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Cuffz, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nov 2013

Discerning gentlemen in KL for work or leisure have a great place to pick up formal or casual shirts.  That place is Cuffz.

Starting with their first store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in 2007, Cuffz is a fast expanding international retailer with Malaysian origins.  Offering well-made shirts and cuff links for both men and women, Cuffz targets the dynamic mid-level to C-level executive seeking differentiation and details in their outfits.

Unlike competitors TM Lewin, Thomas Pink and Van Laack who export whatever sells in their Western home countries to this part of the world, Cuffz is Asian-centric.  With its base of operations in Asia, Cuffz has the advantage of local intelligence and the ability to respond to Asian shoppers’ needs.  For example, it offers shirts designed with Asians in mind and hence, fit Asians better.

Cuffz’s apparel is manufactured in Shanghai, Hong Kong, other parts of China as well as in Thailand.  Following the usual Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter fashion schedule, there are 2 major collections each year with refreshments every 1-2 months.  As for cuff links, they have the largest collection of cuff links in the world.  Manufactured in Hong Kong and China, their cuff links are slightly heavier for a better quality feel. Their gemstone cufflinks come from India.

What makes Cuffz’s shirts stand out is the attention to detail.  For example, there is a modesty button in ladies’ shirts to keep away from prying eyes.   The shirts are made from 100% fine cotton.  I have a non-iron shirt from Cuffz.  I don’t usually like non-iron shirts as the fabric is usually very stiff.  It’s like wearing cardboard.  But the fabric of the Cuffz non-iron is very soft, almost as soft as pyjamas.  The shirts have great emphasis on workmanship——the stitching is top notch, sturdy and tight.  Overall, my Cuffz shirts are very, very good quality.  Even after many times laundry, they still retain their shape.  The colours and stitching remain unchanged.  Because of the quality, I consider Cuffz very good value for money.

I would highly recommend anyone visiting a city with Cuffz stores to pick up their fashionable, long-lasting quality shirts.  They currently have stores in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai.


Lot 102 Level 1 Suria KLCC

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

50088 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel: +603 – 21661299





















Modani, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Nov 2013

Modani has been a popular local Malaysian shoe retailer for the past 23 years. 

Modani stores house 3 brands——–Red Modani, Prince and Princess and Spiffy——which offer affordable and great quality footwear for all ages and target groups.  Red Modani is aimed at middle-low to middle income consumers.  Prince and Princess is a range of children shoes. Spiffy is targeted at middle-upper consumers.     

Currently with 28 retail outlets all over Malaysia, there are 3 stores in Kuala Lumpur, including Leisure Mall Cheras, Subang Parade Cheras.  Modani also has a new concept store right in the heart of KL shopping district at Avenue K (located right above KLCC subway station.  Across from Avenue K is Petronas Towers). The new concept store is bright, clean and pleasant to shop in.

95% of the footwear sold in Modani stores are original designs manufactured in OEM factories.   Modani footwear is manufactured in the same factories that supply footwear for ck Calvin Klein, Da Vinci and other brands.  In other words, Modani footwear offers comparable or better quality to these brands.  For example, for Modani shoes, the soles have more rubber content than PVC content (compared to other retailers).  As such, their shoes are softer and more comfortable.  Indeed, I have shoes from Modani——they are very comfortable and extremely good quality.  The shoes are such good quality that they last, last and last.   While a competitive retailer might retail a pair of shoes at RM$149.50, Modani retails similar quality and design at only RM$99.50.  With good quality at very reasonable price points, I feel that Modani offers real value offers to shoppers, something that is so rare these days.

A fast expanding shoe retailer with concrete plans for internationalisation, Modani is open to interested parties to partner in opening franchise stores. 


Avenue K (connected to KLCC subway station)

Unit L1-12

156 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Egg Fashion, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013

Located in the heart of Bangsar Village is Egg Fashion. Egg Fashion is a wholly Malaysian brand. Since the brand’s inception 12 years ago, the brand now has stores in Bangsar, Mid Valley, as well as counters in Parkson stores in Penang, Malacca, Kuantan and Kelantan.

Offering Menswear, Womenswear and Accessories, Egg Fashion is for the self-confident dresser who is not afraid to mix and match and experience fashion. Egg Fashion targets a more mature customer who has a certain purchasing power and more importantly, is very clear in mind what they want.

Wholly designed and produced locally in KL, Egg Fashion’s creations are boldly coloured and features details such as unusually placed piping or clever details in an inner corner. Because the fashion pieces are produced locally, the carbon footprints of the pieces are reduced and in this way, Egg Fashion indirectly contributes to environmental conservation. In line with the concept of an egg, which is organic and from which springs life, Egg Fashion uses mainly natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. As it is part of their philosophy that everyone is entitled to enjoying fashion and looking good, Egg Fashion offers a considerable range of plus-size fashion to cater to larger ladies.

Egg Fashion offers a different shopping atmosphere from other boutiques with similar price points. Instead of blasting the latest Western pop hits, Egg stores play classical music, and sometimes opera, to create a calm and relaxed environment. On Sundays, they play hymns.

I went to try out their fashion pieces. I wanted to move away from my usual dowdy pieces.

The usual me

Indeed, the pieces are often lively, features bold striking colours or interesting fabrics. I tried on quite a few pieces.

Finally, I decided on a combination that could take me from the office to a casual dinner or drinks—– a colourful checked shirt with white background and the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever experienced. The fabric is so soft I feel like I could wear them every day.

For unusual office pieces that stand out from boring uniformity, I highly recommend Egg Fashion.

Zipangu, Shangri-la, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013

Australian Wagyu Tatoki (75g) contains alcohol RM$76

Cold roasted Australian Wagyu Striploin

The slices of cold roasted Wagyu have excellent marbling and are very tender. They go excellently with the soy sauce provided and the refreshing crisp of the sweet onions.

Yakifugu To Namanori Soup Shitate RM$50
Grilled puffer fish and fresh seaweed soup with grilled mushroom, leek and rice cake.

The pufferfish is sweet and lightly grilled, in a light broth with the woodiness of mushrooms and a slight tinge of sour from the lime. Because of the slight zest of the lime, this soup is great at the end of a meal to freshen up.

Moriawase 3 Shu RM$122
Sashimi assortment (3 types)

4 pieces each of yellowtail, salmon and tuna on a bed of ice decorated with some grated radish.

Salmon Roe sushi RM$18

All the salmon roe goodness, rich orange in colour, burst in my mouth and all the richness of the salmon, mixed with soy sauce, against the chewiness of the rice.
Sea Urchin sushi RM$50
Sea Bream sushi RM$15
The sea bream was rich and creamy.

Mini Tempura RM$25
Prawn x 2, Lotus root, eggplant and carrot.

The prawn is gigantic.
Rice in tea broth with salmon RM$22

Light, modest, delicious.
I was really full by then but I finished all the rice and ALL the tea broth, simply because the broth was that delicious. It was fragrant, has the slightly smoky flavour of tea with a hint of soy sauce.
Teppanyaki Oyster RM$65

Huge juicy oyster with a crispy skin paired with onions whose sugars have been caramelised from grilling. The zing of the onions is gone but the sweetness remains.

Azuki No Brulee RM$22
Red Bean in Crème Brulee

Thought it was a hot dessert but surprisingly, it was actually cold. Excellent balance when paired with a cup of hot green tea.

Shangri-la, Kuala Lumpur Nov 2013


“The Best Hotel EVER!!!”

As soon as my taxi door opened, I could smell the familiar signature Shangri-la scent.  It was like coming home.  That signature Shangri-la scent, classily making its presence felt in all Shangri-la properties, reassures me in advance that this hotel is going to deliver the consistent excellence that I have come to equate with Shangri-la.

Everyone was very friendly—the doormen, the receptionist who helped checked me in.  Check-in was very, very swift. It took less than 5 mins—-top-notch efficiency.  I soon settled in my room.

The first thing that struck me about my room was how spanky clean and new my room was.  It was literally spotless!  Every surface in the room, including the doors of the wardrobe and my writing desk, looked like it had been wiped over and sanitised.  My sheets like and smelled freshly laundered.  Even the carpet was dry and bushy, like it has just been professionally cleaned.

I explored my room.  My deluxe room was reasonably big and full of thoughtful touches.  There was a coat hanger standing by a wall.  There is a make-up desk (in addition to the usual writing desk) as well as a make-up mirror so ladies have a dedicated space to sit down and do their make-up.  There is a tall, huge safe in the wardrobe.  Shangri-la is very thoughtful——they understand that many people carry laptops and DSLRs these days and these items may not be able to fit into the usual safe (a problem I frequently face). There is a chandelier and a painting in my room.  At night, when my room is lit up, it looks luxurious and faintly reminiscent of a French chateau.   The pillows and duvet are very soft.  The bed is medium firm and very comfortable.  In addition to the usual coffee making facilities, they have also provided an ornate china Chinese tea set in the room, which I thought was very classy.  The TV can be pulled out from the wall and the angle adjusted so that you can watch TV wherever you are in the room.  Deluxe room guests enjoy complimentary shoe shine service everyday.

The bathroom is compact but complete.  There is a bathtub, a shower stall, a magnifying facial mirror (in addition to the usual big mirror), thick fluffy bathrobes and many towels.  The toiletries in my deluxe room, though they are in-house brand (not some big brand like Molten Brown, Malin + Goetz etc), come in classy dark green bottles.  Unlike the in-house brand toiletries of many other hotels, these Shangri-la toiletries actually smelly classy. In addition, they are free of paraben, Propylene Glycol and Disodium EDTA, which is more than what many big brands deliver.  

Staying at the Shangri-la, you are a 10-minute walk away from KLCC.  En route to KLCC, you will find many pubs, restaurants, coffee shops.  Shangri-la is also just a 5-minute walk from a monorail station.  To stay here, there is one thing to take note though: there isn’t an ATM near the hotel (or least I haven’t found one).  There isn’t one along the way to KLCC, though I’m sure you can find one inside KLCC itself.

The hotel provide 2 free bus shuttles.

Daily City Center Route (I personally call it the shopping route)

Departs from the Main Lobby: 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 1700

Stops at


Pavilion/ Starhill

Lot 10

Sungei Wang

Morning Business Route

Departs Mon-Fri at 8am

Stops at:

eTiQa Twin Towers

Exxon Mobil

Menara Tan & Tan


Suria KLCC

There is a very very good gym in the hotel.  It is very complete, as far as hotel gyms go.  After you workout, you can relax in the steam room and sauna.  There is also a hot Jacuzzi and a cold plunge pool for hot-cold therapy.  I loved it!!!  I always look forward to staying at Shangri-la hotels so I can do hot-cold therapy.  There are life guards at the swimming pool everyday.  I was impressed—this is the first time I see a life guard at a hotel pool. 

Famous people who stayed here:

Singapore Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong

Alicia Keys

Linkin Park

Staying at this hotel, you are spoilt for choice for your dining options.  There is the best French restaurant in KL, Lafite.  Lemon Garden Café provide very good quality and sumptuous buffet with very friendly and helpful wait staff.  You can also get your sandwiches, desserts, salads to go at Lemon Garden2Go. Arthur’s Bar and Grill is what its name suggests.  This is a very popular hotel—  there are always people in the lobby lounge.  You can read about my gastronomic enjoyment in Shang Palace and Japanese restaurant Zipangu.

No matter which city I am in, the Shangri-la product and service is always consistent. For a frequent traveller like myself, to know that I can always count on Shangri-la to provide a comfortable and safe haven, no matter which foreign city I am in, is hugely reassuring.  Shangri-la is a hotel group worth spending your money on.


Как только открылась дверь моего такси, я смог почувствовать знакомый запах свойственный Shangri-la. Это было – как прийти домой. Это – отличительная подпись Shangri-la, дает о себе знать на всей территории отеля, заверяя меня в том, что здесь мне будет предоставлен последовательный высококачественный сервис, который я приравнял к Shangri-la.

Все были очень дружелюбны – швейцары, портье, который помог мне зарегистрироваться. Регистрация была очень, очень быстрой. Потребовалось менее 5 минут – первоклассная оперативность. И вскоре я вселился в свою комнату.

Первое, что поразило меня это то, насколько блестяще чист и нов был мой номер. Он был абсолютно безупречен! Каждая поверхность в номере, включая дверцы шкафа и мой письменный стол, выглядели так, как будто они подверглись протиранию и дезинфекции. Мои простыни пахли свежестью, словно только что из прачечной. Даже ковер был сухой и пушистый, как будто его только что профессионально почистили.

Я осмотрел комнату. Мой роскошный номер был достаточно просторен и полон вдумчивых штрихов. У стены стояла вешалка. Макияжный столик (в дополнение к обычному письменному столу) так же как и зеркало, предназначаются для дам, которые хотят присесть и сделать макияж. В платяном шкафу находится высокий и огромный сейф. В отеле Shangri-la все очень продумано – они понимают, что в наши дни многие люди носят ноутбуки и цифровые камеры, и эти предметы могут не поместиться в обычный сейф (проблема, с которой я часто сталкиваюсь). В номере есть люстра и картина. Ночью, когда я включаю свет, он выглядит роскошно и слегка напоминает французский замок. Подушки и одеяло очень мягкие. Кровать средней жесткости и очень удобная. В дополнение к стандартному кофейному оборудованию, мне был предоставлен китайский фарфоровый чайный сервиз, который был просто шикарный. Телевизор можно выдвинуть из стены и повернуть так, что Вы сможете смотреть его из любой точки номера. Постояльцам номеров повышенной комфортности предоставляется ежедневная бесплатная чистка обуви.

Ванная комната не большая, но укомплектованная. Ванна, душевая кабина, увеличительное зеркало (в дополнение к обычному большому зеркалу), толстые махровые халаты и много полотенец. Средства гигиены в моем номере, хотя они и гостиничной марки (не такие знаменитые бренды как Molten Broun, Malin+Goetz и т.д.), поставляются в стильных темно-зеленых бутылках. В отличие от туалетных принадлежностей других отелей, средства гигиены отеля Shangri-la имеют отличный запах. Кроме того, они не содержат порабенов, пропиленгликоля и динатриевой соли, которые добавляют многие крупные марки.

Остановившись в Shangri-la, Вы будете всего лишь в 10 минутах ходьбы от KLCC (центр города Куала-Лумпур). На пути к KLCC находится множество баров, ресторанов, кафе. Shangri-la расположена всего в 5 минутах ходьбы от станции монорельсовой, железной дороги. Остановившись здесь, необходимо принять к сведению только одну вещь: рядом с отелем нет банкомата (по крайней мере я не нашел ни одного). На пути к KLCC тоже нет, хотя я уверен, что Вы найдете его в самом центре.

Отель предоставляет 2 бесплатных автобуса.

Ежедневный маршрут по центру города (я лично называю его шопинг-маршрут)

Отправление от главного холла: 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:00




Lot 10

Sungei Wang


Утренний бизнес-маршрут

Отправление понедельник-пятница в 8 часов утра


eTiQa Twin Towers

Exxon Mobil

Menara Tan & Tan


Suria KLCC

В отеле есть отличный спортзал. Абсолютно укомплектованный, как и должно быть в отеле. После тренировки, Вы можете расслабиться в парной и сауне. Также есть горячее джакузи и холодный глубокий бассейн, для проведения температурной терапии. Мне очень понравилось!!! Я всегда с нетерпением жду, когда остановлюсь в Shangri-la, чтобы пройти горячую и холодную терапию. Каждый день у бассейна дежурят спасатели. Я был впечатлен – это первый раз, когда я вижу спасателя в гостинице.

Знаменитости, которые останавливались здесь:

Премьер-министр Сингапура г-н  Ли Сянь Лун

Alicia Keys

Linkin Park

Остановившись в этом отеле, Вы будете избалованны выбором предложенных блюд. Самый лучший французский ресторан в Куала-Лумпур – это Lafite. В кафе Lemon Garden отличный сервис и роскошный шведский стол, с очень дружелюбным и обходительным персоналом. Вы также можете взять на вынос сэндвичи, десерты, салаты и отправиться в Lemon Garden2Go. Arthur`s бар и гриль – название говорит само за себя. Это очень популярный отель – в холле всегда многолюдно. Вы можете прочитать о моем гастрономическом опыте в Shang Palace и ресторане Zipangu.

Независимо от того, в каком городе я нахожусь, качество продукции и сервиса отеля Shangri-la всегда на высоте. Для туристов, которые путешествуют много как я, необходимо знать то, что на Shangri-la можно положиться в плане обеспечения комфортной и безопасной гавани, и неважно, в каком городе Вы находитесь, что очень успокаивает. Shangri-la – это сеть отелей, на которые Вы смело можете тратить свои деньги.




对于客房的第一感觉是干净而且非常新 ,室内几乎一尘不染!房内的各个角落,包括衣柜的推门以及办公桌,似乎都被细心的打扫与消毒过。床单也散发着一阵阵的清新芳香。就连地毯也似乎由被专业处理过,不仅干透,丝毛也极为浓密。


卫生间虽小但设备完善。间里备有浴缸,淋浴间,拥有放大镜功能的面镜(以及基本的全身镜),柔软的浴袍以及多面毛巾。豪华客房提供的梳洗用品以优雅的墨绿瓶子来装置。其产品为酒店集团旗下的自创品牌,而非犹如Molten Brown,Malin + Goetz之类的大品牌。和其他酒店的自创梳洗用品不同,香格里拉的产品散发着优雅的香气。此外,他们的产品也不含有会让人过敏的羟基苯甲酸酯,丙二醇和乙二胺四乙酸二钠。相比之下,香格里拉自创的产品比其他大品牌来得用心。

从香格里拉酒店步行至离吉隆坡会议中心大概需要十分钟的时间。沿途中还能路过许多酒吧,餐厅以及咖啡馆。酒店离单轨铁路站也只有五分钟的步行距离。若要在香格里拉留宿的话,要切记一点 – 酒店附近并没有提款机。由于步行至吉隆坡会议中心的路上也没有,你也只能到会议中心内找。


每日通外市区中心的路线 (个人称为购物路线)





Lot 10 购物广场





eTiQa 双塔


Menara Tan & Tan








住在这酒店的另一好处就是多样化的用餐选择。这里有吉隆坡最好的法国餐厅,Lafite。Lemon Garden Café不止有友善的服务员,也提供高品质且丰盛的自助餐料理。若想吃三明治或沙拉的话,Lemon Garden2Go也是不错的选择。这是一间热闹的酒店 – 大堂酒吧也常常都高朋满座。你也能阅读我对于在香宫(中式餐厅)以及Zipangu( 日式餐厅)享用美食的评价。

无论我身处哪个城市,香格里拉所提供的住宿产品以及服务都是一致的。对于经常旅游的我来说,香格里拉酒店是我能依赖的舒适避风港。对常身处与世界不同角落的我而言,确实是令人欣慰的。 香格里拉绝对是值得您亲身体验的酒店品牌。

Bahasa Melayu

Sebaik saja pintu teksi dibuka, saya dapat hidu bau Shangri-la yang dikenali. Bagaikan pulang ke rumah sendiri. Bau Shangri-la yang dikenali yang dapat dicium di semua kawasan Shangri-la telah menyakinkan saya bahawa hotel ini akan memberi perkhidmatan yang konsisten dan cemerlang.

Semua pekerja di sini memang peramah – tidak kira penjaga pintu, atau penyambut tetamu yang membantu saya dalam pendaftaran masuk. Proses pendaftaran masuk cuma mengambil masa kurang daripada 5 minit — terlalu cekap. Tidak lama kemudian saya dapat masuk ke dalam bilik.

Perkara pertama yang membuatkan saya rasa terkagum dengan kebersihan dan kesegaran bilik itu. Langsung tiada kesan kotor dijumpai! Semua kawasan bilik itu, termasuk pintu almari dan meja tulis nampaknya telah disapu dengan bersih. Kain katil begitu wangi dan bersih. Malah permaidani adalah kering dan berbulu, bagaikan ia telah dibersihkan dengan teliti.

Saya terus menerokai bilik itu. Bilik mewah saya ini memang besar dan banyak benda yang disediakan itu amat sesuai. Terdapat sebuah penggantung baju pada dinding. Selain itu, meja solek (selain daripada meja tulis) telah disediakan bersama dengan cermin solek yang membolehkan wanita bersolek sambil duduk dengan selesa. Almari yang disediakan adalah besar, tinggi, dan memiliki ruang keselamatan. Shangri-la memang bertimbang rasa —— mereka memahami bahawa kebanyakkan orang akan bawa komputer riba dan kamera DSLR, tetapi barang-barang ini sukar untuk dimuatkan ke dalam ruang yang selamat (inilah masalah yang sering saya temui). Terdapat lampu hiasan dan gambar dalam bilik saya. Pada waktu malam, apabila lampu dinyalakan, bilik ini kelihatan sangat mewah, seolah-olah berada di bilik wain Perancis. Bantal dan tilam juga sangat lembut. Katil yang disediakan adalah separa kental dan amat selesa. Selain daripada kemudahan pembancuh kopi, mereka juga menyediakan kemudahan yang saya rasa terlalu mewah, iaitu set peralatan pembancuhan teh Cina dalam bilik. Televisyen boleh ditarik keluar dari dinding dan mampu dilaraskan supaya boleh menonton televisyen di semua tempat dalam bilik itu. Tetamu bilik mewah juga berhak menikmati perkhidmatan penggelap kasut tiap-tiap hari secara percuma.

Bilik mandi adalah kecil tapi lengkap. Terdapat tab mandi, sistem air pancur, dan satu cermin muka (selain cermin besar yang biasa), baju mandi yang tebal, dan banyak tuala. Walaupun barangan pembersihan diri dalam bilik mewah saya adalah jenama hotel ini (bukannya jenama terkenal seperti Molten Brown, Malin + Goetz etc) yang disediakan dalam bentuk botol berwarna hijau tua yang kelihatan mewah. Berbeza dengan barangan kebersihan diri hotel lain, barangan kebersihan diri Shangri-la adalah bebas daripada bahan-bahan yang biasanya dijumpai dalam barangan berjenama seperti paraben, Propylene Glycol dan Disodium EDTA.

Masa yang diambil untuk sampai ke KLCC dari Hotel Shangri-la adalah 10 minit dengan berjalan kaki. Dalam perjalanan ke KLCC, awak akan menjumpai pelbagai pub, restoran, dan kedai kopi. Selain itu, Masa yang diambil untuk sampai ke stesen kereta api dari Hotel Shangri-la adalah 5 minit saja dengan berjalan kaki. Jika tinggal di sini, awak perlu mengambil perhatian tentang satu perkara: tiada mesin ATM berhampiran dengan hotel ini (setakat ini saya belum menjumpai sebarang mesin ATM). Walaupun tiada mesin ATM dalam perjalanan ke KLCC, tapi awak pasti boleh menjumpai mesin ATM di dalam KLCC.

Hotel ini telah menyediakan dua buah bas ulang-alik.

Laluan Pusat Bandar Harian (saya sebutkannya sebagai perjalanan membeli-belah)

Bertolak dari  Lobi Utama: 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 1700

Berhenti di


Pavilion/ Starhill

Lot 10

Sungei Wang


Laluan Kerja Siang

Bertolak pada Isnin – Jumaat pukul 8 pagi

Berhenti di:

eTiQa Twin Towers

Exxon Mobil

Menara Tan & Tan


Suria KLCC

Terdapat kemudahan gimnastik yang amat lengkap dan bagus dalam hotel ini. Setelah bersukan di gimnastik, awak boleh berehat di dalam bilik pengewapan dan sauna. Terapi hangat-sejuk yang menggabungkan Jacuzzi yang hangat dengan kolam air mandian yang sejuk memang luar biasa. Saya amat suka ini!!! Saya sering menanti-nantikan perkhidmatan terapi hangat-sejuk bila singgah di hotel Shangri-la. Terdapat ahli keselamatan bersiap sedia di kolam berenang hotel ini pada tiap-tiap hari. Memang menakjubkan—ini adalah kali pertama saya nampak seorang ahli keselamatan di kolam renang hotel.

Orang terkenal yang pernah tinggal di sini:

Perdana Menteri Singapura Encik Lee Hsien Loong

Alicia Keys

Linkin Park

Jika tinggal di hotel ini, awak mempunyai pelbagai pilihan dari segi pemakanan. Terdapat restoran Perancis yang terbaik di Kuala Lumpur, Lafite. Lemon Garden Café pula menyediakan bufet yang amat berkualiti baik dan sedap dengan pekerja yang sedia menolong dan peramah. Awak juga boleh menikmati sandwich, dessert dan salad di Lemon Garden2Go. Makanan di Arthur’s Bar and Grill adalah sama seperti namanya. Ini sememangnya sebuah hotel yang amat terkenal—ramai orang sering bersinggah di lobi pertanyaan. Awak boleh membaca artikel pemakanan saya di Shang Palace dan restoran Jepun, Zipangu.

Tidak kira berada di mana, produk dan perkhidmatan Shangri-la sering setara. Bagi seseorang yang sering melancong seperti saya, bila terfikir bahawa Shangri-la akan menyediakan suasana yang selesa dan selamat, saya rasa amat lega hati tidak kira pergi ke mana. Shangri-la sememangnya hotel yang berbaloi untuk awak belanjakan wang.