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Philosophy, The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013

Philosophy is a Malaysian brand that sells exclusively male fashion apparel.

Since its inception in 2001, Philosophy has been offering unique, playful fashion pieces to the confident male dresser at accessible price points.  The brand is able to offer trendy pieces at accessible price points by eschewing the ubiquitous celebrity endorsement in the fashion industry which it deems “clichéd”.  Instead, Philosophy goes the indie route, indirectly lowering the costs of the garments and passes on the cost-savings to the consumer.   

From its first store in KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, Philosophy has expanded to The Pavilion (also in Kuala Lumpur) and to Malacca.  With the exception of denim jeans which are produced in China, all the apparel is produced locally in Selangor.  True to its indie philosophy (yes, it’s a pun), all apparel have limited production.  Typically, each design has a production of only 24 pieces (all sizes included). The maximum production is 60 pieces.  In other words, with each Philosophy garment, you are assured of something that is artisanal, something that the masses do not have.  In addition, they do not follow the typical fashion schedule: Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter.  Instead, there are new arrivals in the store every 2 weeks. 

Not limited to production, the philosophy of uniqueness and exclusivity filters down to the design of the pieces themselves.  You will find interesting details such as a zipper edge collar, a wired collar (so it can stand up), reversible shorts (you can wear on both sides—–how’s that for value for money?), a jacket with hood.

While the garments are not of the most enduring quality, they have high fashion content.  Perhaps on a deeper level, it reflects the truth in life that everything is transient and fashion is meant to be enjoyed. So go ahead, enjoy fashion with Philosophy.  

Sacoor Brothers, The Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013

Sacoor Brothers is an international ‘lifestyle’ brand offering new and different styles from day to day. Known internationally for its detailing and quality apparel, Sacoor Brothers bears the spirit of European fashion – beautiful aesthetics, relentless attention to detail and timeless distinction.  Sacoor Brothers caters to in several segments of fashion retail such as clothing, footwear and accessories for Man, Woman and Kids. In other words, whether you are male, female or a tyke, you can find a solution to being well-dressed with Sacoor Brothers.  This is immediately evident upon walking into their casually elegant stores —-there is premium quality apparel from head to toe ranging from a unique combination of ready to wear collections to diverse options for personalized customization within their boutiques.

 Additionally, Sacoor Brothers is emerging as a brand of excellence with a distinct concept of personalized service, quality and product innovation provided to its customers. With over 24 years of fashion expertise, Sacoor Brothers has carved a unique niche which is distinguished not only by a keen fashion aesthetic and know-how but also prioritization of the customer experience.   For example, they have amazing in store service both before and after sales comprising:

In Store entertainment with a live pianist or saxophonist

In Store refreshments

Free Tailoring Service

Sacoor Atelier – FOC tailoring for purchases registered on Sacoor profile.

Home/Office Delivery

Suit Care – bring in your suit from previous collections and Sacoor Brothers will handle cleaning, adjusting and also keep your suits until you need it again.

Browsing the boutique is a real joy.   The store is casually elegant, the staff is immaculately outfitted, they are very knowledgeable about their apparel and accessories and they never rush you.  I would say the customer service here is unparalled, even better than their competitors Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hifiger.  I tried their shirts—–the cotton is top-notch quality.  The cotton has “moisture” which is always a good sign.  No matter the amount of your purchase, the staff always makes sure you are well-fitted.  As any fashionista knows, fit is the NO. 1 criteria.  A good fit can make your outfit look 100 times more expensive than it is.  In other words, I am assured that I will always look good when I buy something from Sacoor Brothers.  Coupled with the relaxed, elegant shopping experience and their excellent service, this is a good place to spend your money for your next threads.  


Cuffz, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nov 2013

Discerning gentlemen in KL for work or leisure have a great place to pick up formal or casual shirts.  That place is Cuffz.

Starting with their first store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in 2007, Cuffz is a fast expanding international retailer with Malaysian origins.  Offering well-made shirts and cuff links for both men and women, Cuffz targets the dynamic mid-level to C-level executive seeking differentiation and details in their outfits.

Unlike competitors TM Lewin, Thomas Pink and Van Laack who export whatever sells in their Western home countries to this part of the world, Cuffz is Asian-centric.  With its base of operations in Asia, Cuffz has the advantage of local intelligence and the ability to respond to Asian shoppers’ needs.  For example, it offers shirts designed with Asians in mind and hence, fit Asians better.

Cuffz’s apparel is manufactured in Shanghai, Hong Kong, other parts of China as well as in Thailand.  Following the usual Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter fashion schedule, there are 2 major collections each year with refreshments every 1-2 months.  As for cuff links, they have the largest collection of cuff links in the world.  Manufactured in Hong Kong and China, their cuff links are slightly heavier for a better quality feel. Their gemstone cufflinks come from India.

What makes Cuffz’s shirts stand out is the attention to detail.  For example, there is a modesty button in ladies’ shirts to keep away from prying eyes.   The shirts are made from 100% fine cotton.  I have a non-iron shirt from Cuffz.  I don’t usually like non-iron shirts as the fabric is usually very stiff.  It’s like wearing cardboard.  But the fabric of the Cuffz non-iron is very soft, almost as soft as pyjamas.  The shirts have great emphasis on workmanship——the stitching is top notch, sturdy and tight.  Overall, my Cuffz shirts are very, very good quality.  Even after many times laundry, they still retain their shape.  The colours and stitching remain unchanged.  Because of the quality, I consider Cuffz very good value for money.

I would highly recommend anyone visiting a city with Cuffz stores to pick up their fashionable, long-lasting quality shirts.  They currently have stores in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai.


Lot 102 Level 1 Suria KLCC

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

50088 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel: +603 – 21661299





















Modani, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Nov 2013

Modani has been a popular local Malaysian shoe retailer for the past 23 years. 

Modani stores house 3 brands——–Red Modani, Prince and Princess and Spiffy——which offer affordable and great quality footwear for all ages and target groups.  Red Modani is aimed at middle-low to middle income consumers.  Prince and Princess is a range of children shoes. Spiffy is targeted at middle-upper consumers.     

Currently with 28 retail outlets all over Malaysia, there are 3 stores in Kuala Lumpur, including Leisure Mall Cheras, Subang Parade Cheras.  Modani also has a new concept store right in the heart of KL shopping district at Avenue K (located right above KLCC subway station.  Across from Avenue K is Petronas Towers). The new concept store is bright, clean and pleasant to shop in.

95% of the footwear sold in Modani stores are original designs manufactured in OEM factories.   Modani footwear is manufactured in the same factories that supply footwear for ck Calvin Klein, Da Vinci and other brands.  In other words, Modani footwear offers comparable or better quality to these brands.  For example, for Modani shoes, the soles have more rubber content than PVC content (compared to other retailers).  As such, their shoes are softer and more comfortable.  Indeed, I have shoes from Modani——they are very comfortable and extremely good quality.  The shoes are such good quality that they last, last and last.   While a competitive retailer might retail a pair of shoes at RM$149.50, Modani retails similar quality and design at only RM$99.50.  With good quality at very reasonable price points, I feel that Modani offers real value offers to shoppers, something that is so rare these days.

A fast expanding shoe retailer with concrete plans for internationalisation, Modani is open to interested parties to partner in opening franchise stores. 


Avenue K (connected to KLCC subway station)

Unit L1-12

156 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Egg Fashion, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013

Located in the heart of Bangsar Village is Egg Fashion. Egg Fashion is a wholly Malaysian brand. Since the brand’s inception 12 years ago, the brand now has stores in Bangsar, Mid Valley, as well as counters in Parkson stores in Penang, Malacca, Kuantan and Kelantan.

Offering Menswear, Womenswear and Accessories, Egg Fashion is for the self-confident dresser who is not afraid to mix and match and experience fashion. Egg Fashion targets a more mature customer who has a certain purchasing power and more importantly, is very clear in mind what they want.

Wholly designed and produced locally in KL, Egg Fashion’s creations are boldly coloured and features details such as unusually placed piping or clever details in an inner corner. Because the fashion pieces are produced locally, the carbon footprints of the pieces are reduced and in this way, Egg Fashion indirectly contributes to environmental conservation. In line with the concept of an egg, which is organic and from which springs life, Egg Fashion uses mainly natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. As it is part of their philosophy that everyone is entitled to enjoying fashion and looking good, Egg Fashion offers a considerable range of plus-size fashion to cater to larger ladies.

Egg Fashion offers a different shopping atmosphere from other boutiques with similar price points. Instead of blasting the latest Western pop hits, Egg stores play classical music, and sometimes opera, to create a calm and relaxed environment. On Sundays, they play hymns.

I went to try out their fashion pieces. I wanted to move away from my usual dowdy pieces.

The usual me

Indeed, the pieces are often lively, features bold striking colours or interesting fabrics. I tried on quite a few pieces.

Finally, I decided on a combination that could take me from the office to a casual dinner or drinks—– a colourful checked shirt with white background and the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever experienced. The fabric is so soft I feel like I could wear them every day.

For unusual office pieces that stand out from boring uniformity, I highly recommend Egg Fashion.