페를 즐길 수 있고, 무엇보다도 편안한 룸은 현대의 여행객들이 필요로 하는 모든 것을 갖추었다고 볼 수 있다. 반드시 꼭 다시 묵고 싶은 호텔이다!









针对于外国旅客,这里有一个简便的智能手机可供你拨打电话,并配有旅游指南和地图,帮助旅客更轻易地在城市里导航。酒店内还有免费的无限网络,经我以上传一大串的Instagram即时视频来测试 – 证明网络真的非常快速和可靠。对于你所有的Twitter和Facebook更新,它也非常的棒!




如果您饿了并想进行一番探索,G酒店距离餐饮和娱乐场所都非常靠近,因为其刚好坐落于武吉士(Bugis)和多美歌(Dhoby Ghaut)之间。

然而,如果你懒惰,酒店楼下就有两家餐厅:Ginett和25 摄氏度汉堡。




G酒店拥有现代旅客所需的一切:优越的地理位置,美味的自助早餐以及最重要的 — 舒适的房间。我一定会再回来!









針對於外國旅客,這裡有一個簡便的智能手機可供你撥打電話,並配有旅遊指南和地圖,幫助旅客更輕易地在城市裡導航。酒店內還有免費的無限網絡,經我以上傳一大串的Instagram的即時視頻來測試 – 證明網絡真的非常快速和可靠對於你所有的微博和Facebook的更新,它也非常的棒!









摹酒店擁有現代旅客所需的一切:優越的地理位置,美味的自助早餐以及最重要的 – 舒適的房間我一定會再回來!

Top Recommended Cafe Johor Bahru: Union Fashion Bar Pelangi


Some experiences in life stay with you forever. One such experience for me was the day I met Chef Yap. He has carved a special place for himself in the culinary world.

He started his career in 1998 with Pokka Japan Corporation’s patisserie. Later he joined Bakerzin and then the Boga group, of Indonesian heritage, which has several popular brands under its belt. Some of those are Bakerzin, Boga Catering, Pepper Lunch, Ten Ten etc. Chef Yap was the group’s Executive Chef (R&D) just before he decided to head back home in 2015, where he launched his own brand “Union Fashion Bar”.

It was at Union Fashion Bar’s Garden in Taman Pelangi where we met. Since 2015, UFB has grown from one to three outlets – one at Taman Pelangi, the other at Inderapura (Kulai) and the third one at Taman Sutera. Apart from a Cheese U Bistro in Kluang, he is soon coming up with a new outlet of UFB there.

UFBs boast of their independent style statement. Using the word “fashion” in a restaurant’s name itself describes how creative and innovative Chef Yap is. He has remodelled his outlets after the restaurants in malls of Jakarta where Anak Johor Yap has worked for thirteen years. You can expect to be served lunch, tea, supper and dinner at UFBs.

Over a bowl of UFB’s Papachos, we warmed up. The Papachos are the plain old papadums with a tangy, sweet and saucy twist. Served with diced tomatoes the crispy Papachos are a sure shot crowd pleaser. It’s no surprise. After all it comes from the Executive Chef of Boga Group.

The next thing I had were the deep fried Pork Bone Noodles. They were pretty decent but the broth and sambal chilli just took my breath away. I wanted to keep ordering them again and again. The milky broth, which was made by boiling pork bones, had a natural porky sweetness to it and a smooth thick texture owing to the melted collagen.

I am planning to suggest them to bottle their classic sweet and savoury sambal chilli. The chilli flakes and fried flakes of shrimp in it give it a crackling spicy body. One just craves for that explosion in your mouth.

Next up was the Frozen Cheese Cake Pop. They make all cheese cake ice-creams in house. And that too it in several different flavours like plain, chocolate, spicy orange and coffee. The flavours are then given a coating of chocolate and there are a wide range of toppings to choose from such as cranberry, marshmallow, Oreo crumbles, bacon etc.

After meeting Chef Yap I was left with a sweet taste in my mouth, quite literally.

Here is a quick look at the Menu and their prices.

Papachos  ~ RM10.90++

Deep Fried Pork Bone Noodles ~ RM18.90++

Frozen Cheese Cake Pop ~ RM18.90++ to RM20.90++



他的事业在1998年开始与Pokka Japan Corporation的糕点铺。后来又顺序加入了贝可津(Bakerzin) 和富有印度尼西亚风味即拥有好些知名品牌如Bakerzin, Boga Catering, Pepper Lunch, Ten Ten等等的博加集团 (Boga group) 。叶师傅在2015反回国前是博加集团的行政总厨负责研究与开发。回国后,他创立了自己的品牌 “Union Fashion Bar” (UFB)。

我们是在坐落于新山柏林花园的Union Fashion Bar的会面的。从2015年,UFB已由一间发展至三间分行,一间坐落于新山柏林花园,第二间坐落于柔佛古来优美城以及坐落于士姑来Taman Sutera的第三间分行。在居銮除了Cheese U Bistro外,他也将再开设另一间UFB。

UFB宣扬它们独立风格的宣言。以品牌字眼中的“时尚” (fashion) 理念来陈述叶师傅的创意与创新。他的分店设计改装于他在印度尼西亚工作了十三年的餐馆。在UFB,你可享用午餐,茶点,晚餐及宵夜。




下一道是冷冻起司蛋糕。所有的起司蛋糕都是店里自制的, 有几种不同的口味如原味,巧克力,陈皮与咖啡。这些不同口味的蛋糕淋上巧克力再撒上多种选择的蔓越莓,棉花糖,Oreo碎,培根等等。



Papachos  ~ RM10.90++

Deep Fried Pork Bone Noodles  (香炸排骨面)~ RM18.90++

Frozen Cheese Cake Pop (冷冻起司蛋糕)~ RM18.90++ to RM20.90++




葉師傅在烹飪界創出了一片屬於自己的天空。他的事業在1998年開始與Pokka Japan Corporation的糕點鋪。後來又順序加入了貝可津(Bakerzin)和富有印度尼西亞風味即擁有好些知名品牌如Bakerzin,Boga Catering,Pepper Lunch,Ten Ten等等的博加集團(Boga group)。葉師傅在2015反回國前是博加集團的行政總廚負責研究與開發。回國後,他創立了自己的品牌“UFB”。

我們是在坐落於新山柏林花園的Union Fashion Bar的會面的。從2015年,UFB已由一間發展至三間分行,一間坐落於新山柏林花園,第二間坐落於柔佛古來優美城以及坐落於士姑來Taman Sutera的第三間分行。在居鑾除了Cheese U Bistro外,他也將再開設另一間UFB。







Papachos  ~ RM10.90++

Deep Fried Pork Bone Noodles  (香炸排骨面)~ RM18.90++

Frozen Cheese Cake Pop (冷凍起司蛋糕)~ RM18.90++ to RM20.90++

Top Recommended Cafe Johor Bahru: Vburg Cafe

For the vegetarian, someone who are looking for meat-free foods or even someone who are out to try new foods, this is definitely something you would not want to miss out.  VBurg Boulangerie Café is located in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah!

This special café, run by a group of food lovers who believed in serving the best food out of their creativity to their customers. The interior and set-up of the café brings out a simplicity yet cosy feel to make customers feels like home when they patronised the place. What makes this café unique is meal-free foods are served although eggs and milk are being used to prepare the dish. Moreover, the wide variety products, freshness of the baked cakes & pastries are bound to trigger your senses and tickle your taste buds once you are about to enter into the café.

In VBurg Boulangerie Café, Otah croissant is one of their most popular dish among customers. The dish is special in such a way that the otah spices are mixed with tofu to bring out smooth and spicy texture. The otah cream on top of the croissant is cold while the inside is hot. You can feel the different sensations oozing in your mouth which makes you want to have another bite!

Some of their bestsellers are the “Otak-Otak Croissant”, which is the vegetarian version, “Salt and Pepper Monkey Head Mushroom topped with Special Thai Chili Sauce”, “Breakfast Set” which comes together with a croissant, a frankfurter, slice of ham (soy based), grilled tomatoes, and cup of hot café latte. Are you feeling hungry and can’t wait to try it out?

Top Recommended Restaurant Johor Bahru: New Zealand Unlimited Restaurants

New Zealand Unlimited Restaurants bring the tastes of New Zealand to the stomachs of people wherever they are located. It is impossible to be disappointed by them, trust this chain of restaurants to present to you the varied flavours of New Zealand in fun and innovative methods.

The menu is crafted with the stars of New Zealand’s produce in mind, of course, by their local Head Chef. The only constants are the classic dishes, who had won their spots in the menu as customer favourites.

With his/her creativity and knowledge of local produce, the Head Chef adjusts the menu according to the seasons. The ever-evolving menu provides customers with a little surprise every visit.

Fancy a tipple to pair with your mains? New Zealand Unlimited Restaurants has a decent alcohol list to suit different types of drinkers. Wines, sourced from New Zealand’s vineyards and wineries, are meticulously selected to pair with the menu items. Selecting a glass of wine may be tricky for some, but fret not, the service staff will kindly guide you through to find a glass that’s comfortable for you and your taste buds.

If wine isn’t your style, there’s also a wide array of cocktails at the bar. Watch the bartenders concoct a potion to satisfy your alcoholic cravings, who can resist a time-honoured Gin & Tonic as well as a cute bartender?  Steinlager, a classic New Zealand pale lager, is ready on the tap for a refreshing end to your meal. Craft beer, trending all over the globe, is also highly promoted in the restaurant. As hipster-sounding some of the beer names are, the selection of bottled craft beers is ready to tease out your inner-hipster as you go through each bottle.

Your pleasant experience begins the moment you are brought to your table by the friendly service staff, through the menu, the meal and the drinks. Be prepared to be amazed by all your senses in the span of your meal time, enjoy!


Festivities are usually associated with jolly tunes and quite often, characteristic decorations unique to the occasion. With Christmas and Chinese New Year just around the corner, people have begun bagging ornaments and delectable treats. Now, what if you can immerse yourself in this gleeful spirit even within the confines of your shower enclosures?

Presenting to you Wunderbath: a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free establishment that specializes in manufacturing a wide array of bath products. This Malaysian company is famous for soaps which are replicas of your favorite dessert goodies.

These mouth-watering products are infused with their individual fragrances for aromatherapy, which are frankly, the only telltale sign that you should not chew on them! Outside of their pineapple tarts and love letter introductions, Wunderbath also have soaps that model other gastronomical delights such as chocolates, sushi etc.

To spread the joy of celebration, these gift sets specially priced from RM 19.90 to RM 128, so you can pamper your skin as you lather yourself with this amazingly soothing and revolutionary experience that is sure to gratify your senses.

Top Recommended Restaurant Bangkok: Gaggan

Having opened in 2010, it only took four short years for Gaggan Anand to bring his eponymous restaurant to global recognition. The restaurant made top 10 consecutively in the last 3 years on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and remains the only Indian restaurant to make it on the list.

So what will Gaggan be remembered for? Its gorgeous architecture, for one, is something to look back on. The two-storey colonial style building sports a good few floor-length window panes, giving curious pedestrians a glimpse into the restaurant’s interior. In the daytime, this serves the practical purpose of allowing plenty of natural light into the room, although the better view is arguably during nightfall – when warm lighting within the restaurant shines through the window panes, like a lantern giving the dim streets its glow.

Never one to disappoint, the exterior is not the only view Gaggan has to offer. The cooking process itself is possibly just as important as the completed dish, which is why gastronomes mostly prefer a dining experience at the chef’s table, the equivalent to a front row seat to a MasterChef live shoot. At Gaggan’s, however, there is the option to make your dining experience extra special. Just a level above the chef’s table, a recently opened dining space known as ‘The Lab’ can be found. Equipped with freeze dryers and the brain of a mastermind, this is where Anand experiments with his magic touch – bringing new life to ingredients with his ways in molecular gastronomy.

And his innovative dishes are just a little short of peculiar. That said, we give him credit for letting the average commoner ease into the hardly-normal affair, with his introductory dish being a pickled cherry soda, served in a test-tube thrust into a bucket of ice. A familiar enough flavour for one not to be too taken aback, yet with that extra little something that reminded us that this is nothing close to a visit to our everyday diner.

Next in line – a spiced yoghurt sphere – was also of similar nature.

Then came the surprises – combinations that never occurred to us – that we adored. No one could stop gushing about how the uncooked curry cookie was simply decadent, or how the spicy pork vindaloo had such robust and full-bodied flavour.

So what will Gaggan be remembered for? The answer is straightforward and has been there for all to see. Its mastermind, its mad scientist, its magician, and most of all, its chef. Anand. And no matter his future endeavours, we wish him the best of luck.

After all, it goes without saying, that wherever Anand is, there will be magic.

Hotel Stripes, Kuala Lumpur


Is the hustle and bustle life taking a toll on you? Do you wish for a short escapade to somewhere quaint, where life slows down and you get to immerse yourself in the surroundings? Well, there’s a place just across the causeway.

Located in Kuala Lumpur in the Jalan Kamunting neighbourhood, Hotel Stripes is the place to go – set in a reclusive yet urbanised town known for its many unique personalities.

You’ll find yourself experiencing the rich culture, art and history in the neighbourhood of the former Asian Heritage Row; with twenty-two 1940s shophouses, dynamic nightlife, cafés, art galleries, and creative establishments. This part of the city is the perfect synergy of old and new, and a perfect getaway for you to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Hotel Stripes, the second Autographic Collection hotel in Malaysia – first being The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, a YTL Classic Hotel – brings on a different idea of travel. Feeding off from the history and heritage of Jalan Kamunting, Hotel Stripes offers you an unparalleled experience on the local scene, mixed with edge and adventure. Unlike conventional travelling, Hotel Stripes ultimately transforms you like one of the locals through the pulsating activities around.

But… don’t really feel like exploring? Fret not! Once entered in the stylish and chic 184-room hotel, you know you’re in for a treat.

Enjoy their all-day dining restaurant, The Snug, to settle your needs or just for a quickie (caffeine fix, of course!).

Or their French-style restaurant, Brasserie 25. Throw fine dining out and enter a vibe of relaxation with their laid back yet flavourful cuisine. Mimicking their historical surrounding, Brasserie 25 gives a rustic charm with its red bricks arcades, mid-century copper sputnik chandeliers and dark wood floors. Rather something light instead? Come in during the afternoon as Brasserie 25 offers Le Goûter – an afternoon tea with a French twist.

Not really a foodie? Then Man Tao Bar is for you.

Offering a stunning view of the KL Tower, Man Tao – a rooftop pool bar – is a trendy spot to relish in soothing tunes over drinks, coupled with a captivating sunset. So why not kick back, relax and enjoy your me-time, or with your loved one, while overlooking at Kuala Lumpur’s skyline with your favourite beverage?

What’s there not to love about Hotel Stripes KL? Come on over and discover the unexplored!


现代的繁忙节奏是否已令您身心疲惫? 您是否想逃到不远处的世外桃源, 沉浸于简单的生活步伐, 欣赏周边的环境? 别再犹豫, 新加坡海峡对岸就有此处。

位于在吉隆玻,甘文丁路的 Hotel Stripes是你必到的地方。这与世隔绝却现代化的小镇拥有许多独特的面貌。

在这前Asian Heritage Row的地带,您会发现自己将体验这里丰富的文化,艺术与历史背景。拥有22间1940年代的店屋, 缤纷多彩的夜生活, 小餐厅, 画廊以及许许多多趣味盎然的场所。这部份的城市呈现了现代与古代的完美结合, 让您疲惫的身心痊愈的绝佳去处。

属于马来西亚第2间 Autographic Collection 的Hotel Stripes 酒店 (第一间则归属于吉隆玻的 The Majestic Hotel, YTL 经典酒店),  带来了不一样的旅游构思。寄予甘文丁路优美的历史与文化, Hotel Stripes 带给您空前绝后的道地体验, 再加上些许的前卫与冒险经历。别于传统的旅游体验, 以Hotel Stripes附近琳琅满目的活动,它最终能将您改造成地地道道的本地人。

不过。。。不想出外探险? 别担心! 走进这家具备184间客房的酒店, 就可享受别有一番的体验了。

享用全日营业的餐厅,The Snug, 来填饱您的肚子,或者干一杯吧 (当然是咖啡啦)。也不能错过这里的法式餐厅, Brasserie 25, 这不是拘束的高档餐厅,而是带有优雅又休闲的风味料理餐厅。 效仿了临近的历史气息, Brasserie 25 的红砖建筑,中世纪铜镀吊灯,以及室内暗色系的木板, 总总散发出了别具一格的乡村风。 或许想来点清单的佳肴? Brasserie 25 推出的 Le Goûter, 是个轻松的法式趣味下午茶。

不是美食家吗? 那 Man Tao 酒吧绝对适合您。

Man Tao, 一家设在酒店顶楼的泳池酒吧, 能让您观缆吉隆坡塔的怡人景色。这酒吧也是一个时尚聚点,可让您在沉浸于舒缓的乐曲中,享用着手中的饮料,并欣赏着那迷人的夕阳晚霞。


还有什么理由让您不爱上Hotel Stripes 呢?  来吧, 来发掘您未体验过的经历吧!

Bahasa Malay

Adakah hidup yang sibuk membebankan anda ? Adakan anda berharap tempat pengistiharat yang menarik di mana jejak hidup dilambatkan dan anda bergabung diri dengan sekeliling? Inilah tempat di seberang tembak.

Lokasi di Kuala Lumpur, dalam komuniti Jalan Kamunting, Hotel Stripes adalah tempat yang diminati – ditubuhkan tersendiri malahan gaya kota dengan pelbagai anehan.

Anda akan menikmati Budaya ,seni dan sejarah dalam Kebudayaan Asia yang berusia lama, dengan dua puluh dua buah 1940-an kedai-kedai, kehidupan malam yang dinamik, kedai kafe, Galeri Seni, dan penubuhan unik. Bandar ini ialah gabungan antara lama dengan baru, dan tempat pelancongan menyenangkan minda dan jiwa.

Hotel Stripes, hotel koleksi Autograph yang kedua di Kuala Lumpur. Yang pertama ialah Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur, hotel klasik YTL – membawa idea yang lain bagi lancong. Selepas terdedah kepada sejarah dan warisan dari Jalan Kemunting, Hotel Stripes membekalkan pengalaman tempatan , di sampingnya pengembaraan. Berbeza dengan pelancongan konvensional,Hotel Stripes menukarkan anda menjadi orang tempatan dengan pelbagai jenis aktiviti yang merangsang jiwa.

Namun, tidak merasa ingin meneroka? Usah risau! Setelah menjejah langkah ke dalam hotel yang mempunyai 184 bilik, elegan dan bergaya, anda dilangani sebagai tetamu.

Menikmati di dalam restoran sepanjang hari, The Snug, untuk menjamu selera dengan minuman ( atau minuman kafeine untuk menyegarkan minda ) . Atau Restoran Gaya Francis, Brasserie 25 . Menikmati santapan yang enak, berada dalam atmosfera yang menenangkan hati. Sesama pekelilingan bersejarah, Brasserie 25  menyampaikan gaya desa dengan anjungan bata merah, lampu sputnik kuprum abad pertengahan dan lantai kayu gelap. Ingin makanan ringan? Dipersilakan datang waktu petang , Brasserie menyediakan Le Go^uter- set minuman teh bersama dengan twist perancis.

Bukannya peminat makan? Bar Man Tao adalah disediakan untuk anda.

Memandang pemandangan yang indah KL Tower,Man Tao, bar kolam atas bumbung- ialah spot bergaya untuk menikmati minuman, dengan temanan music merdu, dan melihat matahari terbenam.

Kenapa tidak beristiharat , relaks dan menikmati masa tersendiri, atau dengan kekasih , semasa memandang pemandangan kaki langit Kuala Lumpur, menikmati minuman yang disukai?

Apa yang membatas dari menyukai Hotel Stripes KL? Marilah menerokai !

Eugene’s Grocery, Johor Bahru


Looking for a place to get the best meats in Johor Bahru? Eugene’s Grocery is number one on our list. Nestled in Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, the store imports and distributes fresh and chilled meat but never frozen below -20ºC to ensure freshness. This guarantees the flavour and quality of the proteins you get, enabling you to cook up a storm for a special occasion or even just a delicious everyday meal. Fresh ingredients are always a top priority for a tasty meal.

A main highlight of Eugene’s Grocery is their beef, imported from countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand and of course, Japan.

Want something low-fat and low-calorie? New Zealand grass-fed beef is your pick. Want something tender and juicy? Japanese Wagyu beef is the recognized world-wide to be the best. Japanese Wagyu beef is genetically predisposed to intense marbling and melts-in-the-mouth and Eugene’s Grocery has Grade A5 Japanese Wagyu, which is the highest grade possible.  The A5 here is truly world-class, just as good as those you find in Paris, London etc.

The store is not only the go-to for freshly chilled meat varieties, they provide fresh foods such as wide varieties of pasta, and seafood. On top of the cost of the meat/ seafood, you can add a nominal and the expert chef prepares the meat/ seafood just the way you like it for you to enjoy right here in the deli.  I wholly recommend their lobsters from Boston.  Kept live in a tank till you buy it, you can really taste the “fresh-off-the-sea” sensation in these crustaceans.

Well-known for their impeccable service, you can also pick up ingredients easily from the day’s menu over the counter.

If ogling at the different kinds of grub makes you a little hungry, Eugene’s Grocery also serves delectable western cuisines on the spot. We hear that the steak, burgers and ribs are mouth-watering.

You can find Eugene’s Grocery at: No.16 Jalan Perang Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru


您在找新山最好的肉食品商店吗?Eugene食品商店是您最好的选择。坐落在Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi的这家食品商店进出口新鲜和冷却的肉类食品。为了确保新鲜,绝不会在零下20度以下冷藏。这样也确保了食物蛋白质的口味和质量,让您可以在特别的场合做出一桌美食,又或者只是一道美味的家庭料理。对一道美味的菜肴来说,新鲜的食材永远是最重要的。






Eugene食品商店的地址是:No.16 Jalan Perang Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru,您这里在这里找到他们。

Top Recommended Chinese Restaurant Johor Bahru: Wan Li (Renaissance Hotel)

Looking for a place to have a grand celebration at? Planning for an important business meeting? Or simply looking to have a satisfying family dinner, at a location where even your pickiest relatives won’t make a sound? Well, look no further, because Wan Li Chinese Restaurant has got you covered.

Located in the Renaissance Hotel Johor Baru, this Cantonese fine-dining restaurant is the ideal location for almost any event that you can think of! And don’t be fooled by the luxurious setting – the food, surprisingly, comes at an extremely affordable pricing for a fine-dining meal.

For a most affordable price, you can truly, really have the FEAST of your life.  The following package is available at only around RM$300 per pax.  Gasp!  Is there a better deal in this whole world?

Wan Li Five Combination Deluxe Lobster Platter Platter


Double boiled Village Chicken Soup with American Ginseng


Roasted Crispy Mango Peking Duck with Traditional Condiments


Salted Baked Village Chicken


Crisp-fried Fillet of Cod Fish with Fragrant Garlic and Teriyaki Sauce


Chef’s Signature oil poached Pontian Pomfret with superior sauce


Seared King Prawns with Superior Soy Sauce


Signature Wasabi Prawns with Fresh Mango


Fried Organic Red Rice with Pine Nuts, Chicken and Mixed Vegetables


Cantonese Style Seafood Hor Fun


Steamed Shanghai “Xiao Long Bao”


Baked Barbeque Chicken Puff


Superior Har Kao with Water Chestnut


Steamed Barbeque Chicken Buns


Chilled Mango Puree with Pomelo serves with Golden Custard Bun


Chinese Tea

And before you ask, yes, the food’s pretty good, too!

One of the restaurant’s highlights would definitely be their Double-Boiled Ginseng Soup with Village Chicken.  The village chicken, having gone through the process of double-boiling, was absolutely tender and melted in our mouths. The soup itself contained various other nutritious ingredients and was fragrant, wholesome, and tasty to the core. 10/10 would recommend this when you drop by this restaurant.

Did you know that Wan Li serves up a variety of fresh seafood as well? A seafood dish is a must-have when you’re here, and our pick of the day was the Crisp-Fried Fillet of Cod Fish with Fragrant Garlic and Superior Soy Broth. The flesh itself was sweet and firm, owing to its state of freshness. Along with the savory and flavourful soy broth, this dish impressed us with its intricate harmony of tastes.

And, of course, how can we miss out the desserts? Starting with the Chilled Mango Puree & Pomelo, this dish impressed us with its mango-y goodness. One bite in and you can already tell how pure the puree is! None of that diluted, tasteless stuff that we so often get. The refreshing pomelo bits did a great job in balancing out the concentrated, tangy flavours of the mango as well. A match made in heaven, if you ask me.

Last but not least, a trip to any dim sum restaurant would be incomplete without some salted egg yolk buns. Aptly named the Golden Custard Bun, is it too much to say that even this common dish managed to impress us by quite a bit? Nestled within the freshly steamed bun, the salted egg yolk custard was just the right mix of savoury and sweet. Its consistency was just right as well – not too runny, not too solid, something that so many others seem to not quite get. Needless to say, Wan Li has got it down to the tee.

It was a wonderful afternoon at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant, what’s with all that goodness frolicking in our mouths. It’s definitely a place to check out if you ever want to get some superb Cantonese food, so drop by soon when that craving hits!

Rowan and Parsley, Johor Bahru


In love with wild herbs and spices in your food? Or are you, perhaps, just someone who loves a good hearty meal? Either way, Rowan & Parsley Food Atelier’s the place for you! Tucked within a light industrial estate along Jalan Kota, the “Plant to plate” concept restaurant is easily recognizable with its majestic, arch iron gates by the front. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by an enchanted garden filled with budding fruit trees and lush greenery comprising of edible herbs and flowers, and these goes right onto your plates!

Grown from a garden and served fresh on a plate, this is the concept of Rowan & Parsley in a 9,000 sq. ft. space. Having always enjoyed eating home grown ingredients flavoured with exotic herbs, co-owner Sam Soon, who was also a kampong boy from Pahang, took this as an inspiration and diligently spent almost two years building up the restaurant’s green sanctuary. With the wide variety of edible herbs and spices decorating the grounds along the peripheral fence and at the back of the restaurant, his devotion and care is undoubtable.

From wooden tables to a staircase made of wrought iron, the restaurant sports a modern set of furnishings and has been specifically designed with metal fixings to give it an industrial theme. The contemporary glass walls around the perimeters of the restaurant also gives a magnificent view of the outdoor garden, and we found ourselves basking in the natural sunlight that permeated through the walls, while being in the comfort of an air-conditioned area. As evening approaches, you can trace the constellations in the night sky and relax under the moonlight as you dine at their outdoor alfresco area.

Craving for both Japanese and Western food? We’ve got you covered! Known for their fusion food, their main course of Unagi Aglio Olio is perfect for pampering yourself. Served simple with al dente linguine and cooked-to-perfection unagi, the dish is garnished with edible mustard sprouts, holding an aromatic zest of spiciness from chilli flakes and garlic flavouring. A definite must try on our list!

If that hasn’t left your tummy feeling fully satisfied, their signature main course of Grilled Poulet will certainly not disappoint you! Who could resist a good ol’ tender grilled chicken thigh? What’s more, one that is drizzled in a savoury brown sauce, with a delectable aftertaste of fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and chicken stock! Served with creamy mashed purple yam and sautéed vegetables, take a bite of them together if you are feeling adventurous, and indulge your taste buds with a yummy burst of flavours.


爱上了食物中狂野奔放的香草和香料味道?抑或,你纯粹是一个爱着用心料理的饕客?无论前者或后者,Rowan & Parsley Food Atelier’s 都能满足你!走进Jalan Kota一个轻型工业园区内,这一家实行“现摘现上碟”概念的餐厅,门前矗立着辨识度极高的宏伟拱形铁闸门。一脚踏入,你会发现自己身处一个迷人花园,里面竖立着含苞待放的果树,绿茵茵的绿化区内也种满了可以食用的香草和花朵,之后它们会以食物的姿态,呈现在你的餐碟上!

自家种植并现摘现上碟的餐饮概念,在Rowan & Parsley这一个9000平方尺大的地方应运而生。出身于彭亨乡下的老板之一Sam Soon,一直以来喜欢享用自家种植食材和异国香菜,他从这个体验中汲取灵感,花了近两年的时间埋头苦干,打造了这一家餐厅的绿化圣殿。在餐厅后花园,以及沿着餐厅周边围墙的地面上,众多可食用香草和香料的植物品种遍布满地,Sam Soon在这方便所倾注的用心确实无容置疑。


同时渴望西餐和日本料理?让我们来为你推荐!以混合创意料理闻名遐,他们的主菜Unagi Aglio Olio是你犒赏自己的完美选项。简单并富有弹性的意大利面搭配顶级鳗鱼料理,这道菜以可食用芥末芽作点缀,再加上辣椒片和大蒜的完美衬托,令热情风味满溢,是一道必尝的佳肴!