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Aberdeen Street Social, Hong Kong


Within the sleek confines of PMQ, Aberdeen Street Social is the brainchild of the revered Chef Jason Atherton and prolific entrepreneur Yenn Wong. The already formidable duo promises to tantalize more than just your taste buds, they’ve also teamed up with award-winning designers Neri & Hu to back their latest conception. Aberdeen Street Social features both indoor and outdoor seating, to please both modern interior décor and nature lovers alike.

Before heading down to where Sunday Brunch was typically held, the manager graciously offered to show me the private rooms upstairs, which can seat a party of 12 and includes a balcony overlooking the gardens. The accommodation features a dedicated senior service staff at the table’s call and is splendid for socials which require a level of exclusivity.

Heading down to the main event, the Bar & Bistro, where the restaurant holds the majority of its guests, houses the main bar as well as, yes, you guessed it, the bistro. An apt locale for you and your three best friends to lounge the weekend away, lamenting over your everyday woes with the aid of vodka martinis. With the plethora of samplers presented to me, I intrinsically gravitated towards the Lobster Benedict. Lightly buttered and baked to precision, the lobster tail’s elegant flavour is sure to delight seafood aficionados although I found that the hollandaise sauce which blanketed the eggs to be slightly overbearing in terms of viscosity.

Along the premises lies Sweet Social, an affiliated dessert bar serving numerous kinds of cakes and homemade gelato.  I could not help but to take away a serving of hazelnut gianduja chocolate gelato, sprinkled with freshly crushed pistachios for a brilliant conclusion to a very satisfied palate.

With the dream team of award winning artists, heralded chefs, and entrepreneurs, Aberdeen Street Social is set to bend to the very course of Hong Kong casual dining, bringing even more promise to an already bustling food adoring nation.

As dusk begins to settle, the antiquated kerosene lanterns which hang from wooden beams illuminate the vicinity. Head outside to enjoy the garden terrace where greenery creeps up the walls and potted fauna of various species litter the area, creating the perfect nook to enjoy one of Chef Atherton’s signature cocktails.

Try the Orange Creamsicle Cocktail, a concoction of vanilla vodka and orange soda. It’s whimsically topped with homemade whipped cream and a nutty cookie stick which was my favourite, a recrudescence to my childhood of yesteryears past.

As warm afternoon sun descends, giving way to the infinite night sky and gentle breeze, the bar readily changes to meet the demands of its patrons. With the jovial bartender contributing to the cordial atmosphere, time is but without value as I lose myself to the effortless workings of blue jazz.


在PMQ 的局限里,Aberdeen Street Social 是被人敬佩的厨师Jason Atheron以及之名的企业家Yenn Wong 所启发。这对强大二人组与知名得奖设计师 Neri 和 Hu的结合将成立一个新的设计构想,来兴起客户们的味蕾.Aberdeen Street Social突现与室内及户外席,来符合摩登室内靓装和自然风格爱好者的品味。


正往楼下参加the Bar and Bistro主活动的地点,就在他们招待贵宾和容纳吧台以及,对没错,你猜对了,和餐厅的空间。这个地方很适合和好友享受周末和一起享用伏特加马提尼,利用酒精来抛空烦恼,和诉苦。在所有递给我的食物样品当中,我不知不觉朝向了Lobster Benedict这道菜.龙虾与牛油一起烤得恰大好处,虽然淋在鸡蛋上的蛋黄酱有点太过粘稠,但是龙虾尾的精美味道一定会淘喜欢吃海鲜的顾客们欢心。

在旁边就是一家联盟的甜品Sweet Social,提供于各式各样的蛋糕及自制的gelato.我情不自禁的带走了一份hazelnut gianduja chocolate gelato,上面还洒上了新鲜的开心果碎,顶下了令人味蕾满意的结论。

与得奖名人,知名厨师以及企业家所建立的梦想团队.Aberdeen Street Social一定会超越香港的休闲餐饮,他们将会给予这个从满许多食物爱好者的国家更多希望。

太阳即将下山,吊在木梁上的煤油灯照亮着附近。走到 garden terrace去欣赏那里的花花草草,那风景营造了一个完美的角落来享用一杯Chef Atheron的招牌鸡尾酒。

请试一试Orange Creamsicle Cocktail,他是一杯混合着香草伏特加和橘子汽水的鸡尾酒。上面还布置上他们家的自制奶油和我从小最喜欢的坚果巧克力棒,令人勾起小时候的回忆。


Harbour Grand Kowloon, Hong Kong


Harbour Grand Kowloon is a totally beautiful deluxe five-star hotel situated on the waterfront, next to the bustling Tsimshatsui and minutes from Hong Kong Island via ferry.

In 2015, Harbour Grand Kowloon was recognised as one of the Top 25 Hotels for Romance in China, in 2015 Travellers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor. This marks the 6th consecutive year for the hotel to be awarded by this world’s largest travel site.

Harbour Grand Kowloon has also received the award of best recommended hotels in 2015 on HolidayCheck, a Europe’s leading hotel review platform which is viewed by 27 million travellers each month.   The award celebrates service excellence in hospitality and awarded only to hotels that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on HolidayCheck. This prestigious certificate qualified Harbour Grand Kowloon has obtained an exceptional score 5.2 out of 6.

Situated right on the waterfront, the hotel boasts stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong island.   The hotel houses 555 rooms and suites.  The rooms are spacious and exude old world glamour.

The hotel boasts a stunning six restaurants:

The Promenade

The buffet here is probably one of the best I have ever tried— lots of fresh oysters, fresh seafood, very fresh sashimi (they even have thick, raw scallop sashimi which was delicious), xiaolongbao, roast and many others.  All the dishes were good quality.

Waterfront Bar and Terrace

Very popular after work drinking hole.


Experience rustic décor, traditional charm and freshly grilled produce at Robatayaki. Robatayaki features rooms lined with old-world oak.

Harbour Grill

Sweeping views combine with fine dining in a relaxed, harbour view setting where premium quality beef features on an ever-evolving menu of seasonal dishes.

Corner Cafe

Very popular for small bites and discussions

Hoi Yat Heen

Calm, tranquil setting

The hotel also has a rooftop swimming pool, fully equipped gym facilities, and is just footsteps from the vibrant Whampoa Shopping district.

All in all, the hotel exudes old world glamour, which I found very charming.




此外,同年还让良好信誉的欧洲酒店评论网站平均2700万点击率的HolidayCheck也强力推荐九龙海逸君绰酒店为最值得推荐酒店奖。该奖项注重于卓越服务标准,因此这奖项只授予从HolidayCheck游客反馈中持续取得优异评语者所获得。这个著名的认证资格让九龙海逸君绰酒店获得了出色的总积分5.2分,满分为 6分。



The Promenade


Waterfront Bar and Terrace




Harbour Grill


Corner Cafe


Hoi Yat Heen

















Nanhai No. 1, Hong Kong


Nanhai No. 1 combines contemporary Chinese cuisine, cutting-edge interior design and famous city panoramas in a destination restaurant. Named after pioneering Chinese naval explorer Zheng He’s 15th-century treasure fleet, the 200-seat Nanhai No. 1 is envisioned as a culinary voyage of exploration inspired by the sea.

Continuing the spirit of epic adventure and discovery, Nanhai No. 1’s sleek interior design is touched with historical maritime artefacts, such as ancient trading route maps plotting Zheng He’s voyage and a scale model of the original ship. Longquan celadon, the main trading product of the day, are also displayed. The soaring floor to ceiling windows frame jaw-dropping views of Victoria Harbour and offer a stunning backdrop to this unique Hong Kong dining experience.

Nanhai No. 1 focuses on contemporary Chinese cuisine. Daily fresh seafood caught in the South China Sea is the star attraction of the restaurant and the seafood are prepared in a variety of culinary expressions, ranging from roasted, steamed and sautéed to baked, stir-fried, pan-fried or grilled.

Nanhai No. 1 offers several  set lunches during weekdays.  I tried Menu A — HKD$480 per person (minimum 2 people).  This is a great way to taste the spectrum of culinary techniques the restaurant excels in —— simmering, pan-frying, deep-frying among others.

Fungus with Preserved Vinegar

Cold, crunchy and slightly sour from the vinegar, this appetizer is refreshing and really whets the appetite for more.

Double-boiled Conch and Red Date Soup

This soup is amazing.  This is the best of traditional Cantonese soups.  Clear, extremely flavourful with strong hints of umami, the soup comes with cubes of conch.

King Prawn served in Bang Sauce                                                                                                                            

This is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes and is hugely popular with local diners. In the middle of the plate sits a gigantic prawn drenched In Bang sauce (which is laksa sauce). The prawn is huge and fresh and oh-so-satisfying!  They have very considerately provided a mantou bun to mop up all the delicious sauce.

Pan-fried Pork Chop with Soy Sauce

A generous pork chop. It is succulent, sweet and tender. Goes fantastically with the savory soy sauce drizzled on top.

Deep fried Oyster in Lettuce Cup

A fresh, gigantic oyster deep fried in crispy batter. When eaten with the fresh lettuce, it is refreshing. The oyster is juicy and the umami of the oyster is balanced  perfectly by the fried batter and the lightness and crunchiness of the lettuce.

Simmered Winter Melon in Spinach Sauce

This one is off the charts.  The presentation is classic, pleasing and peaceful.  The melon has completely soaked up the flavour of the chicken stock it was simmered in. The sauce is a lovely, refreshing blend of the umami of stock and the slight bite of the minerality of the spinach. Amazing!   The dish is light and delicate. It completely captivated me.

Glutinous Rice with Scallops

Another classic dish.  This one is sticky and flavourful.  While not groundbreaking nor inventive, this is completely faithful to tradition and hence utterly authentic.

Sweet Jujube Jello

Sticky and lightly sweet.  I am thankful they didn’t roll out a heavy dessert.  Heavy and sickening,  that’s not what desserts should be.  Desserts should be light, give you a satisfying finish to the meal and leave you refreshed to charge on with your life.  This dessert is all these things.

The restaurant fills up easily, even on weekdays for lunch, which should be a testament to the quality of cuisine.  Try to get a table  by the window.  You get an unblocked panoramic view of the harbour and of Hong Kong island.

Located in iSquare right in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the location could not be better.  iSquare is connected to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station by a short underpass so you are always protected from the elements of the weather.  You can always arrive smartly for your appointment, be it heavy or blazing sun.

Nanhai No. 1 is a winning combination of excellent cuisine, elegant ambience and unbeatable views of the harbour.



延續極端的冒險和探索精神,南海一號流暢的室內設計被富有歷史性的海事文物點綴, 例如描繪了鄭和旅途的古老貿易路線圖和原船的比例模型。龍泉青瓷,當時的主要貿易商品,也被陳列出來。高聳的落地窗展示了令人讚嘆的維多利亞港口風景, 為這個獨特的香港用餐體驗提供了非常漂亮的背景。


南海一號在平日提供了幾種午餐套餐。我試了菜單A — 每人港幣四百八十塊(至少兩人)。若要嚐到一系列以餐館擅長的烹飪手法煮出的食物,這是一個好方法—— 包括燜煮、煎、油炸等等。


這湯非常美味。這是傳統粵湯中的極品。不但清澈,風味十足, 帶有強烈的鮮味,這湯還有一塊一塊的海螺肉。










Le 188° Restaurant and Lounge, Hong Kong


The location for one of the scenes of an upcoming movie starring Daniel Wu and Joseph Chang, Le 188° Restaurant and Lounge boasts panoramic views of Victoria Harbour.

Come lunchtime, Le 188° offers an irresistible deal—- a semi-buffet lunch!  You get the best of both worlds—- buffet and a la carte!

Semi-Buffet Lunch

Selections of Appetizer and Soup from the Buffet

The buffet spread is reasonably generous and more importantly, the food is of good quality.  You have a fresh seafood buffet consisting of fresh mussels, raw oysters, prawns and whelks.  They replenish all the fresh seafood as soon as it gets empty.  This is not a cheapskate restaurant.

I was also pleasantly surprised that in addition to raw oysters, they also have oysters baked in cheese. They were so savoury and satisfying!   All the oysters, raw or baked, are reasonably big and thick.  Once again, this is not a cheapskate restaurant.

The rest of the buffet spread has got a quite a large variety— soups, bread, salads, canapes etc.  Though this is a buffet, even the tiniest canape was executed with attention to detail eg the salmon roe or baked bacon on top.  I was impressed.

Your Choice of Main Course

Char-grilled Canadian Ribeye Steak with French Beans, Parma Ham, Green Peas Puree and Mustard Seed Sauce


Grilled Lamb Chops with Risotto Cake, Baby Corn and Thyme Jus


Roasted Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mozzarella Cheese, Sun-dried Tomato, Glaze Apple and Foie Gras Gravy Sauce


Seabass Spring Roll with Mussels, Carrot, White Asparagus and Capers Butter Sauce


Dutch Veal Ragout Pappardelle with Porcini Mushroom, Herbs and Parmesan Cheese


Stuffed Rigatoni with Roasted Organic Pumpkin, Cheese in Tomato Sauce

The main courses were executed with precision.  My steak arrived perfectly, precisely medium-rare, exactly what I had requested.

Selections of Dessert from the Buffet

They were delicious.   Once again, they had bothered paying attention to the execution, even though this is just a buffet.

What I really appreciated about this restaurant was that the tables were spaced reasonably far apart.   In the competitive restaurant business, this is so rare these days.  Usually, tables are placed so close to each other you have to squeeze around tables and chairs back into each other/ into a wall.  Here, you definitely have space to comfortably walk around  tables, and you will not be disturbed by the next table’s conversation.   In addition, there really are not that many tables in this restaurant anyway, so this restaurant never gets noisy.

The waiters were immaculately dressed in a black and white and they speak very good English.  In other places, even those with Michelin stars, though they speak English, they may not necessarily understand you, and they don’t have the confidence to clarify.  All this leads to a frustrating experience.  Here, you have a seamless dining experience.

This seems a restaurant which will be appreciated by someone who seeks real quality and not just after the next trendy dining hotspot.  When I was there, the other diners were well-dressed, soft-spoken C-level executives.  This is a quality crowd.  This is not a trendy place patronised by hungry wannabes.

With a spacious environment, a soft-spoken decor, quiet noise levels  and quality service, this is an ideal place for business lunches.  This is a very respectable place to bring your clients.

Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea

Appetizer + Dessert

HK$218 per child; HK$308 per adult

Appetizer + Main Course +  Dessert

HK$268 per child; HK$358 per adult








自助餐的其餘部分也種類繁多, 包括了湯、麵包、沙拉、卡納佩等等。雖然這是個自助餐,就連最小的卡納佩都獲得了細節上的注重– 例如它上麵點綴的鮭魚卵或烤培根。這讓我印象非常深刻。













看似這是一間能讓追求高質量的顧客欣賞的餐廳,而不是僅僅引來追時尚的人潮。當我在這用餐時,周圍的人都是西裝筆挺,說話輕聲細語的C級管理人員。這是一個有等級的客戶群。 Le188°不會是一個時尚崇拜者出冒的餐廳。




HK$218 兒童; HK$308 成人


HK$268 兒童;HK$358 成人

Fish and Meat, Hong Kong


Fish & Meat specializes in ingredients that speak for themselves and food that you crave week in, week out. Each component of our dishes has been carefully sourced and cooked in an honest and rustic way. Salt that is packed full of minerals, olive oil with that peppery hit in the back of the throat, the finest whole sea bass that we could find, a handmade porchetta stuffed with Italian fennel sausage…

Fish & Meat dishes are designed to be shared, family style and have been cooked by a talented team, who simply focuses on the best produce and cooking methods, to perfect the fish, meat and homemade pasta dishes.

Fish & Meat is 3,500 square feet with an outdoor terrace nestled on the corner of Wyndham Street and Glenealy Street, looking down on to the Fringe Club and Central.

Fish & Meat is designed with Scandinavian influences and a modern farm décor.

The restaurant has 85 covers including two private rooms and a bar.

On Sundays Fish and Meat offers a delicious brunch at a very good price.  For only HKD$390, you get to select from a buffet and a selection of a la carte main courses and a la carte dessert.

Firstly you get to choose from a drinks menu:


Elderflower fizz / orange blossom / lemon / mint / elderflower / honey (non alcoholic)

Homemade Sicilian lemonade / blueberry jam / thyme (non alcoholic)

The Southern / rye whiskey / vanilla infused cognac / chamomile & lavender infused honey / lemon / peach bitters

Farm house jam / vodka / homemade blueberry thyme jam / prosecco

Kale in comparison / blanco tequila / kale / pineapple juice / lemon / ginger / cilantro

Pepperoncini / vodka / lillet blanc / jalapeño / cucumber

Bottled negroni / gin / Campari / red vermouth

Summer negroni / gooseberry infused gin / suze / amaro montenegró / grapefruit bitters

One In A Melon / white rum / Aperol / watermelon / cucumber / lemon Grass

Italian Greyhound / gin / grapefruit juice / cocchi americano / tarragon / stiegl grapefruit beer / himalayan sea salt

The buffet includes fresh oysters, salads made from herbs, squash, quinoa etc.  I am happy to report that all the salads are exceptionally delicious, and I am someone who does not usually like salads.


‘Baywater Sweet’ Oysters / red wine vinegar / shallots / lemon

Australian Blue Mussels / Indonesian tiger prawns

Yellowtail ceviche / citrus / spring onion / pickled sweet chili

Grilled squash / prosciutto / percorino / arugula / balsamic vinegar

Grilled tomato salad / soy / coriander / sansho / mozzarella

Hanging tender salad / tuscan herbs / arugula / parmesan / blistered cherry tomatoes

Quinoa / avocado / fava beans / red radish / aubergine caviar / shiso

Roasted broccoli / asparagus / baby spinach / green peas / lemon

Roasted vegetable salad / salsa verde / garlic / sea salt

Flaked Norwegian salmon / Marie Rose dressing / summer leaves

Wild rice / mint / sage / feta / mandarin orange

Greek yoghurt / home made granola / chef’s seasonal fruit compote



Seasoned Devon crab / roasted red peppers & anchovies / salsa verde / beetroot hummus / sun-dried tomatoes


Fresh berries / mango / vanilla cream / maple syrup / toasted hazelnuts / caramel sauce / bacon

You get to choose one main course from a list of delicious main courses:


Pan roasted Norwegian salmon / crushed potatoes / tomato / herb shellfish broth

O’Connor Farm grass-fed beef tartare / pickled jalapeño / duck yolk / fries

‘Diavola’ stye French baby chicken / Chef’s daily garnish

Pan-fried Barramundi / carrot / green pea / pepperoni / crispy potatoes

Orecchiette / Carbonara / peas / pancetta / asparagus

Smoked Salmon / potato rosti / horseradish crème fraîche / poached egg / salmon roe


Besides the above list of main courses, if you wish, you can top up for a prime rib of beef.


Prime rib of beef / roasted garlic mash / baby carrots / beef jus


Finally, you can pick one from a list of irresistible desserts.  They all look great and taste fantastic.


Pavlova / vanilla cream / fresh strawberry / passion fruit coulis

Sicilian lemon tart / Italian meringue

Homemade carrot cake / cream cheese / toasted coconut (limited daily)

Finally, you get a coffee or tea.

Since the start of operation, Fish and Meat has won numerous awards.  Its reputation has travelled as far as the UK.

May 2015 – Sassy Awards – Favourite Sunday Brunch Spot

February 2015 – Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong – Best Steak

2015 – Hong Kong Tatler awards – Best Restaurant

May 14 – Sassy Awards – Favourite Date Night Restaurant

May 14 – Sassy Awards – Runner Up for Favourite New restaurant

May 14 – Sassy Awards Runner Up for Favourite Healthy restaurant

April 14 – SCMP Top 100 Tables

March 14 – Sassy Mamma Awards – Runner up for Favourite Brunch Spot

February 14 – Recommended by the UK Sunday Times

Fish and Meat is open daily from 12noon to 2:30pm for lunch and 6pm till 10:30 for dinner service. Sunday Brunch starts from 11:30 to 2:30pm and dinner starts at 7pm-10pm.  The location is extremely convenient— it is just a short walk away from Central MTR station.

Make a reservation.  The brunch is extremely popular and the restaurant fills up.  It is extremely popular with families as children under 12 get to enjoy brunch free of charge.

With tasty yet wholesome food, a convenient location, Scandinavian-chic decor and free brunch for tykes, this is easily the best brunch in Hong Kong.


Fish & Meat 强调使用新鲜配料烹饪出你渴望的美闻家餚. 我们的配料都经过精心采购和以质朴的方式烹制, 例如; 富含矿物质的盐, 留下椒后味的橄榄油,整条的新鲜鲈鱼,自制塞满了意大利茴香香肠的烤乳猪……

Fish & Meat 的菜肴为家族风格共享设计,并由一个集注使用最好的配料和烹饪方法的优秀团队烹制, 以完善美闻的鱼类,肉类和自制面食。

Fish & Meat 拥有一个3500平方英尺的户外露台,并坐落于云Wyndham Street 及 Glenealy Street 的拐角处,望过 Fringe Club 和 Central.

Fish & Meat 采用斯堪的纳维亚的影响和现代化的农场装饰.


Fish & Meat 每个周日提供好价格的美味早午餐.只需HKD $390, 你能够享用自助餐和点菜主菜与甜点.



接骨木花香味 / 橙花 / 柠檬 / 薄荷 / 接骨木花 / 蜂蜜(不含酒精)
自制的西西里柠檬 / 蓝莓果酱 / 百里香(不含酒精)
南/黑麦威士忌 / 香草注入干邑 / 洋甘菊与薰衣草注入蜂蜜 / 柠檬 / 桃子苦酒
农家果酱 / 伏特加 / 自制百里香蓝莓果酱 / 普罗赛克
芥兰比较 / 布兰科龙舌兰 / 羽衣甘蓝 / 菠萝汁 / 柠檬 / 姜 / 香菜
Pepperoncini / 伏特加 / Lillet 相思 / Jalapeño 辣椒 / 黄瓜
瓶装尼格罗尼 / 杜松子酒 / 金巴利 / 红味美思酒
夏季尼格罗尼 / 醋栗注入金酒 / 叙 / 阿马罗黑山 / 柚子苦味
One In A Melon / 白朗姆酒 / Aperol / 西瓜 / 黄瓜 / 柠檬草
意大利灰狗 / 杜松子酒 / 西柚汁/ 美式/ Cocchi / 龙蒿 / Stiegl 柚子啤酒 / 喜马拉雅海盐


“贝沃特甜”牡蛎 / 红酒醋 / 青葱 / 柠檬

澳蓝贻贝 / 印尼虎虾
鰤鱼酸橘汁腌鱼 / 柑橘 / 葱 / 腌制甜辣酱
烤南瓜 / 火腿 / Percorino / 芝麻菜 / 香醋
烤番茄沙拉 / 大豆 / 香菜 / 山椒 / 奶酪
挂招标沙拉 / 托斯卡纳香菜 / 芝麻菜 / 巴马 / 水泡樱桃西红柿

藜 / 酪梨 / 蚕豆 / 红萝卜/ 茄子鱼子酱/紫苏
烤西兰花 / 芦笋 / 菠菜 / 青豆 / 柠檬

烤蔬菜沙拉 / 莎莎佛得角 / 大蒜 / 海盐
片状挪威三文鱼 / 玛丽玫瑰敷料 / 夏叶
野生稻 / 薄荷 / 鼠尾草 / 飞达 / 蜜橘
希腊酸奶 / 自制燕麦 / 厨师的时令水果拼盘



腌德文郡螃蟹 / 烤红辣椒和凤尾鱼 / 莎莎佛得角 / 甜菜鹰嘴豆泥 / 晒干的西红柿


新鲜浆果 /芒果 / 香草奶油 / 枫糖 / 烤榛子 / 焦糖酱 / 腊肉


潘烤挪威三文鱼 / 碎土豆 / 番茄 / 香草贝类肉汤

奥康纳农场草饲牛肉鞑靼 / 腌制 Jalapeño 辣椒 / 鸭蛋黄 / 薯条
“Diavola”麦粒肿法国幼鸡 / 厨师的日常装饰
香煎澳洲肺鱼 / 胡萝卜/ 绿豌豆 / 香肠 / 脆皮土豆
猫耳朵 / Carbonara / 豌豆 / 培根 / 芦笋
烟熏三文鱼 / 罗斯蒂马铃薯 / 辣根鲜奶油 / 荷包蛋 / 鲑鱼子



牛排 / 烤捣烂大蒜 / 小胡萝卜/ 牛强制



帕夫洛娃 / 香草奶油 / 新鲜草莓 / 百香果 Coulis

西西里柠檬挞 / 意大利酥皮
自制萝卜糕 / 奶酪 / 烤椰子(每日限量)


由始到今,Fish & Meat 多次获奖。它的名誉也知名英国.

2015年五月 – Sassy Awards – 最受喜爱的周日早午餐点
2015年2月 – Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong – 最好的牛排
2015年 – Hong Kong Tatler Awards – 最佳餐厅
5月14日 – Sassy Awards – 最喜爱的约会之夜餐厅
5月14日 – Sassy Awards – 最喜爱的新餐厅 (亚军)
5月14日 – Sassy Awards 最喜爱的健康餐厅 (亚军)
4月14日 – SCMP Top 100 Tables
3月14日 – Sassy Mamma Awards – 最喜爱的早午餐点 (亚军)
2月14日 – 由英国星期日泰晤士报推荐

Fish & Meat 开业时间为每日中午12时至下午2:30提供午餐和下午6点至10:30晚餐服务.周日早午餐开始从11:30至下午2:30,晚餐开始于7pm-10pm. 地理位置十分方便…. 距离中环地铁站很短的步行.

请做预约. 早午餐极受欢迎,餐厅历来填满.非常受家庭的欢迎,因为12岁以下的儿童可以享受免费早午餐.