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Philosophy, The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013

Philosophy is a Malaysian brand that sells exclusively male fashion apparel.

Since its inception in 2001, Philosophy has been offering unique, playful fashion pieces to the confident male dresser at accessible price points.  The brand is able to offer trendy pieces at accessible price points by eschewing the ubiquitous celebrity endorsement in the fashion industry which it deems “clichéd”.  Instead, Philosophy goes the indie route, indirectly lowering the costs of the garments and passes on the cost-savings to the consumer.   

From its first store in KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Philosophy has expanded to The Pavilion (also in Kuala Lumpur) and to Malacca.  With the exception of denim jeans which are produced in China, all the apparel is produced locally in Selangor.  True to its indie philosophy (yes, it’s a pun), all apparel have limited production.  Typically, each design has a production of only 24 pieces (all sizes included). The maximum production is 60 pieces.  In other words, with each Philosophy garment, you are assured of something that is artisanal, something that the masses do not have.  In addition, they do not follow the typical fashion schedule: Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter.  Instead, there are new arrivals in the store every 2 weeks. 

Not limited to production, the philosophy of uniqueness and exclusivity filters down to the design of the pieces themselves.  You will find interesting details such as a zipper edge collar, a wired collar (so it can stand up), reversible shorts (you can wear on both sides—–how’s that for value for money?), a jacket with hood.

While the garments are not of the most enduring quality, they have high fashion content.  Perhaps on a deeper level, it reflects the truth in life that everything is transient and fashion is meant to be enjoyed. So go ahead, enjoy fashion with Philosophy.