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Wednesday, 19 October, 2016 14:39

Capri by Fraser, Kuala Lumpur


Capri by Fraser offers an innovative and funky accommodation solution that is especially great for long stay.

The studio apartment is, in a word, cavernous. It is the most spacious room I have seen. You enter the room into a very spacious kitchen, complete with induction hob, microwave, frying pan, China plates and cutlery, spatula and can opener. There is also an espresso machine with a couple of capsules.

Then you proceed to a huge bathroom with an L-shaped counter top. There is plenty of room to move around in the bathroom. There is a huge shower stall and a seperate toilet cubicle with its own door, which I find very practical. One person can use the toilet while the other uses the shower or counter top. It is not like other hotels where is one person uses the toilet, then the entire bathroom is out of bounds to everyone else.

There is plenty of storage room all along the studio apartment. There is also a long work desk. The actual bedroom is quite small. There is only space for a bed and a television. There is a balcony.
As mentioned above, you have your own fully functioning kitchen. So it is possible to whip up your own meals. That is great for long-stay guests.

Another advantage Capri has for long stay guests is that on every floor, there is a laundry room, complete with washing machines and dryers. All you have to do is get a token from the Front Desk.

If you are bored, there is an infinity pool and a spacious gym, complete with a boxing sandbag and kettlebells. On the top floor of the hotel, there are several jacuzzis overlooking the city. This is a great place to watch the sun go down.

Breakfast is busy but there is always adequate food. Though busy, the servers are always attentive, prompt and polite.

Next to the hotel is a large mall, Nexus. The nearest subway station is around 400m away. You can easily grab a taxi to to get to the subway station for only RM$3.

A new hotel, it is only around 1 year old. I highly recommend this hotel especially for long-stay guests.


Capri by Fraser 提供创新和时尚的住宿方案,更是长期住宿的最佳选择。




如以上所述,你拥有专属自己配备齐全的厨房,可以为自己准备膳食,这对长期住客来说是非常棒的。另一个优点Capri 提供给长期住客的是在每一层都设有洗衣房,那里备有洗衣机和烘干机,你只需要向前台索取代币就可以了。








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